Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Storm and a Decorated Tree

We had our first winter snow storm this weekend. It started Friday, and come Saturday morning, we were SNOWED IN!!! Literally...

Cory went to leave for work around 5am (sucks.. I know...) and then shortly after, I got a call from him, asking me to come rescue him down the street. He was stuck, and needed my help digging him out.
So, against my better judgement, I threw on some sweats, and jumped in the SUV to "Rescue" him....Unfortunately, I barely made it past our house before I got stuck.... GOING AROUND THE CORNER!!!! So I got out, and ran around the block, to find him. Freezing cold, half asleep!!!

You see, we live in a brand new area, and the road leading into our block, has absolutely no houses, or trees, or anything on it..... so there was nothing blocking all the snow that was blowing around. Since he was the first to leave, there were no tracks. The snow was also up to our knees. His car literally got hung up on the snow. The whole underside of the car was packed full of snow!!!

Despite our best efforts, we couldn't get it out... until our neighbour happened to come out ( he had to get his gf out as well. It took forever, but we got Cory out, and then my car back in front of the house. I also made the decision that I was not going to leave the house until the city plowed the roads....
Instead I did this:
Looks really great all aglow. I was a little torn on these blue garland lights at first, since the ornaments are teal and turquoise, but it grew on me...

I was upset we didn't have the tree infront of the window, or in our case, door. But the star lights curatin from Ikea a few years back, was a good compromise!!

What's glowing under our tree you ask? I'll give you a better peek at that, and some more detail shots tomorrow ( the camera died mid-photo shoot!)

** The rest of the house.. is still a work in progress. Especially, since I am forgoing all the red and green this year! More to come!**

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Holly said...

GORGEOUS!!! It was one crazy storm, huh? I just hibernated until Sunday afternoon to avoid the roads LOL. Can't wait to see the rest.