Monday, September 30, 2013

Wish List

My mom came for a visit this week and one of the things she asked me was what I wanted for my upcoming Birthday.  I hmm'd and hawed and said " I have no idea.... let me think on it and I'll send you a list".  There isn't anything I really NEED, and since I typically buy myself stuff I want, I figured I'd ask for some of the fun, frivolous house-related stuff I've had my eye on!

First up?  New Bedding!  This is always on my lists (Christmas and Birthday), EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  1.  Because my bed is big and hard to find stuff that fits 2. Because everyone loves fresh, new linens

From Sears, Sealy's Best Fit sheets are the best ones I've found for my mattress.  They are nice and soft, and have a full maternity pants-like panel at the top and bottom to help stretch over the mattress and since mine is 22" deep, I need that!  In pearl blue and white.

I also have my eye on this duvet cover set from Quilts Etc for a while now.  I think it would be the perfect addition to my room!  Finley sliced her paw open back in June and most everything now is blood-stained, so definitely time for some new linens!
I've been dying to get the Birch Forest stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to do the long wall in our front entrance (and most likely the dining room wall) since I love it so much!
Of course, to go along with the forest walls, I've been dying for a white stag head for a few years now.  Since I can't find 'em in stores round here anymore, I'm gonna have to order off of White Faux Taxidermy
  for the Templeton stag head.  They come in a ton of fun colors, but I love the plain white!
I really, really want to get some drapes sewn up for my living room, and I am pretty much in love with Vintage Blossom in Dove, available at Tonic Living so that would be a super gift!  How pretty would these birdies be in my living room?
Since I really have a thing for birdies, and I also really need a small table to pull up to the sofa when I'm laying down, I really like either of these choices:
For a more whimsical/campy/modern touch the Hoot Stool from Urban Barn has been calling my name.  In white, he wouldn't be too over the top, but still totally "me" and fun.
However, I've also loved the Perched Bird table from Pier 1 for years.  I'm not sure if it reads as traditional or perfectly French and rustic.  It would nicely complement the drapes though..... 
Strangely enough, I apparently have a theme going on here.... stuff with animals (namely birds) and of course, a very neutral (white, grey, blue, black) palette.  Hmmmm... apparently I like what I like!  
Those are just a few of the things I'm loving right now and hopefully one or two (or more) will end up coming my way with my b-day and Christmas following shortly!