Saturday, March 15, 2014

From This to That!

I'm currently working on getting my office put back together, but until my handy mover friends can get their butts over to move my furniture, I' m only able to work on the little things. 

Tonight's project wasn't so much a project as it was re-purposing. But anytime I can save a few bucks on something decorative, I'm a fan! So today's feature is taking an old candle and turning it into a pretty pencil cup for my desk.

I'm a big fan of Essenza Brand candles and reed diffusers (I can't find a website but Costco carries them here once in a while, or HomeSense and apparently <a href>=""</a> . Not only do they smell lovely, but their packaging is so pretty! I finished another candle this week and figured it would be the perfect addition to my desktop! 

First step was to get the last bit of wax out. I first put the whole thing in the freezer for a day to make the wax nice and hard so it'd be easier to remove.
Once that was good, I used a paper towel to wipe the spot off the inside so I wouldn't get my hand all dirty ;) 
Next step was to use an old knife to slide down between the glass and wax (since it's frozen it kinda of pops out). **this is where you have to be careful - if the glass is too cold still you can shatter the glass easily!! This was not my first attempt at this but it's the only one that's survived! 

Once that's all clean, you just need to get rid of the residual wax. I sometimes pop it in the dishwasher but this one was pretty clean so a quick hand wash and it was good to go! 

Isn't the floral etching super pretty? I put it against the fridge so you could see it. Pretty little vibes! 

It's the perfect size for pens, scissors and other desk accessories. I've also used them for other craft supplies, makeup brushes and even tampons in the guest bath! 

(I have to get some pretty, matching pens now apparently..) 

So, just a quick little reminder to think about re-purposing before throwing it away next time!