Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Sofa (Cushion)

Well, in an effort to do some Spring cleaning around here, an attempt to clean-up my sewing area resulted in a lovely little spur-of-the-moment project! A lovely little throw cushion for our sofa!!!

Last summer, I bought this beautiful embroidered fabric (which I hope to find yards and yards of again, when we move to make living room drapes) for a canvas, and I had a few scrap pieces left over. Low and behold, I also came across an old striped throw cushion that was no longer my style! BINGO!! I had exactly the right amount of fabric to make a cover.

While I intend to put a zipper on it eventually, for the meantime, it's crappily hand-sewn closed.

Here's how:

1. Measure your fabric to fit your pillow. ( I did not do this, I eye-balled it... it is sheer luck that it fit!) Fold in half, with good sides together. Pin edges together around 3 of 4 sides.

2. Sew 3 sides together.

3. Where the corners meet, use your scissors to cut at a diagonal. Be very careful not to cut your stitches. This will make for a cleaner looking corner when you turn it right-side out!

4. Pop your pillow in to make sure it fits. Use a white pencil to mark where to sew up the 4th side. Pin your marking.

5. Sew as much of the 4th side that you can, while still leaving enough space to be able to squeeze your pillow insert inside.

6. Turn cover right-side out. Use your fingers to "pop-out" the corners.

7. Squeeze cushion inside cover.

8. Hand-sew the remainder of the opening closed.

9. Toss on your couch. Put your feet up, and smile at how fresh it looks!

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Greetings!! I am back from Mexico. We had a lovely vacation and couldn't have asked for this to come at a better time. Unfortunately, we came back to -15c and some snow from earlier in the week... so you can bet we're wishing we had just bought a condo and stayed there.

Anyhow, since I am still un-employed, I stayed home today, but one of the things I did do, was get a head-start on my gardening. I am hoping we've seen the last of the snow, so I was more than excited to whip out the little Zippy gardening tray I picked up the day I lost my job. Plus the several packets of seeds.

This was the easiest thing I have done. Hopefully, we should start to see some flowers, herbs and vegetables, sprouting in the near future.

Here's a quick how-to:

1. Pick up gardening tray from store (Walmart), mine was less than $10CDN, and has 72 packets in it!!! Pick out a couple packs of seeds. I just chose what I liked, some of them recommend early-starting, some didn't.... I wasn't picky...

2. Add water to the little packets (it took about 10 cups to completely wet the whole tray) so that they grow to full-size.

3. Gently open the netting and fluff, and level the soil.

4. Using a finger, I created a little hole for the seeds

5. Depending on the seed type and size, plant one to a couple per packet. Recover seeds (it suggested peat, which I didn't have, so I just used the soil I moved when I made the hole)

6. Pop the top of the greenhouse back on, stick in a warm area WITHOUT direct sun.

7. Wait and watch for sprouts to shoot!!!
Easy peasy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just a note

Sorry, for the lack of posts as of late. I figured I would drop in and just say that as of yesterday, I was laid off. As crappy a time as this to lose a job, I am in good spirits and am happy to now have a kick in the butt to help me find a job that I prefer.

Anyhow, I have been working very hard at finding a new job and I have even started getting calls for interviews - I have one tomorrow.

I hope to be back tomorrow with a real post.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vacation Prep - For Your Home

Going on vacation takes a lot of planning. First you've gotta book your trip, and book your time off. Then there's the planning and packing for what to bring. But you certainly can't forget to look after your home, while you're away.

Canadian magazine Chatelaine has a great little checklist to help you ensure you have everything taken care of to help you sail through your vacation without worrying about the state of your home.

  • Turn off all lights and set certain switches to a timer, to make it look like people are home. **Tip: have the lights set to come on at typical hours, like dinner-time and throughout the evening. My parents always also put a radio on a timer, so that noise can be heard from outside.**

  • Turn the ringer volume on your phone down, so anyone outside can't hear the ringing phone going constantly unanswered.

