Friday, August 14, 2009


I've been in bed for the last 12 hours with a migraine that is raging out of control. But I am too sore to lay down anymore, and it seems to be moderately subsiding... so it is with great excitement, that I am happy to report:

After much anticipation, my secret project can finally be revealed!
Back in December, when we purchased our house, we decided to forgo having a mantel put on our fireplace. The showhomes featured 2 options : we could pay another $2000.00 for a floor to ceiling surround of faux-stone (which we loved but found pricey) or we pay the small cost to get a "mantel" through them.... Their idea of a mantel was a chintzy little picture rail shelf that looked so dwarfed and dinky.... I decided I had a better idea!

As my mom does quite a bit of wood working, I decided that I would ask and see if she could build us something. I designed one, essentially copying one out of a magazine. Yesterday, it was installed! I am pleased to say I am OVER THE MOON !!

So before I give you the big reveal, here's how the fireplace looked BEFORE:

These photos are from Move-In Day... I've taken photos of the finished living room since then... but they must be on the missing memory card!

Anyhow, here's how it looks AFTER:

I think it really finishes off the room and makes the fireplace look 100% better!! Before, it really lacked something!! I think it is perfect! The mantel isn't quite dressed yet... as I'm limited on space with the tv being right there.... But it works for now!

Also, notice that coffee table? How could you not, since the orangey-wood makes it stick out like a sore thumb?? Keep your eyes peeled, as it will be featured soon in an UPCOMING POST!!

What do you think? Any tips, tricks or suggestions for finishing this room?

I'll have more posts from different angles over the weekend!


Holly and Sean said...

LOVE IT!!! Wow, that looks amazing!

thriftylittleblog said...

That looks great! You have one talented mom !!

20-Something Superhero said...

Thanks! I was beyond excited with how it turned out! Mom got big praise for this one! It was the best she aga ever made!