Friday, December 13, 2013

Five Things for Friday!

Whoa! ! This week has been a whirlwind... I had the week off but it was definitely NOT relaxing.

In addition to starting my Christmas shopping, I had 2 days of Volunteering at The Kids With Cancer Society House, an interview for a part-time job and subsequently training for said new part-time job. Plus we had a girl's night in on Wernesday.

As such, not too much new around these parts so here are a few things I'm loving:

This gorgeous feather embossed journal is my 2014 notebook for writing down EVERYTHING!  It's from <a href="">Indigo</a> I absolutely Love it and have already started filling up the pages with random none sense and lists! 

I have my eye on the piece of art in the top left corner. The blues are perfect. There's random typography and birds....seems like a good fit. It's from Home Outfitters.

Speaking of Home Outfitters, the managers of the South Common location donated these sweet guys for me to bring to the Kids With Cancer House's Secret Santa function this week. So thankful for their generosity, especially since it was an unsolicited donation! Love me some <a href="">HBC</a> ! 

Here's a quick and not so great photo of one of the rooms I worked in this week. The kids gift room at KWCH where kids got to pick out gifts that they could wrap up and give to their siblings. I love the amazing character of the heritage house, in wonderful condition considering the age! I'm also a big fan of the Society and everything they are doing for families going through such a difficult time.

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at two brand new Christmas decor items I picked up this week. The cats needed larger stockings and when I came across these beauties at <a href="">Target</a> they apparently only came in "G" and "M". I was super sad until I realized that those were exactly what we needed! 

I just realized I hadn't shared any of my Christmas decor shots so I'll get some nicer photos tomorrow in the daylight and do a post up then.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Easy Poinsettia Update!

A gf at work was having a little fundraiser for her son's daycare, selling poinsettias, so I supported her by picking up one for my desk and one for the house.  There were a variety of color options but I went with 2 white ones. 

They arrived on Monday and I was pleasantly surprised as they were much bigger than I expected. 

The only issue I had was that the pots were wrapped with the ever attractive foil...

Since red and I aren't friends on a good day, and I eliminated it from my Christmas decor a few years back, I knew it just wouldn't do!

First order if business was to get this of the foil. My initial idea was to wrap the pot with a length of burlap runner I had, but the pot was tapered so it wrapped weirdly....

After some rummaging around in my Chrustmas boxes, I found a vase from a past Christmas arrangement that fit much better with my color scheme. I knew being a hoarder would pay off someday! ;)
It's hard to see but the dark teal with turquoise glitter snowflakes matches nicely!  This was probably the easiest update! 

Plus, it adds some height which is perfect for my kitchen counter where it is doing very well! 
(The picture makes it look a little wonky but the pot isn't as dinky as it looks above) 

Unfortunately, my work one that started out lovely on Monday:

Now looks like this:

Pretty sure it must have gotten some frost during delivery. :(. As it's been kept nice and toasty at work and all the other plants at my desk do well...

Thankfully Salisbury greenhouse has kindly offered me a replacement! 

Does anyone else still do poinsettias? Or us everyone else on the amaryllis/paper white wagon?