Monday, August 24, 2015

Splendies Review: August 2015

I figured I'd start the week off with another Subscription box review!  
Today we have my Splendies box, which is always a fun one to receive, cause who doesn't love fun new underwear?!
Splendies delivers 3 brand new pairs of underwear a month.  There's no Style Profile or anything with this subscription, so it truly is a surprise as to what you're going to get!  They do deliver a variety of styles (bikini, thong and hipster/boy cut) each month, and since I wear pretty much everything, that's fine with me.
The package arrives in a non-descript white plastic mailer, wrapped in tissue.  There is no product card, but pairs have their tags attached and often list prices, which is nice.
Cost:  $13.99/month for 3 pairs
Ships:  US- Free; Canada - $7.00; International-$9.00
Spree Black and White Polka Dot Hipsters
These are super cute.  I love polka dots and the added pink trim/.bow is such a sweet touch!  I like this style, and they have a ruching detail along the back.  They have a nice slinky feel and look like they would be comfortable, but sadly, they are too small..... ***One thing to mention with Splendies, is that they have a tendency to run small, so I advise sizing up - I hadn't at first and now I have a ton of pairs that don't fit, so I will be putting those into some friends' stockings this Christmas!  However, I regularly wear a small, sized up to a medium and these are STILL too small... so that's pretty upsetting.    There's no price listed, but I found similar ones on sale for about $10.00
Joe's Lace Trimmed Patterned Thong
The fabric on these is super soft and very stretchy, so super comfy. I never used to be into red, but I've been getting quite a few pairs through Splendies and I really like these!  The style is my preferred cut as well. I can't find these online, but they are tagged at $12.00

Spree Lace Trimmed Hipsters
These are actually really pretty - the fabric is stretchy but once again, these do not fit - I think maybe Spree must run super tiny.... I really like the moody dark purple background of this pattern.  A lot of people aren't lovers of flowers for undergarments, but I actually like them!  Once again, no price but I am guessing these are probably around $10 since they are similar to the polka dot pair.

Rose Intimates Flourescent Lemon Lace Boyshort

Sadly, another pair that does not fit!!  These aren't even close to fitting... they are so tiny!  I usually love a lace boyshort and actually have a bra that these would be a perfect match for, so this is super disappointing!  This brand isn't well known so I'm not familiar with their sizing, but the style is super cute!
** I should note that yes, regularly they only send 3 pairs, but back in June, Splendies contacted me via a photo I posted, mentioning my review and they wanted to send me a free pair - so this month I got a Bonus pair.  Which would have been great, except they didn't fit.....
Overall thoughts:  What is happening with the sizing here?  I am a consistent size small in all the underwear I buy in stores.  Everywhere from Walmart, La Vie en Rose, La Senza and Victoria's Secret - I am a size small. Regardless of the style....   When I signed up, the smalls were too small and I read that others were recommended sizing up, so I did and it worked... for a bit but we are back to very small items.  I really do not want to have to size up even further to a Large, because I feel like that would just leave too much room for error and feel that I'd end up with too many pairs way too big.  It's just a little frustrating, since I can't even really leave any feedback for a stylist, since there isn't any.  So, I think I am going to give it another month and see if things improve, otherwise I may have to think about cancelling my subscription  :(
However, style wise, I actually really like all the pairs they sent me this month.  Lace trimmed pairs seemed to be the theme this month and  I like that there was a thong and several hipster pairs, which I prefer over bikini.  Had everything fit, I would be a very happy camper.
How about you? Have you been experiencing the same sort of sizing frustration? 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Wantable Intimates: August 2015 Review

Okay doke, I've finally got a free evening and got some pictures taken so I could post my latest reviews.  Last week was a full week for me, with lots of packages arriving daily, so without further ado, let's get to it!

Wantable is a subscription service with a couple different options:  Intimates, Accessories, Makeup.  Plus, a few new Editing options:  Fitness, Style and a Men's option (these aren't available in Canada...yet... so I haven't had the option to test these out!)

This box is the Intimates box, which sends 3-4 pieces ranging from loungewear, socks, intimates, lingerie and tanks.

Cost:  $36.00/month (subscribers get a $4.00 credit with each order)  ** As a Canadian, with the exchange rate and all that jazz, I do technically pay closer to $50/mth.

