Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snowfall.... 2010

and so it begins!  I don't have a picture, cause it's only a few centimetres, but nonetheless, we woke up this morning to snow-covered cars this morning!

We were a little unsure of how the puppy would take to snow, since she's been such a diva with rain and hated getting her paws wet.  But when I took her out for her first walk in it this morning, I was SHOCKED!

This little baby is a true snowbunny!!

Oh, and just a quick note:  If you aren't already doing it - microfibre cloths are the way to go when wiping wet puppy feet!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another thing to Save My Pennies For!

A few years ago, I found a beautiful floral embroidered silk fabric at my local fabric store.  It was exactly perfect to stretch over a canvas for the wall above the sofa in my condo.  I also made the extra into a cushion for said couch.

When we moved into this house, the canvas went (temporarily.. I thought) on the shelf under the glass on our coffee table... almost a year and a half later, I still love the pretty look it gives our re-furbished coffee table!

I also knew I wanted to get some more fabric and make lined drapes for the whole main floor with it!  Which is really just the three windows above the sofa and for the patio doors.  So I headed back to get some more.  Unfortunately, they no longer carried it!!!

I hadn't taken note of the fabric's name at the time, so of course I had no idea where to start when looking for more! :(

Lo and behold... one night doing a random search, I plugged in the right combination of search words (some variation of blue silk floral embroidered silk...) and BAM!!!

There she was:
It's hard to tell from the picture since the colors are a bit off, but I am pretty sure this is the same stuff!!
Now all I need to do is save up my pennies and decide whether or not I think I am competent enough with the sewing machine to do lined drapes in it or send the project out!

I have even decided on the white bird rod and finial set from Sears.

Perfect no?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flirty and Feminine!

I got the new Pier 1 flyer at work today and was surprisingly taken by this beauty:

When I showed out designer at work, she laughed and said it was hideous!  But I don't care!

There's something about the pretty colors and feminine floral pattern, paired with the flirty little ruffled skirt that makes me want to sit here and paint my toenails!

If I had a walk-in closet of my own, this for sure would be keeping me company!

Admit it, is there something a little "ridiculous" that you love and don't care what other people think?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chair-ity Case

I mentioned a while back that we are looking for some new dining room chairs.  Well, actually new furniture for the entire mainfloor actually... but most certainly new chairs.

I know that I absolutely want to go with an upholstered style, but haven't yet completely commited to something.  Here are a few that I am contemplating, that I can get through our designer at work.

My favorite of the bunch is this:
In tufted white leather, its the easiest to clean of the bunch!  Plus, I love the bright white which looks so clean!

Next up, this style is very similar and the linen fabric is super elgant.  I really love the nailhead detail on these to add just a little sparkle!

I really like the silver velvet on these and the fact that the shape is a little different.  However, I am not sure if I would love the little lip the "arms" would make....

This cream Parsons style is the simplest of the bunch, but I think might be a little TOO SIMPLE...

Last up, this style has a nice shape and the lovely nailhead detailing that I like.  The tufting detail adds a little pattern and texture, however the color might just be too dark.

Chairs from Sunpan Imports   and Van Gogh

Any favorites?  Know of something else similar you might recommend instead?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another dream room...

I've got another busy week.  Lots of errands and cleaning tonight.  I've also got a show tomorrow night, so no chance to get anything done around here!  In the meantime, as I catch up on PVR'd shows, laundry, some work stuff and house cleaning, I came across another lovely photo that just makes me swoon.

It's once again, another photo that I unfortunately can not give credit to, please let me know if you can help with that!

I can only dream of a closet this large and this gorgeous.

Although, I WILL let you in on a little secret: 
 Cory and I have been talking about our NEXT home already!  I actually doubt that we'll be acting on anything anytime soon, but just talking about it makes me excited about the possibility!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wanted: Calm space to work in

Bah!  Life is a blur right now!  I've been so busy with my new business.  I haven't had time to clean, let alone make any changed around here!  So that explains the lack of posts!

But I've cracked down on my schedule effective immediately, so you can expect more of me soon!

Cory is out with the laptop and this computer is broken so I can't download any photos to show you what's been going on, so I will share with you one inspiration shot.  It's inspiring me to make a change in my life.  In my work, in my home and obviously in our decor.

I wish I could give credit but apparently I didn't make note of it.  If anyone knows where this is from, please let me know so I can update it.
Calm, serene, ornate, BEAUTIFUL!!

I am officially on the hunt for antique gilt frames for our stairwell!