Sunday, November 15, 2015

Currently Crushin On: Animal Themed Jewels

My mom isn't a gal who dresses up, wears makeup or does her hair - she's a jeans and t-shirt kind of lady who likes wood working.  So, growing  up, a lot of my play clothes came from co-workers of hers who would bring over bags of dresses, high heels, leather handbags and of course, costume jewellery!  

(I think I might have to go and check and see if any of this stuff is still in my dad's basement cause a lot of the pieces I remember, would be amazingly back in style now....)

Anyhow, one of my favorite pieces of jewellery was this big old cocktail ring with a jewel encrusted bumble bee on a honey-comb like base.  That thing was enormous and kind of gaudy, but in a crazy good, I loved it so much kind of way; that it was one of my favorite pieces.  I kept that thing for years but never wore it since it was a bit small.  Then, apparently I did a clean out a few years back and sent it, along with tons of other costume pieces to Goodwill.... I am KICKING myself now for getting rid of it and several other pieces that remind me of my childhood.

Plus, animals and insects in jewellery seem to be making a come-back in a crazy way!!! While I don't think I will ever get over losing that ring, I keep my eye out for it when I go into thrift and vintage stores, hoping it will make an appearance so I can snatch it up again and tell a fun story.  But until that day comes, here are a few new finds that I am currently crushing on:

I recently snagged this stunner which will be available in Campaign 25 from Avon/Mark.  I'm looking forward to wearing it out for a girls night very soon!  I'm sure there will be some "Cougar" jokes from some of my girlfriends....
This Queen Bee Cuff"  was the piece that made me so nostalgic.   The bee on this cuff is the most similar to the bee on the ring I had.... wish I had a photo!  But it makes me so happy and is currently on my wish list!
I'm also really loving it in necklace form!  I can't decide which one I love more, so I might have to get them BOTH!!!


Of course, I'm pretty sure the whole insect jewellery trend started with scarabs, so can't I forget to include a scarab piece like this collar
My grandmother collected elephants so  this piece also speaks to me.  I think it would look stunning with a really simple, long sleeve dress.

So that's my round-up of some very cute vintage-style animal themed pieces that I am loving lately.  I am definitely leaning towards picking up either one (or both ) of the bee pieces.  So if anyone is looking at ideas for my Christmas gift, feel free!! ;)