Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taking shape

The reason for my absence this time? LIFE!

In addition to packing up everything we own, I've been working out with a trainer 3 times a week. We also had a wedding this weekend, I work part-time a couple nights a week, and oh yeah, I'm trying to have a couple " do nothing" nights, so that I don't get so stressed out, and freak big time!

I'm also really busy researching new stuff for the new house. We've yet to buy anything - I just started working again and my bank account is finally recovering, remember?
But here are some of the latest pics of the house, that will be ours in less than 30 days!!

Once the deck is built, there will be a concrete patio area here. We'll be able to walk out from the family room onto a little sitting area. I also think I might put a little potting bench here, so I can work some magic with my plants!!

While the framing for the deck is wood, I'm thankful that we'll have Trex decking. Which means? NO MAINTENANCE!! We don't have to worry about it rotting,or needing re-painting!!
It's really hard to tell, since these photos were all taken with my phone... but the place is starting to look beautiful inside. It's been painted and the color we chose (ICI's Antique Sterling) looks a lot lesss grey on the wall than the paint chip. It actually has a lot of blue tones in it - especially when paired with a bright white trim!!
This is just a peek at part of our cabinets and you can sorta see the china cabinet/bar built into the island!

The only thing I am not loving 100% about the house, is the exterior colors. Since we were the first ones to buy, they let us choose our colors. However, the selection was limited to 5 color boards they had pre-selected for us. Unfortunately, I listened to someone else's advice and didn't go with my first choice, as someone said the cream siding looked too yellow in the sun!
Unfortunately, that means, I am going to have to grow on the garage door and trim color - it's a redish brown that reminds me of hershey chocolate..... I'm not sure...

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