Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We've never really done Halloween decorating around these parts.  I think it's mostly cause we don't have kids and also because Cory's just not a fan.  I think next year I am gonna step it up a bit cause I really like seeing other people's decor,  so I will be hitting up the clearance bins all over the place for sure this week.

Since I decided, pretty much last night that I wanted to do something, I didn't have time to buy anything.   So in working with what I had, this is the very basic set up we arranged:

I wish I had taken some better pictures earlier in the day....

Luckily, I knew that I wanted to get a reusable pumpkin, so I picked one up earlier this week at Walmart. I know, I know it kind of takes the fun out of the whole thing, but until we have some little ones to carve pumpkins, plugging this smiley guy in, suits us just fine.  Plus, he's nice and tall so I don't have to worry about finding a nice sized one to carve.

We're clearing out some of the old showhome furniture in our warehouse at work, I snagged this little cream Ikea table for $10 from work.  I knew it would come in handy for a ton of different things but since it matches the trim on our house, I knew the porch was a good spot for it.

My little scarecrow was a $2 buy from Dollarama last year.  I wrapped his hand around the doorbell and it looked pretty cute.  You can't really see, but he's holding onto a little oil rubbed bronze Princess House basket filled with fake pumpkins and gourds.

On the lower shelf, I put this great little lantern.  It's a Partylite lantern that came with interchangeable magnetic templates which I can change out based on the season.  This is the first time I've used this Autumnal template and I LOVE IT!!

Here's a closer view:

It actually put out quite a bit of light and added to that great spooky Halloween vibe.   I also unintentionally used some cranberry smelling candles inside so the porch smelled nice and pretty :)

It cetainly needs  a lot of work, but I think I have the bug for next year!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Visit Weekend

October is a busy month for my family.  With Thanksgiving and my birthday, there's usually a lot going on.  Unfortunately, my brother and his family weren't able to come down for the big dinner earlier this month, but they were able to join us this weekend instead.

Since it had been a while since everyone had seen them (since their move to Saskatchewan in August), my mom called up and let me know she'd be coming in as well.  Plus, my dad made it out today as well.

So, it was a pretty full house.  Especially with all the baby stuff they brought.  We did manage to grab a lot of photos of everyone with Phoenix (who turned 6 months earlier this week!!)

He has gotten soooo big and it's greast to see how he's learning.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FOUND: Blogger who took an unexpected (extended) absence

Ha!  For someone who had really high goals set for all she wanted to acheive this summer, I sure failed miserably.

Yes, I was dealing with sicknesses of both my parents :(  and putting some longer hours at the office :( :( but really, I was just concentrating on spending time with my family and trying to set a schedule around here.

It was a relatively unproductive summer, but I am happy with what we did do:

~ Finished the fence and laid sod in the backyard (as previously blogged about).  It took us forever to get our butts in gear, but seeing Finley do crazy laps in the yard makes ut all worthwhile!

Yup, that's it!  haha  whoops!

So, I guess it's time to get back on track and get things going around here.

First up, I mentioned>here about how we really needed to get started on completing our master bedroom.  So that's where I have decided to start. 

This weekend, I took a leap of faith and decided to go and order the two sets of blinds we were missing for our master bedroom.  For the record, I ordered them over two years ago, before we even moved in and waited and waited for them.  Only to weeks later find out they were never coming - those sizes were discontinued(??) I was told....  I did a search the other day and found the blinds were still/once again(?) listed online.  So I am praying that they magically are available again and come next week, since the anticipated date is November 4th.  (fingers crossed for me).

(this photo shows one of the windows that needs blinds; the other is in the closet)

Up next, I am determined to finally complete our headboard.  The wood base will be moved into the basement this week and I just have to commit to a fabric, buy the foam and execute the plan!  I'm taking fabric suggestions.

Stay tuned!