Friday, October 31, 2014

Splendies Review: October 2014

Okay so I'm not sure if this is my October or November Splendies... I'll have to check my statement... but they said that Halloween pairs would be in some October boxes and ALL November boxes so I'm guessing this is October..  I signed up at the end of September so I am guessing that threw my timing off.

Since the packaging with Splendies is function over form, I'll skip that and just show you what's inside! 

First look: 

Again, the box had a little of everything so I was pretty happy with that! 

They said that select boxes for October would have Halloween themed undies and the timing could not have been better, arriving the day before Halloween! 

Teri Lingerie Charlotte Boy Shorts 

This cute boy cut pair has a little pompon tie and mock pockets!  The back has a cute little spiderweb graphic! 
These are super cute and obviously look comfy. The web also doesn't SCREAM themed underwear so these will work year-round!  Sadly, these were a bit small for me- I regularly fit a small but find Splendies sizing to run a bit small in several of their brands so I will most likely be updating my profile to go a size up! 
Value: $4.00 (tag did not list a price but I found it on their website) 

Pucker Up Leopard & Lace Thong
The lilac lace and leopard print waistband is a cute mix, especially with that sweet bow! These look fun but still comfy, which a lot of sexier pairs, aren't... So here's hoping!  Plus I love an animal print, especially for fall! 
Value: $9.00

Pucker Up Lace Trimmed Peach Plaid Hipster
These are so pretty! The lace trimming on these really make all the difference. The little rosette make these even more perfectly preppy! Love these! Super cute and comfy looking! Plus everyone loves plaid for fall! 
Value: $12.00 

It wasn't apparent to me at first, but once I started writing the descriptions- whether intentional or not, I think Fall was definitely the theme for this month! Plaid, animal print and a Halloween print seem to be nicely curated here! 
As with last time, the presentation is minimal but the product is great! There isn't a pair here I don't like, and they have a variety of underwear styles, which I like! 
Another win by Splendies! The value for this month was $25 and I paid $12, so once again, over double the value! 

As I mentioned with the Halloween pair, and I've noticed on other review sites, Splendies sizing tends to run on the smaller side, so I will be contacting them to update my sizing so that I can ensure all future pairs fit! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Game Day Fashion!

One thing you might not know about me is that I love football!  I'm not actually sure where this appreciation came from, as neither of my parents are fans, but it's just always been one of my favorite sports!

Now, being from Canada, I'll admit that it's nowhere near as big a thing as it is in the States (we have Hockey... ), but for those of us who have an appreciation for it, we have our favorite team and there's no waffling on that!  GO GREEN & GOLD!

Last year, I even held Season Tickets for my hometown Edmonton Eskimos again, and am actually super sad that I wasn't able to renew them this year - NEXT YEAR.. NEXT YEAR!!
Of course, one of the first things I did after purchasing my Season Tickets was to run out and buy my team gear!  Being both a fan of fashion and all things practical, I obviously picked up a tank top, a t-shirt and a long sleeved tee, just so that I had options for every weather condition.  :) 

Of course, the CFL season starts and ends (I'm sure due to our weather), a LOT earlier than the NFL, so I watch that too.  Obviously, I stay loyal to my Green & Gold and cheer on the Packers!  While I can't say I've been fortunate enough to get to an NFL game (yet...), it's not uncommon to find me with some friends watching it!

That being said, just because I'm wearing Sports gear, does NOT mean I sacrifice my style! There are so many ways to work a great team jersey into your wardrobe without looking frumpy.  A great place to find all sorts of great NFL jerseys is Fanatics !   I like that their women's jerseys are fitted cause I think there's nothing worse than swimming in an oversized top!

Here's just one of the ways I would style a Game Day Outfit, incorporating my Aaron Rodgers jersey :

This outfit is comfortable, but a little unexpected since I went with  leather legging instead of jeans.  Since the weather around here is already a little cool (yes, we've had snow...) I layered up with a jacket and cozy infinity scarf.  The booties are a little more polished than an expected flat boot, but still have a casual vibe in a light camel color and pair nicely with a fun leopard calf-hair cross-body purse - perfect for keeping your hands free for hot dogs, beer and 50/50 tickets!  Obviously, I couldn't forget to add a few of my favorite accessories, fun gold bracelets for a funky arm party, in one of the team's colors!

Of course, I like a traditional jersey and keeping with a team's colors when I choose my team gear.  Personally, I've never been a fan of the "girly" items that companies create in colors like pink so that women will wear them - they just aren't authentic to me... But whatever your jam,  Fanatics carries a little bit of everything in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find something to fit your style!

How would YOU style a Game Day outfit?   What jersey would you choose and why?  I'd love to hear from you on what you think!!! 

