Thursday, April 17, 2014

Light the Way: Master Bedroom Update

Yesterday I mentioned that I had made another little update to the Master Bedroom and it's one I am super excited about! You see, a few years back, I purchased a great light fixture at an amazing price over at Home Sense and the ex said he would hang it, over and over and over.....

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and it was still sitting in the office waiting to be hung. Thankfully, I had someone come over and give me a hand with hanging it!  You can't imagine how happy I was to get rid of this boob light.

Since electrical stuff frightens me, I'm not even going to pretend that I did the work myself, so this is by no means going to be a tutorial.

But it is a reveal so here's the after:

Sooooo pretty!  Even the pattern it creates on the ceiling is pretty! It's been installed for a few weeks and I'm really happy with how it looks. The only downfall is that the bulb situation is different and less bright, but that's what happens when you put a dining room fixture in the bedroom.

Instead of regular bulbs it takes these chandelier bulbs, which are slightly more annoying to buy.

My favourite thing is how well the fixture coordinates with other elements in the space: the diamond pattern that's repeated in the bedding, which coordinates with the slightly Moroccan styled shape on the stencilled wall! 

(The color of the bedding looks weirdly purple here, which is odd since it perfectly matches the walls...) 

So that's where the room is at right now. I will try and get some good daylight photos this weekend since I finally have some days off for Easter.

What new additions have you made lately? 

New Addition: Master Bedroom Edition

Last week, I came across a steal of a deal and couldn't pass it up! While I wasn't actually in the market for a new upholstered bench, I essentially snagged this one for FAH-REE so I couldn't NOT bring it home with me! 

You see, I've been working part time at a local home goods retailer for the past few months. I happened to notice that this beauty was marked down from $180 to $99! As an employee, we also have the ability to earn "dollars" towards our purchase, up to half the cost of the item! I had more than enough to pay for half the bench and wouldn't you know it - I already had a gift card that I had won at a charity event, making this baby FREE!

What's even better? I absolutely ADORE this piece! It's worked everywhere I've put it, so far! 
 When we put it together, we originally set it up in the dining room, which was absolutely perfect!

Not only did it look great, but it was very functional. My main floor is setup as one large room and putting the bench between the dining room and living room means it's perfect for pulling into the living space when I have guests over! However, we have some guests under the age of 3 coming this weekend and white linen really wasn't a great option, so I moved it up to my bedroom for the time being and absolutely love it there too! 

It actually looks really nice in this little window alcove. I originally planned on refinishing a vintage chair that's sitting in my basement for this space, but now I am loving the bench! 
So far, we've managed to avoid getting this thing dirty, but I have to admit that since it's spring and someone's paws are exceptionally dirty, we've been keeping things under cover. But, it apparently is Teflon coated, so I'm sure with 3 pets, I'll be putting that to the test soon enough. :)

The legs are super traditional but it works really well in this house

These photos do NOT do the fabric justice. It is definitely white, NOT cream!  But sadly, working so much, limits my time frame for taking some good shots! Plus, I've somehow lost both of my cameras sd cards....  :( 

Oh, and since I wanted to add a little something to the bench but didn't have any free toss cushions, I added this beautiful handmade quilt. A fiend of my mom's made it for me and it is gorgeous!  Here is a closer shot of the pretty fabric! 

So while I wasn't looking to add more furniture in this space, I am super happy with the new addition! 
Stay tuned tomorrow as we've made another change in this space!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

From This to That!

I'm currently working on getting my office put back together, but until my handy mover friends can get their butts over to move my furniture, I' m only able to work on the little things. 

Tonight's project wasn't so much a project as it was re-purposing. But anytime I can save a few bucks on something decorative, I'm a fan! So today's feature is taking an old candle and turning it into a pretty pencil cup for my desk.

I'm a big fan of Essenza Brand candles and reed diffusers (I can't find a website but Costco carries them here once in a while, or HomeSense and apparently <a href>=""</a> . Not only do they smell lovely, but their packaging is so pretty! I finished another candle this week and figured it would be the perfect addition to my desktop! 

First step was to get the last bit of wax out. I first put the whole thing in the freezer for a day to make the wax nice and hard so it'd be easier to remove.
Once that was good, I used a paper towel to wipe the spot off the inside so I wouldn't get my hand all dirty ;) 
Next step was to use an old knife to slide down between the glass and wax (since it's frozen it kinda of pops out). **this is where you have to be careful - if the glass is too cold still you can shatter the glass easily!! This was not my first attempt at this but it's the only one that's survived! 

Once that's all clean, you just need to get rid of the residual wax. I sometimes pop it in the dishwasher but this one was pretty clean so a quick hand wash and it was good to go! 

Isn't the floral etching super pretty? I put it against the fridge so you could see it. Pretty little vibes! 

It's the perfect size for pens, scissors and other desk accessories. I've also used them for other craft supplies, makeup brushes and even tampons in the guest bath! 

(I have to get some pretty, matching pens now apparently..) 

So, just a quick little reminder to think about re-purposing before throwing it away next time!  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stairway to Heaven... or at least a pretty place!

So last year, I slowly started putting together my collection of ornate white frames in the stairway.  The collection actually morphed from being all frames to half frames, half mirrors as people started buying me pieces for my Birthday, etc.