Shipping:  US- Free; Canada- $7.00; International - $10.00

You get to create a Style Profile that let's you identify the items you Love/Like/Dislike. 
 Here's a look at my Style Profile options:

Here's a brief description of the items included in my box:

Pajama Drama Coral Tank with Lace Trim

This tank is a nice soft cotton.  I really like the cute coral and white polka dot pattern and the lace trim detail is a nice touch.  I like that it is a longer length, which is great for lounging and getting cleaning tasks done around the house.  My only complaint is that even though this tank LOOKS like it was gonna be a little baggy, it's still a little snug around my midsection.  However, I feel like this is more a reflection that I need to get back working out!  ;)
Valued at: $21.00 (I feel this is a bit high for a sleep tank though...)
Per Lei Intimates Spring Fling Bottoms
Until I read the info card, I actually thought these were a coordinating item, but they aren`t even by the same brand, so kudos to my stylist for choosing items that coordinate together nicely!  I love a comfy pant for lounging around the house and while I think these are technically a capri style pant, they are the perfect length for a shorty like me!  They are lightweight which is nice cause I never like to be too warm and have a cute little bow detail at the bottoms.
Valued at $16.00
I really love how these two pieces coordinate together.


Pajama Drama Raw Edge Tank  
Okay, so this tank is exactly something that I would buy.  The one gripe I have with it is that the cotton isn`t as soft as I would like... maybe some washing will soften it up.  I love the racerback style and stripes, it is however a little sheer so if I was to wear this outside of the house, I would have to take that into consideration.  But this color way is perfect for me!
Valued at $16.00


Pajama Drama Raw Edge Short
 I was originally on the fence about the pattern on here, but I actually really like it for loungewear.  They are super cute and fit nice.  I like that there is a drawstring waist for any nights where I have a big dinner or for keeping the neighbours from seeing my butt when I am doing yard work... haha

Valued at $16.00 

Overall Thoughts:
This was a nice box.  I liked that they listened to my notes and sent me the style of items I asked for!  While it may not be my favorite box, I will definitely use all four pieces and am happy with the fit.  Also, all 4 pieces are in coordinating colorways, so I can mix and match them and not look totally CRAZY!!   Here is a peek of the coral tank with floral shorts:

The overall value of the box is $69.00 which is not the highest valued box I have ever gotten from Wantable, so I am a little disappointed in that, considering the cost that we pay to ship to Canada.  But I do like all the items, so I`m still happy with the box.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Beauty Secret: Office Staple as Exfoliator

This is probably one of the most ridiculous secrets I'm gonna share but I've been doing it for years and years, and it's one of the easiest tricks ever, so I just wanted to share! 

I am one of those unlucky gals who has combination skin, which means it's doubly hard for me to nail down a skin care routine that's aces. Couple that with the mild acne I've always suffered, and now aging (over 30) skin, things are always a little rough.

My biggest pet peeve though, when it comes to my skin, is just how dry and flaky certain areas can get.  Namely, the area around my nose, mouth and chin, which are incredibly sensitive. This is never more prominent then when I'm sick- blowing my nose is the worst kind of pain, leaving me burning, red and flaky.  Especially in areas that are typically drier and more apt to show flakes and dryness.

Unfortunately, using a scrub or even a battery powered cleansing brush on these irritated spots isn't always possible, as it's likely to bring on more irritation.   Enter, my life-saving flakiness remover:

Yes ladies, Scotch Tape!! You probably have a roll of this sitting on your desk right now! I guarantee you, it's the easiest way to remove stubborn flaky skin! 

I simply apply a tiny strip to the offending flaky area (with very little pressure) and rip it off quickly, like a wax strip. It's easy, painless and works like a charm! 

The best part? It's essentially free, since I ether already own the tape ( or often find a dry spot at work and just use a strip in the washroom at lunch). I've also found this to be the least irritating option. Since I typically do this at work, my makeup keeps the tape from sticking to my other skin AND it's just sticky enough to remove flakes but not my good skin! 

Of course, once the redness and burning has subsided, I'll make sure to up the external exfoliants and use my skin brush but in the meantime, I'm drinking a ton of water and adding some heavy duty creams to my arsenal! 

