Friday, December 11, 2009

DIY Designer Christmas Stockings

What can you make with the above supplies???

Last year, I decided I wanted to make new stockings for the house. This year, we switched up our Christmas color scheme, so it was the perfect time to make those new stockings.

I knew exactly what fabric I was going to use, an embroidered silk for mine, and a shantung silk for Cory's. Unfortunately, I had only a little of each fabric left, and I found the silk to be a little too "floppy" to use for a stocking, so I was planning on lining the fabrics with felt. **This turned out too thick, and far too cumbersome.... I abandonned that plan and went with a half silk, half felt stocking for both of us - I'm happy with the results!

~ fabric (for front)
~ felt ( for back)
~ faux fur or other trimming
~ tassel or ribbon or loop of fabric
~ sewing machine
~ matching color thread

How to:

1. Find an old stocking the right size to use as a stencil. Pin to felt, use a pen to trace stocking. Cut out of felt.
2. Pin felt stocking shape to fabric. Trace and cut out fabric stocking piece. You should now have 2 stocking shapes (one in felt, one in fabric)
**TIP: If you are using only 1 type of fabric for your stocking, FOLD YOUR FABRIC IN HALF WHEN YOU CUT!!!! Otherwise you will end up with 2 pieces of fabric facing the SAME WAY..... which will mean when you sew them together, one will have a good side, the other will show the bad side!!!!!!!******

3. Pin the fabric and felt shapes together (good sides in, together). Sew together, as close to the edge as possible, while still making sure to get both pieces of fabric in your stitches. (Sewing as close to edge as possible, will allow for a bigger opening, and the ability to stuff more gifts inside!!)

4. If there is a lot of excess around the edges, trim it off, being careful not to cut your stitches. Turn your stocking right-side out and have a peek at it!! It might look a little awkward, but it probably just needs ironing, and some trim to make it pop!!

5. Next up is adding your trim. I used white fux-fur cause it was cheap and easy!!! Cut a piece of faux fur that is long enough to wrap neatly around the top of your stocking, and wide enough to give you the look you want (add about an inch for seam allowance!)

**TIP: WHEN FAUX-FUR IS CUT, THE ENDS WILL SHED!!! You need to fold them over, and stitch them down. Then run a wet finger along the raw edge, and any remaining fur will come off on your hand!**

6. Fold and stitch over the top and bottom edges of faux fur, to give it a finished look. Then pin ends together to form a loop that would fit at the top of your stocking, stitch together!!

7. Now, for the hard part: attaching the trim to your stocking. I had a really hard time figuring out how to do it without seeing the ends, and I can't for the life of me explain it. Plus, when I went to do Cory's it wouldn't work, so I cheaped out and hot glued it on!!! Easy Peasy!!

8. Add something to hang the stocking from the mantel. I happened upon the cutest little tassels which were perfect! I hand stitched one on, the other I just ran through quickly with my machine... it's up to you!
9. Steam your stocking, or press it to get nice, clean edges! Hang, and fill with gifts!!

What do you think? I think they are a great quick fix! I got to match my color palette, and it didn't cost much,
~ fabric: I already had the scraps of silk laying around the house; $0
~ white felt - Fabricland -$3.20 for 1/2 yard ( I used half of the half) ; $1.60
~ tassels -Fabricland - ( didn't need but thought it would be a nice touch); $2.00 each
~ white faux fur - Walmart - (I cut the first one wrong, so I needed 2 packs) around $4.00 each
** I already owned all the notions, glue, thread, etc.
Total: $6.80 each!!!
A great little holiday addition for under $10!!! Can't beat that!
What do you think?


Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

These are so pretty ~ great way to incorporate non-traditional Christmas colors! Great Job!

Bargin Corner Princess said...

Great job!! I'm excited Christmas is upon us and I get to make new Xmas stockings.. YAY! Hope you get a chance to see mine.