However I sort of stalled with the project after the last piece - the Ikea Ung Drill mirror. After I got that bad boy sprayed white (which they now carry it in... sigh), I went to hang it and realized that: a.) There is not a lot of room for a ladder on the landing  b.) I am a bit too short to get it up to the height I want and c.) I am not entirely confident in my skills with a drill
So, until I can find a taller friend who is, to give me a hand, she'll be sitting where she is. 
(Hint, hint, if you are reading this Ryan, this is my official request....  ;)  )
But I also need to get some more frames (hopefully some larger pieces as well) and get this collection growing again.  Here are a few new options that I will be picking up in the next little while:
I'm not interested in the collage part, just the frame!
Anyone else know some great places where I can find similar frames/mirrors?
I'd love to fill the whole wall!
I'm open to suggestions! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

HomeSense Finds from today!

I was out and about today trying to find a gift for a gf's bday and of course ended up at HomeSense. While I didn't find anything for her, if I had been in the market for some furniture, I'd have struck gold! Here are some of my fave finds for the day:

The Classic Barcelona chair done in this gorgeous brown leather would be perfect for a masculine space like a den! I even suggested it to a friend as a classier gaming chair for his space! :) 

Tons of pretty headboards in beautiful colors and of course, nailhead trim! Sadly, I do not have a standard sized bed...

Seriously thought about bringing this leggy beauty home with me! I need a lite pull up table for when I'm being lazy on the couch for keeping my drinks and cell close. This one takes up little visual space, but in faux bios is the perfect whimsical piece for my space! I'm keeping it in mind....

Another very masculine piece, this bench has worn weather and distressed looking wood! Perfect for a front entry or mud room! 

I of course LOVED these chairs! Perfect light grey, simple profile with nailhead! I wanted these! 

This seatee made me uber happy! Rustic whitewashed wood and the palest light bluet grey cushions with white piping! LOVE!  Would be perfect for the window alcove in my bedroom.... Just sayin! 

This little fella actually came home with me! Technically from Winners, I was inexplicably drawn to him. The gal at the til asked if I was in the beauty trade. Nope I said, just find him beautiful! I have no need for a glass head or a space for him, but the thought of putting him down once I'd picked him up felt wrong.... I'll share where he ends up when I decide. 

While priced a little high, I thought something like this wooden stool would be perfect for what I eventually envision my basement to look like if I ever finish it! Or start it for that matter...

Lastly, if I had a family and/or a mud room this would have come home with me in a second! Days of the week chalkboards for planning out your week's activities or menu. Plus little hooks that would be perfect for hanging pretty linen bags filled with any items you'll need for that upcoming day! Omg genius! 

Anyhow those were some of my faves for the day. What great finds have you seen lately? 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Five Things for Friday!

Whoa! ! This week has been a whirlwind... I had the week off but it was definitely NOT relaxing.

In addition to starting my Christmas shopping, I had 2 days of Volunteering at The Kids With Cancer Society House, an interview for a part-time job and subsequently training for said new part-time job. Plus we had a girl's night in on Wernesday.

As such, not too much new around these parts so here are a few things I'm loving:

This gorgeous feather embossed journal is my 2014 notebook for writing down EVERYTHING!  It's from <a href="">Indigo</a> I absolutely Love it and have already started filling up the pages with random none sense and lists! 

I have my eye on the piece of art in the top left corner. The blues are perfect. There's random typography and birds....seems like a good fit. It's from Home Outfitters.

Speaking of Home Outfitters, the managers of the South Common location donated these sweet guys for me to bring to the Kids With Cancer House's Secret Santa function this week. So thankful for their generosity, especially since it was an unsolicited donation! Love me some <a href="">HBC</a> ! 

Here's a quick and not so great photo of one of the rooms I worked in this week. The kids gift room at KWCH where kids got to pick out gifts that they could wrap up and give to their siblings. I love the amazing character of the heritage house, in wonderful condition considering the age! I'm also a big fan of the Society and everything they are doing for families going through such a difficult time.

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at two brand new Christmas decor items I picked up this week. The cats needed larger stockings and when I came across these beauties at <a href="">Target</a> they apparently only came in "G" and "M". I was super sad until I realized that those were exactly what we needed! 

I just realized I hadn't shared any of my Christmas decor shots so I'll get some nicer photos tomorrow in the daylight and do a post up then.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Easy Poinsettia Update!

A gf at work was having a little fundraiser for her son's daycare, selling poinsettias, so I supported her by picking up one for my desk and one for the house.  There were a variety of color options but I went with 2 white ones. 

They arrived on Monday and I was pleasantly surprised as they were much bigger than I expected. 

The only issue I had was that the pots were wrapped with the ever attractive foil...

Since red and I aren't friends on a good day, and I eliminated it from my Christmas decor a few years back, I knew it just wouldn't do!

First order if business was to get this of the foil. My initial idea was to wrap the pot with a length of burlap runner I had, but the pot was tapered so it wrapped weirdly....

After some rummaging around in my Chrustmas boxes, I found a vase from a past Christmas arrangement that fit much better with my color scheme. I knew being a hoarder would pay off someday! ;)
It's hard to see but the dark teal with turquoise glitter snowflakes matches nicely!  This was probably the easiest update! 

Plus, it adds some height which is perfect for my kitchen counter where it is doing very well! 
(The picture makes it look a little wonky but the pot isn't as dinky as it looks above) 

Unfortunately, my work one that started out lovely on Monday:

Now looks like this:

Pretty sure it must have gotten some frost during delivery. :(. As it's been kept nice and toasty at work and all the other plants at my desk do well...

Thankfully Salisbury greenhouse has kindly offered me a replacement! 

Does anyone else still do poinsettias? Or us everyone else on the amaryllis/paper white wagon?