Any silly beauty tips or tricks you want to share? I'd love to hear from you! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unexpected Find: Neon Infinity

I'm heading to a music festival later this week and when I was at the Dollarama picking up a few little goodies to play with, I happened across the best find ever: the softest infinity scarves in some great summer neons! 

I didn't have anything similar to the neon pink, so I snatched it up for only $3.00 and absolutely LOVE it! I'm actually wishing is had picked up a few other colors, although neon yellow, lime green and white prob wouldn't have gotten much use with me. But I will be keeping my eye out for other colors! 

Considering the cheapest I've ever really gotten scarves is if I find a 3/$15.00 sale, I was pretty excited with this find!! 
Plus they are huge and super stretchy so you can definitely wear this one a few different ways! 
I got a compliment from two people at work already today, and I couldn't help but immediately share my good fortune! 

What great finds have you picked up lately? 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fab Fit Fun Summer 2015 Review

First of all, my apologies for my extended absence, I've been doing my best to really get out there and live my summer and spend more time with my family and friends.

I do have a few small projects in the works but I'll get to those in the next few days. But today, today is a very exciting day- my <a href="">FabFitFun</a> box arrived! 

I have to admit that I avoided reading anyone's reviews of the box as I truly wanted to be surprised when I opened it up. Of course, this was my first time as an upgraded member so I did get to select some of the options on a couple items in the box so that may have been a big reason why I wanted to keep the remaining items a secret.

For anyone who isn't familiar, <a href="">FabFitFun</a> is a quarterly subscription box with a variety of beauty, fashion,fitness and lifestyle goodies. 

Cost: $49.99 per quarter plus $8.00 shipping for Canada

Here's the first peek:


Each box comes with a great, very detailed info card.


Wren 14kt Gold & Black Saphire Necklace 

This was actually one of the items we got to pick. We had an option of a heart, horseshoe or moon. I actually think we had an option of the gold option too. However to be fair, I don't actually recall choosing rose-gold or a heart (I did it one day when I was at work...) but I actually like the one I got. Especially since I just got a gold horseshoe necklace so I'm glad I didn't get a repeat. 
It's very pretty and after months of wearing statement necklaces, I'm happy to try something delicate! 

Here's a closer look:

The necklace is valued at $100.00 which I think makes it the most expensive item I've ever received in this box!

Everyday Wireless Speaker by FabFitFun 

Another item that I had a spoiler of, as try let us choose our own colors. While I really like pink, teal is actually my favorite color so I went that route. It was nice to see a FabFitFun branded product.  Firstly, I would like to say this speaker was smaller than I imagined but bit does it bring the sound!  It took only seconds to connect my Bluetooth and it was up and running. It has a great little caribiner type clip on it which makes it perfect for clipping to absolutely anything. It also apparently gets radio but I didn't have any luck when I tried it.... So I will try again and see.  I'm looking forward to keeping this in my car as I often find myself without one and it will also be coming with me to the music festival I'm attending at the  end of the month.

Valued at $29.99

Inkling Scents Sultry Roll-On Oil Perfume 

Perfume is one of those things that is usually very personal so I was a little worried about this, especially given the description "Sultry is a blend of creamy sandalwood, white amber, lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose and silly vanilla..." It sounded a bit too musky and bohemian for me, but I actually really like it. What's better? Roll-on versions are always a big hit with me because they are nice and potent, especially since it's alcohol-free. 

Valued at $25.00

Gorge "I'll Make You Look Amazing" Daily Spray

I've never heard of this brand before but I am very excited to try this out. It's a leave-in conditioner to treat over processed, coarse, frizzy hair. Absolutely perfect for summer when my hair is getting fried by the sun, lake water and humidity. 

Valued at $24.95

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss

This was the last item we got to choose the color for. I chose "Flush" a soft, pretty pink similar to what I wear daily. I've actually never tried the Tarte brand before so I am anxious to give it a go! It's apparently a. Lip-plumper so I am a little worried as I've had some bad reactions to the tingly-versions in the past. I'm also strangely allergic to some items with Vitamin E, so I am crossing my fingers this gloss won't make me react! 

