Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quick Little Bathroom Addition

I know this little trick has been done time and time again, and as usual, I'm a little late to the party but it's something I never thought worked for me, until I tried it, and it did!

About a month ago, I was cleaning out the guest bedroom and came across a stash of hurricane vases that I'd bought a few years back that were just sitting in a closet. I figured there had to be a better use for them so I brought one into my ensuite bath. I had always been of the belief that extra rolls of toilet paper should be stored out of site, but this bathroom is not used by guests and since it's usually just me here, seeing if there was an extra roll handy, was actually the perfect idea.

The vase isn't super tall so it fits two rolls inside, and I can get away with a third on top, but that's really all I ever need at a time. ( Excuse the crappy iPhone pics lately, I've lost both my camera cards and need to buy a new one!) 

I like that it's super handy and much easier than reaching around the cabinet door when you find yourself "in need"...  Best of all, it's pretty unobtrusive!

Can't even see it from the door! 

Where do you keep your extra stash of toilet paper?