Monday, August 24, 2015

Splendies Review: August 2015

I figured I'd start the week off with another Subscription box review!  
Today we have my Splendies box, which is always a fun one to receive, cause who doesn't love fun new underwear?!
Splendies delivers 3 brand new pairs of underwear a month.  There's no Style Profile or anything with this subscription, so it truly is a surprise as to what you're going to get!  They do deliver a variety of styles (bikini, thong and hipster/boy cut) each month, and since I wear pretty much everything, that's fine with me.
The package arrives in a non-descript white plastic mailer, wrapped in tissue.  There is no product card, but pairs have their tags attached and often list prices, which is nice.
Cost:  $13.99/month for 3 pairs
Ships:  US- Free; Canada - $7.00; International-$9.00
Spree Black and White Polka Dot Hipsters
These are super cute.  I love polka dots and the added pink trim/.bow is such a sweet touch!  I like this style, and they have a ruching detail along the back.  They have a nice slinky feel and look like they would be comfortable, but sadly, they are too small..... ***One thing to mention with Splendies, is that they have a tendency to run small, so I advise sizing up - I hadn't at first and now I have a ton of pairs that don't fit, so I will be putting those into some friends' stockings this Christmas!  However, I regularly wear a small, sized up to a medium and these are STILL too small... so that's pretty upsetting.    There's no price listed, but I found similar ones on sale for about $10.00
Joe's Lace Trimmed Patterned Thong
The fabric on these is super soft and very stretchy, so super comfy. I never used to be into red, but I've been getting quite a few pairs through Splendies and I really like these!  The style is my preferred cut as well. I can't find these online, but they are tagged at $12.00

Spree Lace Trimmed Hipsters
These are actually really pretty - the fabric is stretchy but once again, these do not fit - I think maybe Spree must run super tiny.... I really like the moody dark purple background of this pattern.  A lot of people aren't lovers of flowers for undergarments, but I actually like them!  Once again, no price but I am guessing these are probably around $10 since they are similar to the polka dot pair.

Rose Intimates Flourescent Lemon Lace Boyshort

Sadly, another pair that does not fit!!  These aren't even close to fitting... they are so tiny!  I usually love a lace boyshort and actually have a bra that these would be a perfect match for, so this is super disappointing!  This brand isn't well known so I'm not familiar with their sizing, but the style is super cute!
** I should note that yes, regularly they only send 3 pairs, but back in June, Splendies contacted me via a photo I posted, mentioning my review and they wanted to send me a free pair - so this month I got a Bonus pair.  Which would have been great, except they didn't fit.....
Overall thoughts:  What is happening with the sizing here?  I am a consistent size small in all the underwear I buy in stores.  Everywhere from Walmart, La Vie en Rose, La Senza and Victoria's Secret - I am a size small. Regardless of the style....   When I signed up, the smalls were too small and I read that others were recommended sizing up, so I did and it worked... for a bit but we are back to very small items.  I really do not want to have to size up even further to a Large, because I feel like that would just leave too much room for error and feel that I'd end up with too many pairs way too big.  It's just a little frustrating, since I can't even really leave any feedback for a stylist, since there isn't any.  So, I think I am going to give it another month and see if things improve, otherwise I may have to think about cancelling my subscription  :(
However, style wise, I actually really like all the pairs they sent me this month.  Lace trimmed pairs seemed to be the theme this month and  I like that there was a thong and several hipster pairs, which I prefer over bikini.  Had everything fit, I would be a very happy camper.
How about you? Have you been experiencing the same sort of sizing frustration? 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Wantable Intimates: August 2015 Review

Okay doke, I've finally got a free evening and got some pictures taken so I could post my latest reviews.  Last week was a full week for me, with lots of packages arriving daily, so without further ado, let's get to it!

Wantable is a subscription service with a couple different options:  Intimates, Accessories, Makeup.  Plus, a few new Editing options:  Fitness, Style and a Men's option (these aren't available in Canada...yet... so I haven't had the option to test these out!)

This box is the Intimates box, which sends 3-4 pieces ranging from loungewear, socks, intimates, lingerie and tanks.

Cost:  $36.00/month (subscribers get a $4.00 credit with each order)  ** As a Canadian, with the exchange rate and all that jazz, I do technically pay closer to $50/mth.