Here's a look at it swatched on my hand:

Valued at $19.00

FabFitFun x CosmoBody Jump Rope 

Okay, I did hear there was a jump rope in this box and I have to admit I was pretty excited about it!  In my last few boxes the "fit" portion has always been some sort of gift card or online code, so his was the first tangible item. Also, I used to jump a lot of rope so I am looking forward to adding it into my routine. They've also included a link for some jump rope workouts, whichever I will be checking out shortly!
Valued at $14.00

Scratch Nail Wraps 
Ive tried nail wraps in the past and while I like them, I don't typically like roughing up my nails to get them to stick properly. These are pretty low key as far as pattern so I think I will try them for my upcoming festival so I don't have to worry about chipping paint, but I'll still look like I made somewhat of an effort! 

Values at $ 12.00

Headspace 3-Month Subscription 

This app is a meditation app to help you meditate, stress less and get to sleep easier. Regularly this would NOT be my kind of thing and I would actually not be too impressed that an item worth $40 of the box's value is a gift card for an app, but I am a troubled sleeper with a fair amount of stress, so I am actually interested to try this out! 

Aparently celebs like Gwenyth Palteow and Emma Watson are fans so we'll see if it works for me! 

Valued at $38.85 

Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge 

Okay, so K-beauty is a huge thing right now, but admittedly I haven't actually tried any products so this will be a first for me. I have combination skin so gentle exfoliation is a big necessity for me. I am intrigued to see how this works!
Valued at $ 12.00

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer

This is a sponsored item for the box and I  was quite excited to try this out. I've tried spray sunscreens before and haven't been too happy but this lotion was a nice surprise. It's nice and light and absorbed very quickly. The scent is barely there. I think this will be super handy for travelling since I don't have to worry about it squirting over everything. It'll also be coming with me to my music festival! 

Valued at $7.99

Overall Thoughts:  
While I don't know if this is my favorite box, I definitely like it. I will use absolutely everything in this box INCLUDING the subscription gift card.  As always, there was a nice mix of beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle items. There were less items in this one than in past boxes but I think that was due to the fact that the necklace has  a higher valued item than any one item they've ever had.  I've already planned to add all the beauty items into my routine tomorrow morning. The fitness stuff will be getting some use this week. I'll working the necklace into tomorrow's outfit and my speaker is packed away in my bag for my next trip. Overall, this is definitely a WIN! 
The box is valued at $275.79 (not counting the sponsored lotion)

To me, that's a great box!  What did u think? Did u get this season's box? love it or hate it? Please share!  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lucky Find

I have a gf who is pretty lucky. Like, she wins things all the time: 3 TVs, a trip to Nashville, 2 rounds of golf, gift certificates to restaurants... That kind of stuff. It's just her thing!

I on the other hand, not so much....

That is, until yesterday! 

You see, back in the fall I think it was, Indigo  came out with those stunning gold wishbones.  (They're no longer available, but I've had the image saved since they came out) 

But of course, I couldn't bring myself to shell out the $50 bucks. Especially since the "gold" seemed to be peeling off all of the ones I'd seen in store.  And so I waited.... And waited for decor accessories to go on sale, and everytime they did, the darn thing was SOLD OUT! 

Then of course they stopped carrying it, and my heart went sad.  I'd finally resolved myself to the fact that owning that wishbone was just not in the cards for me. 
Then, yesterday I was perusing my local HomeSense store for nothing in particular , when on a second pass thru the store (and an aisle I failed to go down previously), low and behold, there she was: 

Only prettier, in silver and bigger!!
 I snatched that baby up and immediately granbed for the price tag, figuring that it would maybe be half the price of my former love. Well I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw "$7.99" on the tag and placed that bad boy into my cart, whipping my head around to make sure no one was going to try and steal it from me!  
When I got home I had two possible places for it: displayed on the coffee table or hanging on the wall.  Since my coffee table is a glass-top, it really would have required a stack of coffee table books underneath to really stand out and I dont have any wide enough, so the wall it was! 
What started out as a collection of vintage looking white painted frames in my stairwell had turned into a gallery wall of fun, beautiful, whimsical things I love.   The perfect place for my lucky wishbone! 

I'm wishing I had taken a few more photos when the light was better.  The one below was actually taken with my phone instead of my camera and I love it much better!
Turns out, patience is a virtue and the waiting game paid off for me!
Love my new wishbone!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Garden... Finally!

