Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chic Boston Home

I believe this is from Traditional Home but I apologize if I am wrong
, since I didn't make note of it:

This chic townhouse is a little more formal than I usually like but has a lot of interesting pieces, and isn't too precious, which helps make it seem a little more eclectic and comfy!!

I love a regal looking front door, and this one's been livened with some plants!!

I like that even though this room is smaller, they still have it chock full of pieces.

Big surprise - I love the cream and blue color scheme. My fave items: iron globe sculpture, mirrored armoire, blue garden stool

I love a French style kitchen with an amazing apron sink!! (sigh)

The den is a lot more masculine but still keeps with the same theme of the rest of the home.

This bedroom is not really my style at all, a little too busy, but reminds me of a nice little cottage.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funky Manhattan Duplex

This little duplex has a fun, funky aesthetic I really enjoy.

This little living room is so cute! The furnishings are both modern and traditional, and everything looks so right together

I love how everything in the space is neutral except for this huge piece of artwork!!!

The den is a cozy little abode with darker wallcoverings, yet everything is still neutral.

On the opposite wall, you have this little desk area. There is something so sexy about this space. Could it be the artwork?

The bedroom is another happy little neutral space. I love the monogram pillows!!

This little loft area would be perfect for enjoying drinks with friends before heading out for the night!! I love the mix of old and new pieces.

(all photos from Traditional Home)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Desperate for design?? I think not!!

Anyone familiar with the entertainment industry knows that often times actors spend a lot of their time away from home. For those on weekly shows, they're probably lucky enough to have an on-set trailer to at least keep their belongings in and retreat to at the end of the day.

However, I think the luckiest gal out there has to be Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross, whose trailer is my little dreamland! Fashioned in my fave color combo, this little trailer makes me so happy!!

Such a pretty feminine space!!! Love the glass lamps and blue velvet upholstery!!!

A lovely little desk area for writing letters!!!

Love the little daybed with graphic artwork and matching drapes!!!

What a cozy little bed nook!! I wouldn't mind being away from home if my other option was this...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream Bathroom

Okay, so what could be more awesome than having a bathroom that accomodates BOTH you and your significant others needs and still look beautiful??? Absolutely nothing - having the budget to get a room that looks like this one, would be my first hope though.

(From Traditional Home)

Imagine having this as the sight when you walk into your master bath!!! Holy cow!! We are so craving a bathtub for two!! I love this!!

A closer look at the "Artwork" slash visual attraction behind the tub that is a mural created out of glass tile!!!! This polynesian scene is so awesome and sets the mood for a very zen bathroom. That features a "Hers" and "His" side.

Her side has a beautiful vanity, dressing area and yet another tub/shower. Love the pretty colors and the asian theme is carried throughout.

His side features a lot of dark wood (everything is made to look like furniture). Note the spaces next to the toilet for "reading material" sheesh.... As well, a steam shower with chromatheraphy lights and sound system!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eclectic Living Spaces

There's one thing about single living that I miss:

Being able to decorate my home any way I like. In theory, Cory kinda lets me do whatever, but I know he prefers things a little more toned-down than I would like. When I ask what colors he'd like to see in a room, he says, brown, beige, taupe, etc. If you were to ask me the same question - turquoise, lime, fuschia, lilac, chocolate and other neutrals.
So I kinda give in, and take a more subtle approach to decorating our home. However, my single gal home featured a more outgoing, feminine room. Here are some rooms that I love, but simply know would probably elicit a "no" from Cory lol

I think this would be a hard sell as there is so much pink!!! He doesn't mind the zebra though....

This one wouldn't be too bad... especially as it would be pefect for an office sitting area

I could probably get away with everything but the God Save the Queen picture {Living Etc.}

This is do-able.... but I'd have to trick him by spacing the throw pillows out more lol

Friday, August 22, 2008

Traditional Home Showhome - Picture Perfect Family

Okay, so here's the last installment of showhomes from this Atlanta neighbourhood. And I'm sure you can guess what type of client this one was designed for - yuppers a FAMILY!!

Now don't get me wrong - this is still an upscale family home. It's the type I hope to have that doesn't scream "children live here", but still is comfortable enough to accomodate them.

Unfortunately, I could not get all the pics of the home, as my links wouldn't work, but here's an idea:

This living area would be perfect in a home with children. It's pretty but still comfy and there's nothing too precious to get broken. Unfortaunately, the family room is not here but I will keep searching and update it if I find it!!

A large kitchen is key as I am sure there will be little ones playing at your feet while you're cooking. Plus, since kitchen's always seem to be the "hub" of a family home, this will accomodate everyone and make prep for a large family dinner a snap!

The oppossite end of the kitchen serves as a perfect workstation!!! Love this idea. You can keep an eye on the kids as they do homework as you cook!! Plus it's a great place to post your calendar and keep track of everyone in the household's activities and schedules!

Dining rooms for families are formal, but not stuffy. This one is great!! Plus looks like it could accomodate quite a few more!!

Clearly, this retreat is geared towards the lady of the home, and I love it!! The silvery blue and white with those port-hole mirrors!! yaya!!

This master bath has all the luxuries, but looks comfortable. A great place to unwind!!

The little boys room is great!! While still beautiful, his room is functional. The day bed looks cozy to curl up and read a good book with mom in!!

To prove that children's room don't always have to look "juvenile" this little lady's palace is still girly, but very grown up. A room she can keep for years!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Traditional Home - Showhomes - Single Gal's Pad

Traditional Home does it again and wows me with another home. This time, a single gal home. The article actually said that the gal who lived here would be a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Marie Antoinette!!!! I LOVE IT!! Although, when decorating the space, they fashioned it for a redhead. Move over Carrot-top, this brunette wants to move into the space.

A lot of the stuff in this space would be perfect in my home. I love how vivacious it is, and the abundant use of blue!!!

This cozy living room would be an ideal place to chill and have some bellinis before heading out for the night. ( I love this and since mine is similar, will be stealing ideas to finish my room)

Tucked away in a corner, this vintage secretary is where this single gal would sit and pay bills, but she's not devoting a whole room to her "office" as her social life is far too busy to bring work home with her. It's more a place to showcase her collections.

The fireplace is probably rarely used, but a nice touch for when you have dinner dates! I'd probably throw a flokati in front to get that dreamy feel!

The dining and living room share an open space, so fitting that the same style is carried throughout. This single gal probably doesn't cook much, but orders take-out and transports it into beautful bowls for serving her dinner guests!!

The galley kitchen is small ( well big for a single gal) but has an interior window so she can check on her guests as she prepares more drinks!!

A girl's gotta have her pantry staples!! Sparking pink lemondae, yogurt covered pretzels and macarooms are pretty enough to display!!!

A gas range boils water for tea.... and maybe catered dinners??

A true girls girl, this single gal's bedroom reflects her dreamy side. Robin's egg blue is reminiscent of every girl's fave store, and that ceiling bling is the icing on the cake.

Pretty details add a special touch

A pretty chair for sitting in while doing up those strappy heels!!

Gotta have a big bathtub for soaking those tired feet after a long night out!!

And for that once in a while overnight guest - best friend from college or maybe even mom - you have to have a beautiful room she can retreat too. This one's nice and neutral so even if your younger brother has to stay with you when he gets evicted, he'll feel at home and take care to keep it tidy!!