Thursday, July 31, 2008

Movie Homes - " The Holiday"

I know this one is probably sooooo done on here. But I just recently watched the movie, so I am allowed to bring it back up. I didn't care so much for the cottage, but Cameron's character's home was so me!!!

Lively Condo

Here in Canada, we have a great little magazine called Wish that is super cute. Their May 2008 issue featured this cute condo. Having moved from a much larger home, the owner was in desperate need for serious storage. She created a lively, comfortable home, that is very streamlined and organized on what looks like a low budget ( can you say many Ikea pieces??) :)

An used entryway, yielded space to build cabinets and create a home office area.

Her home is predominantly white, cream and black so she added hits of color in the form of accessories to brighten things up.
Buy keeping the furnishings in light colors, they blend into the space, making it feel more open.

An easy way to add storage in the living room was to add several Ikea MALM dressers, the same size and finish, which look like one continuous piece.

For a fun and functional way to stay organized, black chalkboard paint on one living room wall, holds to-do lists, etc.
White Ikea looking cabinetry keeps the kitchen, clean, streamlined and very fresh looking.

To add more storage, black bookshelves were added, and mounted to the wall to free up floorspace and feel more open.

The bedrooms lack of closets meant installing a wardrobe system, and she worked with the height of the room by adding an open cubby shelf above the bed


My counter tells me there are people visiting here...however I've not heard from too many of you! Why not?? :(

Please, drop me a line, comment on a post - regardless of whether you love or hate the site. Predominantly, I started this as something for myself, but it's nice to see people are stopping by and reading. Give me your input; tell me about you, I'll probably take the time to visit your site and do the same!! I might even add you to my blog roll and add to the traffic on YOUR site.

If there is something you'd like to see, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Homes I likey.....

I have no idea where I found the pictures of the homes below... but they are gorgeous. Who wants to "give" me some money so that I can buy one??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Benefits of Commissioned Artwork

"Hope" by Matthew Bunce Beynham
"Burn" by Matthew Bunce Beynham"Feel" by Matthew Bunce Beynham
"Look" by Matthew Bunce Beynham

If you're interested in his work, contact him for more info. Matthew Bunce Beynham at or reach him by phone at 780-695-2748

You've probably heard me mention in the past about how Cory and I can not find artwork that we both love, at a reasonable price for our new place. Unfortunately, I believe this also has to do with the fact that he just does not understand art. So for the meantime, we have delayed purchasing anything to liven up our space and it is driving me nuts to have to look at bare walls. It makes our place feel so "unfinished".

Yesterday, my dear friend Matthew Bunce Beynham posted a couple of his new paintings. I love having friends who are artsy! I like his style and sent him a message asking if he worked in other colors... and thankfully he is not JUST a red guy :) He told me to choose my colors, and let him know the size I want, and feel I am going for, and he will do up a provisional design and price for me!!

I do have one piece that my mom had done for me from her friend. I also have a piece that my mom did for me, and I love them. I love knowing that someone created this, and it's not just a mass produced piece of art like some of the others I have from Ikea or Walmart.

Here's what appeals to me about a commissioned piece:

The piece is created FOR me. It's not just the artist running wild and hoping someone will love their vision. It is their interpretation on something I love. I can choose the colors, and the scale.

This is probably the most affordable option as I can give the artist my price point and they can work around it!! Plus, since my artist is a friend, the piece means something.

Have you ever had a piece of art commissioned? What did you have created?

What were your experiences with this type of art purchase? Tips or tricks on how to get what you've invisioned?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Challenge - Kerri's Living

My old neighbour just bought herself a condo. It's an older girl, and needs a little work. She sent out a request for input on what we think she should do with the fireplace. While it's certainly in good condition for an older model and if the budget wasn't there.. I am sure she could leave as is...she apparently has a budget for fixing.

I've given her two options:

1. Remove the wood and tile the surround. Flank with large trim and a huge chunky mantle! Option for above the mantle: get the largest mirror you can ( full height would be best) framed with thick moulding and use it to maximize the visual in such a small space!! Fix the front of the step thing with tile that matches what is used on top.

2. if you've got the budget, do a river rock or stonework surround, again with some sort of huge mantle. Depending on your decor style, the space is small so you could do the rock right up to the ceiling, for more rustic look.