After a ridiculous amount of sweat and hard work, I have to say the back perennial garden is essentially DONE (for this year, that is).  Of course, that is, unless I happen to come into some free plants, cause then I really couldn't NOT plant them! 

Let me give you a little back story:

This little garden of mine came about 3 years ago, when I decided to finally start adding a little life to our (at the time...) backyard.  And so I decided to pick up 4 5' tall Cedars to plant along the back fence for some interest.  At the time, the only other thing in the "yard", was sod.  It was a sad little space.

(this planting in-progress shot is somehow, the only one I seem to have)
I then decided that it looked a little weird to have these floating cedars and really wanted a divider of sorts and decided I was going to put in a stone retaining wall of sorts.... if I were to do it all again, I would have done my job differently and made a slew of changes, so I will NOT be giving any sort of tutorial on this.  I mean, it turned out okay and looks not bad, so I'm not about to rip it out anytime soon, but just know that taking shortcuts, isn't the best way to do most tasks....
But I started it in 2013, then went thru a HUGE life change, took a little hiatus and finished this bad boy up last year. 
In addition to those cedars, I added black mulch and a few plants here and there.

One of my cedars didn't do so well after that first winter and slowly started to die.

I was a little worried about the one next to it, but I hung on to both, hoping they might come around...

Which takes us to this year:
While the 3 others flourished, that sad little boy on the end, was DOA!  So I dug that sad puppy out and replaced it.  Unfortunately, the new guy is the same size as the old ones when they were first planted, so he has some catching up to do.
It's actually already filled out since this photo was taken a few weeks ago.
My biggest goal this year was adding in a ton more perennials to really fill this space out.  I ventured out of my comfort zone of pretty, colorful flowers and even embraced non-flowering shrubbery which was scary for me.
A few of this year's additions were:  Lilacs, dogwood, peonies, irises (a transplant last year from my mom), hyacinths (bulbs I planted in the fall), cotoneaster, and something like a firebush whose name I can't recall...

My favorite decorative addition this year was this old Ikea mirror on the back fence.    It's missing a little mirror on one of the arms so I got it for free from an old showhome sale. While it's not the right style for my house, it's PERFECT out here!! 

Here we are a couple weeks later:

As you can see, things are definitely growing and I think Irises have become my new fave!  Look at that gorgeous purple color just taking over the centre portion of the garden!

I added some stakes so the dropping blooms wouldn't crush everything underneath!  I am definitely going to be asking mom for a few more of these to fill in some of the blank spots!
I may have overdone it in this area and will most likely transplant some of these shrubs to different spots once they start filling out.  I did manage to get one beautiful peony though..... sadly it is long gone though.  It's my first year though so I wasn't expecting much from it. 
The next thing to bloom in this garden will most likely be these lilies.  I planted several plants last year, and they have DOUBLED in size in all sections and have a crazy amount of buds, which I am definitely looking forward to.  They are one of my faves and will bring a nice burst of color to the garden once the irises have come and gone. 
One of my goals was to try and pick items that would bloom throughout the season, so that there was always something starting as others were fading.  However, I am a lazy gardener in that I have no patience for choosing plants that growing in optimal conditions or work well together, or even look at the growing times... I just choose plants that I like and that I think will be pretty to look at.  Thankfully, it has worked out so far!

My "spilled pot" roses are coming back, but hadn't quite greened up yet.  Thankfully I added another shrub of very similar ones next to it, so once they are both going, I hope this arrangement will look stunning!  It was super pretty last year.

The roses were memorial flowers I planted last year in honor of my Mischu who passed.   I also happened to pick one up for Greyson who was still living (at the time).  He passed in November and I am happy to say that both bushes made it through the winter and are slowly starting to get buds so I am excited to see them bloom.  I found these sweet little plaques in honor of each boy and they are holding place next to each boy's rose bush.

Look at the color combo here with the purple, the red and the chartreuse!  LOVE!

It's no surprise that I love birdies, so the garden is full of sweeties like this cute boy!

While it is hard to get a full shot of the space, it is slowly coming together and I love heading out the to backyard each night to see what's blooming and doing my daily weeding.    it's by no means complete, but I have definitely got a nice base of plants here now and can't wait to see how it grows!

Now, I've just got to tackle those darn dog spots in the grass..
How's your garden doing?  I love seeing spaces and getting tips! Feel free to share!