Thursday, February 28, 2019

What’s Next? Where I’ve Been

Wow! It’s been almost two years since I stepped away from this title old blog of mine.  What started out as something to do at a job that had no work me, and a way to chronicle the DIY projects my ex and I had planned after purchasing our first home, became a source of sadness for me.  I started blogging long before Blogs were ever even popular or a “thing”.  I had several even before this one.  

Then something happened and things took off with the blogging world and I felt I couldn’t compete with the hundreds of gorgeously designed blogs full of beautiful photography and brand partnerships, etc.  I was just a single gal with her dog, working her ass of at 2-3 jobs, trying to get by while still be creative and inspiring to not only others but herself.  My blog was super basic, with a modified free template.  I had no formal training on site design or coding or really anything required and had really just been winging it.  I didn’t have the money to commit to one or getting a photographer or anyone to help me.  So my daily blogging became less and less until One day it just wasn’t, and I couldn’t.... and the soul-crushing feeling that came with feeling that no one really wanted to hear or see what I had to offer was there and it was hard to break free of. 

I still followed and read or watched blogs and Instastories from HUNDREDS of bloggers/influencers and style makers.  In fact, I’d say I made it a full-time job lol.  I was inspired and in awe of all the people I watched who were doing what I had wanted to do so long ago, turning their blogging hobbies into full-fledged Full-time Businesses and Empires.  I was so proud of all these amazing people for following their paths.  Now why couldn’t I have done this for myself? 

Truth be told, I missed being a part of it.  I missed sharing a piece of myself here for the world and interacting with my followers, which weren’t many because I never shared my blog with friends and family back then.  I was nervous about it, so if someone came across it, then great, if not, well then nothing.  The reason it never grew is that I wasn’t putting it out there.  Which, if you know me, is very unlike me.  So secretly, I’ve been dreaming up a way to rebrand, redesign and get back to blogging in a way that truly reflects me.  Who I’ve grown into.  What my taste and style has evolved into, etc.

So I’m working on a new site. A new brand.  But in keeping with my “brand” (I hate that term but I guess it’s the best way to describe it), I plan on  doing it myself, which will take a while... especially since my computer but the dust... so in the meantime, I want to keep sharing here.  I want to get back to putting out content and posts and hopefully inspiring some, if not only myself.   I hope there’s still some of you around.  For those of you who are new, welcome!   

Stay tuned for some exciting new stuff coming soon!