Friday, July 8, 2016

Fashion: French Terry Tie Dress

If you buy nothing else this summer, make sure you snag yourself one of these super cute dresses from <a href="">the Gap</a>. 

I went clothes shopping for the first time in months last weekend and grabbed something a little unusual for me, off the rack. It was a t-shirt style dress with short  sleeves and a drawstring tie waist in an unusual, bright watermelon coral color made of a sport fleecey terry material. 

I figured it couldn't hurt to try it on.... If for nothing more than to immediately veto it from my mind.  Well would you know, I was pleasantly surprised!! 

It fit really well ( a little snugger than on the model cause well, I have curves...) but I liked it!  The color suited me too which was a surprise as I always assumed coral was not my shade. I LOVED the material- the terry was both warm and cool but incredibly comfy at the same time. The style was exactly what I always look for: dressed up casual. I figured it would work for running weekend errands with a pair of flip flops or even for the office with dressier, heeled sandals and a blazer or a cardi.

Then of course on my way to check out, they had it in navy as well in the clearance section.... Well of course I threw it on my pile as well.... The whole store was an additional 60% off!! 

My store only had the two... Cause at this point I had started quizzing the sales staff... But they have a couple other colors available online. Like this cornflower blue, or cream or grey..... But I'll stop there because before I know it, I'll own them all!  Which isn't actually a bad thing, and how I like to shop! :) 

Looks like the sale is still on, so go now! Snag yourself a dress or three or four!