 Leather LeggingsCargo Style Jacket  /  Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf  / Camel Lace-up Booties  / Leopard Cross-body Purse  / Spiral Bangle  / Spike Bracelet

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Skeletal Plate Wall Art

**My Friday posts didn't even up posting... so here it is now!

Last week I popped into Walmart for a pumpkin and ended up walking out with over $100.00 in other décor and didn't even grab my stinkin' pumpkin!  Whoops!
Originally I didn't actually LOVE the décor items they had this year, but after about an hour of walking up and down the aisles, I realized they had quite a bit of stuff that fit the slightly glam Halloween theme I had going on.  While not technically a "craft", this project takes an ordinary  item and turned it into something completely different, so according to ME, it qualifies!
When I saw these neat black and white skull and skeletal hand plates, I knew right away I wanted to hang them on the wall!    Unfortunately, I couldn't for the life of me find any plate hangers. I did however see a ton of  3M Command  hooks and figured there had to be a way that I could rig something up to serve the same purpose.  I choose these  Large Organizer clips which are regularly used to control cords to an outlet.  Since the plates are melamine, I just needed the plates to hang for about a week so I figured if my jimmy-rigging a hanger didn't work and they fell, at least they wouldn't break! :)
My original thought was that I could just put one on the bottom like any other plate hanger and it would just work out, but I think the overlap on the siding prevented it from working out as I liked, and the plate kept falling forward.  So I had to add one to the top as well.  
 I simply hung them sideways, with one upside down, the width of the pumpkin apart (if that makes any sense - see image below!).  Since the clips were exactly the right distance apart and I wasn't able to bend the clips, I simply slide the plate in from the side and it worked perfectly.
Admittedly, the hangers worked out pretty well, once I got them both on there and the plate is nice and secure.... I think! ;)

Update:  I've had the plates up for over a week now, through very cold weather and even some snow and so far, things have held up wonderfully!
I'll be adding a bit more things to this wall... and maybe some more plates, but I'll leave you with just this sneak peek for now!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wantable Accessories: Review

After the huge success that was my Wantable Intimates a few weeks ago, I have to say, I was really looking forward to getting my Wantable Accessories box!  When I got the notification that my parcel had been delivered , I couldn't wait to get home!
As usual, everything came delivered nicely packaged in their Signature, sturdy box with Welcome card.

Now, I am not too sure if my profile was just too general, as this was my first time getting the Accessories box and wasn't sure what to expect or if they were just having a bad month over at Wantable (I'd seen some other reviews with some of the same pieces), but I was pretty disappointed with my first box. 

Here's a peek at my profile.  I was looking to get some bright, bold statement pieces like necklaces, earrings and some bracelets.  I'd seen some gorgeous pieces in other reviews and was really hopeful.  Also, some people had mentioned that some of the bold pieces must be considered Boho since they only appeared when they optioned that, so I made sure I was good to go.....

It was nice to see that everything came in black velvet bags, which are always great for storing and travelling.  The folks over at Wantable obviously know a thing or two about presentation, and this is most likely why this is one of the top Subscription Boxes I read reviews about!
Unfortunately, that's kind of where things took a turn for me....  I'll show you my items and then detail what worked for me and what doesn't.
Tamara Earrings

These emerald drop earrings in a gold tone diamond setting just look incredibly dated to me, very 80s...  They are also LARGE.  As in almost too large for me to wear without feeling silly.  After trying them on, I felt a bit better about them, I`m thinking that I might have a cocktail dress or two that these might accentuate nicely, but I don't think these will get much use.  I do however, appreciate the gorgeous green color, which looks great with my hair/eyes/skintone, so I like to think they were paying attention to my profile there.
Valued at $19.00
Janey Earrings
I'm not really sure what to make of these earrings.  I feel like there is far too much going on here and they are very big and long.  Now, while I realize I said I liked big earrings, I think I might have a different idea of what a big earrings is. I am thinking that these would possibly be cute with a white sundress and cowboy boots for summer, but overall, not ME and not very fall. I think I might see if I can deconstruct these and take the bottom part off after the turquoise stone and maybe even make these into 2 different sets of earrings.... they are that long.  A little too gypsy lady for me.
Value $24.00 
Joy Bracelet
This is the piece I am least excited about in this box.  Unfortunately, my photo doesn't capture the vibrancy and neon-ness of those pink gems.  Now, I have nothing against neon and I think that if it had even been attached to a black or white bangle maybe, I would have been on board.,  But I just don't understand this clear plastic jelly strapped snap bracelet.  I'm going to either have to figure out a way to reuse this or gift it to one of my gfs with children to wear as dress-up. 
In my opinion, this is not a piece for a 30 something.... I saw this in other reviews and know that I definitely was not the only one who felt this way!
Valued at $18.00. which seems ridiculous!
Camille Necklace
Thank goodness for the saving grace that was this necklace!!  Otherwise, I think I might have just cancelled my subscription right then and there.  The stones on this are a lovely  light pink and grey and it is quite the statement maker!  This would be best with a top that has a very simple neckline as there are a ton of chains.  This is pretty and statement making while also feeling very delicate due to the small gems and thinner chains.  I tried wearing it with the chains spread out, as above and then with the chains kind of bunched together.
I like it both ways, so this will be definitely be getting some wear!  I should mention that even though this piece isn't my usual style, it made the box for me!
Valued at $31.00
Overall, this box was a pretty big let down for me. 
 It did have a retail value of $92 and I paid $36 plus shipping, but I feel that the necklace is the only piece I will wear, which dramatically lowers that for me.
I will most definitely be altering my profile to see if I can better help them narrow down my style - which admittedly IS a little bit of everything but this was definitely NOT it.  But I will stick with it for at least a few more months to see if things improve.
Do you subscribe
What did you get in your box  How do ours compare

