Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in review

Well, another year has come to an end. It's been a very busy one to say the least!
~In January, we finished signing all our papers, and my dream of finally owning a home was finally made a reality. (It is MY first home, Cory's second.)
~February, brought along some decision making, as we made the design selections for our home.
~March was bittersweet, as I lost my job the week before we left for Mexico.
~In April, I started a very long job search, and still found time to complete my first furniture re-finishing project.
~Mid-May, I finally got a new job.
~We spent all of June packing, and visiting this construction zone to prepare for moving day: June 30th!!!
~July was spent unpacking, and getting used to our new digs, and I didn't blog the whole month!
~In August we made our first large change to the house.
~September was very busy and we had Cory's birthday and our anniversary, while making small progress on our home.
~I acknowledged my slacker tendencies as I turned a year older in October.
~November, was spent looking for Christmas inspiration, and worrying about my ailing family. Cory spent some more time in the hospital, my mom still awaits an angiogram for her increasingly worsening heart, and my dad suffered a mild stroke.
~I finally picked it up a bit and spent December, crafting and creating Christmas decorations, such as these Christmas stockings. I also changed the entire color scheme for my holiday decor into Silver and blue.

So, tonight as I look back on the events of this year, I realize how poorly I documented the events of the past year. How little I actually executed some of the well thought out plans I had.... but you can't change the past, so instead of dwelling of what I could have done, or should have done, I look ahead.

In 2010, I plan:
+ to take more pictures, with my new baby, my Canon Rebel Eos xsi, and actually print the photos. Frame them. Scrap them. Make some of them into full-sized art for our walls!

+ to start a collection of milk glass and assorted white ceramic and pottery pieces, to showcase in our dining room. And fill with cheap flowers to bring a smile to my face every time I see them!

+ to finish all the upholstery projects I have half-started, and find them their place in our home.

+ to plan and start the landscaping, that I am sure will take many, many years to fully develop into the lush beauty I want it to be. But to nurture it, and realize that growing things take time.

+ to spend more times in Goodwill, and at Antique malls, and being a "greener" consumer. It's cheaper, not to mention more fun!

+ to tackle one large craft each month. To amass a wonderful collection of handmade goodies, so I can share them with my friends and family come gift-time!

+ to work on paying down any debt we have, so that I can actually have the sort of funds to accomplish beautiful projects or purchase great pieces for our new home

+ to be a better blogger. Blogging every weekday, and occassionally on weekends. With pictures to accompany those posts.

+ to actually learn to use the camera I received, and the photo editing software that accompanied it, and perhaps use my under-used library card to research html, and design a better, prettier BLOG.

+ to have my first giveaway, now that I have started to amass a wonderful group of regular readers, and commenters, to show you all my thanks!

** there are a ton of more things I wish to accomplish/be/do/make in the new year. But I still have to get ready for my party ;) so I'll leave you all with that for now. This way, I'll actually have stuff to write about come the end of January haha!

So, here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Please celebrate responsibly [otherwise your shirt becomes untucked in pictures... like his] :)

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