  • Stow away all valuables, especially those seen through a window

  • Take care of your plants. Ensure they are watered. **Tip: covering them with a plastic bag, traps moisture and acts like a mini-greenhouse.

  • During colder months, set thermostat to a temperature that ensures pipes won't freeze, but that is energy conscious, especially for an empty house. If you have an electric thermostat, even better! In warmer months/climates do the same for your a/c

  • Empty garbage and recycle bins - if you won't be there to put them out for collection, get rid of them before you leave, so that they don't sit, stinking up the house. But don't put them out too early, which signifies no one is around

  • Ensure dishes and laundry are done before you leave. You never know what could grow in those closed tupperware containers, or worse yet, damp towels left in the washing machine!! eeeeew!

  • Lock all doors and windows, especially doors between house and garage. For extra security, put a bar (or piece of wood) wedged between sliding patio door frame

  • Unplug any electronics that will not be used while you are away. There's no sense in keeping these vampire power suckers plugged in. Plus, there's less a chance of something being left on, and starting a fire.

Neighbourly tips

  • leave the neighbour a copy of your key, and the dates that you'll be gone. Alternately, my younger brother watches our place while we're gone.

  • Have a neighbour pick up your mail. Cancel your daily newspaper while you're away. Ours is delivered to a mailbox that requires a key, but I still have my brother pick it up while we're away.

  • If you can't leave your car on your driveway, have your neighbour park on yours from time to time, to look as though someone is coming and going.

First Shots

Well folks, yesterday my dear Cory went and took some photos of our house. It has gone up surprisingly quickly and unfortunately, we never got a "hole in the ground" photo :(

But here it is, as of yesterday:

Here's the first photo that he took, driving up the street. That's our backyard. Yup, we're the only one on that street thus far. This is the street our deck will look onto, since we have a walk-out basement. At least we won't have to look directly into other people's yards.

While it's starting to look like a real house, there's still lots to do - see all that wood??

Very cool. I was really pleased to see that the site is looking so clean!! There wasn't a Tim Hortons coffee cup laying on the ground, anywhere in sight!!!

It looks weird and kinda small, without all the siding, and actual windows and stuff. But it's coming up so quickly, it's making me beyond excited!

I'm glad to see we actually have a nice-sized lot. Thus far, also no neighbours. Which might be a bad thing, as I'd like to get a fence up soon, to accomodate our future puppy!
The main floor looks to be all framed, and they should be starting the upper level, especially with today being such a beautiful day!!!

You'll have to bear with me, as there will probably lots of progress photos coming, but I am beyond excited, so you'll just have to deal ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Happy Little Life

Sometimes, at our house, we are greeted with lovely little surprises. This afternoon, was no exception. Cory is at home sick, and just sent me a photo of such a surprise:

It's always nice to find a sleeping kitten in an open t-shirt drawer!

This is Mischu, who finds any way possible to snuggle up in one of his dad's tops!

The only downfall? With Spring on it's way, shedding is in full-swing!

Thinking Outta the Box!

I don't know about you, but having a box of tissues in the bathroom is a necessity for me. However, for something that is so visible, it sure is hard to find a box that actually matches my decor. I'm also not about to go and spend $5 / box to get a "designer" box of tissues, so I've just made sure there is always a few blue colored boxes in the case I get, for our washroom.
My solution = if it's simple, it might just blend into the room.

However, today I came across a little invention that I think is pretty cool. The Toro Tissue ring from CB2!

A simple little metal ring, keeps the tissues dispensing properly, but doesn't distract from your visual surroundings! It's $20, so a little more than I would pay for a tissue box cover, but if you're uber picky about design, than it might be worth it.

While I think it's a great idea, I only have one concern: Is this really sanitary?
I mean, we use tissues on some really delicate areas - our face and eyes most often! Having them exposed, leaves them open to dust, and pet fur. Also, I know the humidity level of my bathroom can get pretty high. Would the condensation on the counters and mirror, not leave the tissues damp and sticky??
Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Share your opinion!