What are your thoughts? Any tips or tricks I should pass on to her?

The return of Wallpaper

I don't know when it really went away..... I do remember that sometime ago, it became tacky, passe and old to have wallpaper in your home.

Years ago, my mom and I wallpapered every room in our family home. They have long been torn down and replaced. Except for one beautiful, textured French paper in the front hallway that still masks the imperfections of the wall.

However wallpaper came back a couple years ago, and it no longer carries the stodgy image of grandmothers that it once had!!

One of my fave wallpaper companies is Osbourne & Little - they have really made wallpaper beautiful, modern and fun again. Here are some from their current collections:

My absolute fave!!! This room could easily have come across to "grandma"-like. But the patterns and fabrics are so now and fresh, that it looks amazing!!

It's actually the chair fabric I love here, which just pops on that cloth looking paper!

Love how mod this paper is!! Very fresh and young!

Domino often features papers like this in their magazine. The leather chaise looks so chic. A single city gal would love this room!

Very pretty for a guest bedroom

This would work anywhere.. has a kind of grasscloth look to it.

This is a little overboard for me, but I love how it looks here with this old desk!

Love this one. The colors and pattern are great. This would make a cool powder room paper.

Metallic paper makes me happy. I am looking for a great turquoise and silver to put in a huge frame in our living room.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Deals of the Week

In honor of my mom and her on-going work in progress: her old home renovation, everything today will be stuff that I am suggesting to her - maybe you'll find a gem in the lot for yourself as well??

To replace mom's current lazyboy recliner AND small sofa ( both are ancient) -I think this recliner loveseat would do the trick, save space and still provide her with: the recliner that she loves, but still a sofa to lay down on if the need for a nap strikes. Plus, the addition of leather will add a longer wear time.

Mom's small kitchen is currently looking a little tired. her current cabinet situation is gross. The high gloss finish on a browny-peuce colored faux wood grain is yucky. Not to mention that they are small, and there are very few cabinets - only the small wall with the stove has them. I'm thinking these cabinets from Ikea, would do the trick. In white, they open the space up, and look so clean and fresh. The prices start at $99.00 per cabinet, but mom could even afford a couple with glass doors, to show off her pretty stuff!

To complement the new white cabinets, and the new silvery blue color she's painted the walls, this glass subway tile would look sper sharp as a new backsplash. This one is from the Home Depot, at only $41.28 a box, a little will go a long way in her tiny kitchen!

Mom recently got rid of her old coffee tables (thanks mom) as she didn't have space for them... these nesting tables from Ikea are only $99.00. She could keep them stacked (nested) when not in use to save space, and when she has guests and needs more of a coffee table, place them all in a row, and maximize table space.

These curtains from Ikea make me happy as well. At only $79 for the pair, they are super cute. They're modern, without being overly trendy and the colors are great and would work in any of the rooms at mom's place. In fact, I am contemplating these for our house..... They would work great on the main floor.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Woodson & Rummerfield

This Design duo share a love of Hollywood Regency style rooms. Yeah, they're probably a little over-the-top, and Cory would die if I even suggested one of these rooms. lol... actually that is gonna be an experiment for me - I'll ask him this weekend and see if I am correct inbut I love them none the less

This is totally bachelor pad!! Actually, it reminds me of the slick "Playboy" suave showhome we looked at a couple weeks back that Cory said was "totally" him!!! Since when??

This room as bright as it is, seems pretty livable!! The wallpaper insert in the panelling is great - exactly what I am looking for!

Love everything in this room, even the creepy side table lol.
This masculine bedroom is pretty toned-down for them!! Love the tufted leather bed. I commend them for showing a King Size!!

Another pretty guest room idea!!

They sure now how to win my heart by using such pretty blues!

As eclectic as it is, still manages to be very livable, and a lot of the pieces read as neutrals!
A little too modern and stark for me, but I love the use of trim and the shape of the chairs

I espcially love these chairs!

This is a great guest bedroom idea!! The chocolate makes the room so cozy.

They seem to use these light fixtures a lot.... the preciousness of the chandeliers is toned down by the modern glass casing it!!!! Kinda hard to see in the picture, but pretty blue wall color!!
They also update their showrooms each season.....

This is a space they did for Versace!!

I heart their usage of zebra rugs and sunburst mirrors!!