Thursday, March 30, 2017

Arrow Table Makeover

About a year ago, I decided I needed a very small accent table next to the loveseat.  With the living room being so wide, it's actually rather inconvenient to reach the coffee table when you're sitting down, never mind if you're laying down, watching a movie.  So off to HomeSense I went and found a great little arrow table that I was in love with. While I loved the idea of the crossed arrow legs, I was a little skeptical about the color (gold) and the heavy black granite top. But I bought it with the intention of trying it out, and then possibly returning it if it wasn't a good fit.

Of course, when I brought it home, it was clear that the gold just wasn't right... it was a little more copper than gold and I just don't really have a lot of warm colors or tones in my place so it didn't look right.  I kept really wanting to love it, but it just never grew on me. But the size, shape and style were very "me" so I just couldn't bring myself to return it. Instead it sat there, annoying me for weeks.....
(of course, I went to load the original photo, only to find it had been deleted... sad face)
Unit l one day, I walked over, taped up the granite top and took it in the garage. One coat of primer later, I panicked: what had I just done to this beautiful table?!??

But I kept going and after several coats of white spray paint, brought the now white table back inside.  It was like night and day! The white sort of made it blend into the space, which was important since there was already lots of furniture in this small space.  Plus, I had started making the switch over to a more neutral, brighter, lighter space and knew the white would work well with my overall vision for where the space was going.

But even months later, something still bothered me about the table: that black granite top.  It was just so dark and heavy....not to mention it was secured on there pretty well, so replacing it was not going to be an easy task. So I just lived with it and tried not to think about it.  :(

Then today, I was at the Dollaram picking up a few odds and ends and right when I walked in, they had a stack of different patterned adhesive drawer liners and I saw exactly what I needed : a faux Bianca Carrara marble liner! It was perfect! Exactly what I wanted for the top and at $1.25 for the roll, I figured I could try it and if I hated it, no biggie!   I would just use the test of the roll for crafting if it all failed!

Literally the minute I drove home, I ripped the roll open and got to work.

First step was to wipe the surface of the table top which was a little dusty. Next, I just cut off a piece of the liner that was larger than the roll and simply just adhered it to the top, using the edge of a credit card to work out the bubbles.  Once it was all on there, I simply ran my scissors around the edge of the granite and then used my credit card to push the edges into the space between the frame and the granite. Then, VOILA! It was done!!!

This new upgrade could not have been easier (or cheaper) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how it turned out!!   Not only is the lighter look more my style, but it looks a lot more luxe now than before.
This goes back to my theory that if you really love something, buy it and you will find a way to make it work for you!