Sunday, April 12, 2009

First 100% Completed Project

You may remember last summer, when we decided to take on our first re-finishing project - The Barrister's Cabinet. No? Well don't worry, I'll fill you in!
I decided that we really needed some sort of sideboard in the dining area. 1. We needed more storage 2. I like the look. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford much... so I researched what I could get my hands on and I remembered a piece I had used when I was back at my parents' house.

A little research tracked the piece down to my mom's house. A week later, it was here!

Unfortunately, it had seen better days! So I decided a glossy black lacquer and some new hardware, would be all that it took to make this piece fit in, with our stuff.

Things didn't start off as planned..... the stain didn't want to take, and then there was a worry about mold??!!! In the end, we got the color we wanted, we haven't had mold, and we've been living with it, ever since.
However, I'm not too comfortable with the drill yet, so I hadn't changed out the hardware yet. Earlier last week, my mom was in, and I remembered I wanted to get it done, so she did it for me!! WOO HOO!!

Here's how it turned out. I am not completely happy with it, but it was the first piece we did.... It was also not a permanent piece, plus it was not in the best condition when we got it... so all thing considered... I'm happy with where it stands!

The flash here kinda washed out the stain and made it look all streaky but it looks fine in person. The only thing I hate is the weird light wood thing holding the bottom pane of glass in... it ruins everything and makes it look unfinished.

The brushed knobs were the perfect addition and really finish the piece. They were only a couple dollars each at Home Depot.

I haven't properly dressed the piece, since right now, it's mostly just serving a purpose, but I think it looks ok for now. We haven't decided where it will go in the new house yet, since we may not need a sideboard with the new built-in....but it will get used one way or another.

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