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Posh & Polished Pumpkins

As I've mentioned before, I'm not one for throwing holiday colors (like orange or red) into my décor. I just can't... I find it stressful,  if you can believe that. That's not to say that I absolutely have nothing in those colors, but they are minimal and usually reserved for areas like the porch where they aren't directly around me.

That being said, I think a white pumpkin is absolutely beautiful and would be the only choice of pumpkins for me if I had the opportunity!  Unfortunately, white pumpkins are few and far between to track down around these parts so I need to bite the bullet and go with orange. However, I really wanted to do something a little different this year and add a little more of my personality to the porch décor. Plus, a feather wreath and gilded frames were the other décor items I'd created so I seemed to be going for a glam/elegant Halloween décor, so I went with that! ;)

When I saw that Michael's  was carrying these fun Martha Stewart lace pumpkin sleeves, I was SOLD!  They're on clearance at my Location (I paid $5.00), so you might be able to track them down at yours!


Since I like to be economical, and actually HATE cleaning out pumpkins, I've purchased a couple plug-in jack-o-lanterns  and have a tall white faux pumpkin and purchase a few real pumpkins. We usually do a carving contest at work, so I'll have at least one that is carved!  Next year, I'll be more on the ball and snatch up a ton of fake white ones, earlier in the season.
Each package of sleeves has 3 different patterned and sized mesh sleeves with drawstring elastics on the top and bottom to tighten the sleeve properly around the pumpkin.  (Tip:  I'm sure you could do the same thing with lace stockings, but I didn't have any on hand, and I got these at clearance price so it wasn't a big expense for me, and now I can reuse these over and over again!)
Luckily, the large sleeve fit perfectly over my white faux pumpkin.
I think it's absolutely stunning! 
The middle sleeve fit over the smaller orange real pumpkin.
I really like this wordy one.  Some of the words make sense, some of them appear to be Latin perhaps, either way, another stunning look.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a pumpkin small enough for the smallest sleeve.  I might need to find a tiny one to add to the mix this weekend!  If not, I will keep an eye out for a small one on clearance for next year!
I really love the look of them together!
I haven't yet put together my Halloween porch, but will be doing that this weekend, so I will share those pics for you next week!
What do you think?  Are you liking the glam Halloween crafty décor?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Sombre Artwork

Last week, I stopped by Goodwill as I am always looking for some ornate looking frames to add to my stairwell collection. Usually, there's nothing, but on this trip there was quite a few, so I snagged myself one large one and two smaller ones. 

I hadn't gotten around to painting them white for the stairwell yet and realized that their golden tone would be PERFECT for featuring some sort of Halloween artwork.  This is probably the EASIEST Halloween craft EVER.... unless you consider how long it will take you to make a decision on what you want to put inside your frame! 

There are so many amazing people out there, creating such great FREE PRINTABLES that I knew I had to feature a few of my favorites!

I'm a bird fan of birds in decor, so I decided to print off this template and this template

I simply just found ones I liked and printed them off on some card stock and popped them into the gilded frames! I really like how they turned out. I'd even be tempted to keep these up year round! 

I went with something "Halloweenish" that complemented my decor but you could certainly go with something scary like some old portraits of creepy looking people or some Halloween themed words in the shape of a pumpkin, etc. 

Whatever works for you, I say go for it! 
If you really wanted to be fancy, you could use editing software to print your image in sepia tone or something else fun, but I liked the crisp white on mine!

I did however want to throw a little "cobwebs" on mine to give them a true Halloween effect, since the images weren't really spooky.  I seem to be going with a birds them in my decor this year and I'm just fine with that! I haven't actually done any Halloween staging yet, so this isn't where these will stay, but I like the look of them on the wall!