Shipping:  US- Free; Canada- $7.00; International - $10.00

You get to create a Style Profile that let's you identify the items you Love/Like/Dislike. 
 Here's a look at my Style Profile options:

Here's a brief description of the items included in my box:

Pajama Drama Coral Tank with Lace Trim

This tank is a nice soft cotton.  I really like the cute coral and white polka dot pattern and the lace trim detail is a nice touch.  I like that it is a longer length, which is great for lounging and getting cleaning tasks done around the house.  My only complaint is that even though this tank LOOKS like it was gonna be a little baggy, it's still a little snug around my midsection.  However, I feel like this is more a reflection that I need to get back working out!  ;)
Valued at: $21.00 (I feel this is a bit high for a sleep tank though...)
Per Lei Intimates Spring Fling Bottoms
Until I read the info card, I actually thought these were a coordinating item, but they aren`t even by the same brand, so kudos to my stylist for choosing items that coordinate together nicely!  I love a comfy pant for lounging around the house and while I think these are technically a capri style pant, they are the perfect length for a shorty like me!  They are lightweight which is nice cause I never like to be too warm and have a cute little bow detail at the bottoms.
Valued at $16.00
I really love how these two pieces coordinate together.


Pajama Drama Raw Edge Tank  
Okay, so this tank is exactly something that I would buy.  The one gripe I have with it is that the cotton isn`t as soft as I would like... maybe some washing will soften it up.  I love the racerback style and stripes, it is however a little sheer so if I was to wear this outside of the house, I would have to take that into consideration.  But this color way is perfect for me!
Valued at $16.00


Pajama Drama Raw Edge Short
 I was originally on the fence about the pattern on here, but I actually really like it for loungewear.  They are super cute and fit nice.  I like that there is a drawstring waist for any nights where I have a big dinner or for keeping the neighbours from seeing my butt when I am doing yard work... haha

Valued at $16.00 

Overall Thoughts:
This was a nice box.  I liked that they listened to my notes and sent me the style of items I asked for!  While it may not be my favorite box, I will definitely use all four pieces and am happy with the fit.  Also, all 4 pieces are in coordinating colorways, so I can mix and match them and not look totally CRAZY!!   Here is a peek of the coral tank with floral shorts:

The overall value of the box is $69.00 which is not the highest valued box I have ever gotten from Wantable, so I am a little disappointed in that, considering the cost that we pay to ship to Canada.  But I do like all the items, so I`m still happy with the box.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Beauty Secret: Office Staple as Exfoliator

This is probably one of the most ridiculous secrets I'm gonna share but I've been doing it for years and years, and it's one of the easiest tricks ever, so I just wanted to share! 

I am one of those unlucky gals who has combination skin, which means it's doubly hard for me to nail down a skin care routine that's aces. Couple that with the mild acne I've always suffered, and now aging (over 30) skin, things are always a little rough.

My biggest pet peeve though, when it comes to my skin, is just how dry and flaky certain areas can get.  Namely, the area around my nose, mouth and chin, which are incredibly sensitive. This is never more prominent then when I'm sick- blowing my nose is the worst kind of pain, leaving me burning, red and flaky.  Especially in areas that are typically drier and more apt to show flakes and dryness.

Unfortunately, using a scrub or even a battery powered cleansing brush on these irritated spots isn't always possible, as it's likely to bring on more irritation.   Enter, my life-saving flakiness remover:

Yes ladies, Scotch Tape!! You probably have a roll of this sitting on your desk right now! I guarantee you, it's the easiest way to remove stubborn flaky skin! 

I simply apply a tiny strip to the offending flaky area (with very little pressure) and rip it off quickly, like a wax strip. It's easy, painless and works like a charm! 

The best part? It's essentially free, since I ether already own the tape ( or often find a dry spot at work and just use a strip in the washroom at lunch). I've also found this to be the least irritating option. Since I typically do this at work, my makeup keeps the tape from sticking to my other skin AND it's just sticky enough to remove flakes but not my good skin! 

Of course, once the redness and burning has subsided, I'll make sure to up the external exfoliants and use my skin brush but in the meantime, I'm drinking a ton of water and adding some heavy duty creams to my arsenal! 

Any silly beauty tips or tricks you want to share? I'd love to hear from you!