What sort of images are you putting in your Halloween vignettes?  Since I missed a post yesterday, I'll feature two on Friday, since my printer was out of ink and it took me an extra day to get this one completed!  Hope you're enjoying these simple décor ideas!  :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Scarrarium

I love decorating for the holidays, but I'm not a big fan of adding all sorts of bright colors that don't match my existing décor an predominantly blue, grey, and white color scheme.  Also, as I don't have kids and don't have any popping by, between now and Halloween, it doesn't make sense for me to do anything too juvenile around my place, cause quite frankly, that's just not "ME".  But I do have some adults who'll be around so I thought it might be fun to do something super simple and slightly creepy to décor I already have, that they are sure to notice!

A Halloween Scararrium of course!!

This little faux-terrarium usually resides in the guest room but I thought it deserved a place front and centre as my dining room table centerpiece!

I had the glass structure for quite sometime, sitting around collecting dust when I had the idea about a year ago to add the faux succulents and some moss.  It adds a touch of nature to the guest bedroom!

All I purchased for this craft was a small bag of spiders from Michaels.  They have their Halloween and Autumn décor items on sale already, so it's a perfect time to stock up on stuff!!  You could really add a ton of different creepy/crawly items to this for something fun, but my goal was super simple.  I chose a bag of Large Spiders, but you could go with smaller and see if it takes people a while I find them!

All I did was pop open the terrarium and nestle the spiders in the moss.

A few enjoyed climbing around on the succulent pots.
I also wanted to have some climbing up the sides of the glass, so I grabbed some Glue Dots from my craft room and hung a few spiders up!
You can see the glue dot stretched out in the below shot. Which I love!  I think it kinda looks like the start of a web! :)
I made sure NOT to dust or use glass cleaner on the case before starting. I also didn't wipe off the smudgy finger prints.  I think it adds a little "Halloween" character to the terrarium.  I also didn't straighten up the succulent pots that were slightly tipped over.  I like to think the spiders caused that....
It's looking pretty good on the dining table!  I think it will be a fun little addition to the main floor for the next couple weeks!

I can't wait to have people over and see their reactions!
It's definitely been a hit with those of the feline variety...
This cute little craft took less than 5 minutes to pull together and cost about $2.00 for the bag of spiders!  What do you think of my new Halloween centerpiece?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: A "Murder" Wreath

All this week, I will be posting quick and easy crafts with a Halloween theme!  The goal was simple:  they had to take little time to create; they had to be very inexpensive; they had to suit my Halloween décor, which is very minimalist and more elegant than child-friendly.  Today's craft literally took me less than 5 minutes and probably cost me around $12.00.
While I don't always go all out decorating for holidays, I almost always have a wreath up! My mom even commented this past weekend that she always checks my wreaths out every time she visits as there's always something new!  While I usually just leave up my Autumn Leaves wreath, I thought it might be fun to try something new, a little more "Halloween-y".  I don't know if I will be putting it on the front door or keeping it in the entry way, I'm still loving this new wreath.
The title makes this sound a lot scarier/grosser/creepier than it is.  My version of a "murder" wreath was more punny than anything... as in a Murder of Crows!  This was a super easy wreath to create and can easily been taken apart and made into something else, if needed.
So let's get started, shall we?
Here are the supplies I used to create this wreath:
-Round foam wreath form; maybe $6.00? purchased at Michaels with a coupon
- Black feather boas (I used small, cheap ones and used about 4 - 5 to get a nice, full effect) ; Dollarama $1.25 each
- Stapler
-Decorative accent (glittery clip on crow);
less than $2.00 Michaels
-Ribbon (for hanging); Free from my stash
1. First up, I stapled the string end to the wreath form to get it started.

2. Then I simply wrapped the boa around and around the wreath. 

When I got to an end of a boa, I simply stapled it, and then stapled on a new end.  Easy-peasy.
I wanted mine nice and full and didn't want any of the form to show through, so I made sure mine was nice and fluffy and used more boas than probably needed. :)

4. Once I was done, I simply needed to add on my decorative element(s).  I had a black and glittery orange bellied clip-on crow, so I simply attached him.  I don't quite think he's making a huge impact with his black on black, so I am looking for something else, but he's pretty cute.
5.  Then I simply looped some ribbon around and then hung it behind the mirror in the front entry!  I didn't buy ribbon specific for this project, I just used a simple black and white polka dot I had on hand and that worked nicely for me. Burlap could also be cute!  Simply lopping it behind this heavy mirror meant I didn't need to put a hole in the wall to hang it, which was super simple!

Here's you can see how lush and full it is.  You can also see the bird, but I think there's something BIG missing so I have my eye out for something large that will really make this thing POP!! 

 Yes, I realize that technically having only one crow showing, means this is not a murder.... but the pack is implied with all those darn feathers!!  Which were EVERYWHERE by the way - my cat was in heaven, stealing them and running away faster than I'd ever seen!  But it was quick, inexpensive and something I'd wanted to create for a while.  It doesn't scream Halloween, which was perfect for my front entry mirror!