Friday, October 31, 2008

Get wired!

If you are anything like me, you probably travel with an arsenal of technology goodness with you everyday. I've been known to carry a cellphone, ipod, digital camera at all times in my bag. In addition to that, Cory has both his personal and work cellphones, two ipods and a battery charger for his camera that at any given time, can all need charging.

Due to lack of space, as well as the impracticality of it all, we have resorted to using the master bedroom, and ensuire bathroom as the place to charge our gadgets. However, when those are full, we're squeezing room behind the papertowel dispenser, the coffee machine, and hanging cellphones dangling from the plug in the hallway.

This does not make for a pretty site. I've heard about all those fancy ( albeit expensive) "charging stations" that companies make that allow you to charge all your gadgetry in one space to save time and space. Unfortunately, not only did they not suit my decor, but neither my price range.

Here's a DIY solution that I came across on HGTV's Pure Design, that I really want to make.

Charging Station
~ box
~utility knife
~power bar

~Chose an attractive box, that will accomodate all of the gadgets you'd like to charge and a power bar.

~ On the back of the box, use pencil and ruler to mark out hole you will cut for the power bar cable..

~Use utility knife to score lines of hole you are cutting. Continue scoring until you can work your way through the material and pop out the hole.

~Place power bar inside the box and snake the cable through the hole in box. Plug power bar into wall. **

~ Plug chargers into power bar, and shut the lid on the clutter!!

** Please note, the charger in the picture does not have the power bar inside the box, but I think it makes more sense this way, so that is how I will make mine!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We aren't much for Halloween at our place, but we are most likely attending a Halloween party at a friend's.... costumes NOT included :P

However, if I had my choice, and we DID enjoy the spooky day, I would much prefer to throw a nice dinner party and set a festive fare, like the one below.

This one's from Pottery Barn and is so simple, but looks really cool.

Have a Spook-tacular Day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A day of Yay!!!

I just realized that I never did get a picture of my Harvet Wreath on hee.. I will do that tonight (ASAP) provided my computer at home is cooperating!

What got me thinking of that, is that I am reading the newspaper here at work, and it was full of flyers ( yay - i love 'em) and the Zellers flyer has CHRISTMAS decorations already. YAY!!!

I realized that Christmas season is fast approaching and I have not even decided what my decor scheme is going to be in the new place. So here's a quick little look into what I'm thinking:

The front door is only used by friends, family and people trying to sell us things, so I am gonna keep that area pretty restrained and simple.

A nice big wreath (already purchased) that I will decorate, hanging on the door. I have also always dreamed of flanking the door with two large trees, in urns with white lights. ( I am typically not a white light for Christmas person - but this looks so nice). Luckily, I just found them on sale at Zellers for $29.99 a piece.... which I don't think is bad at all. Plus, I really wouldn't need that much else out front there!!
Something like this, would be perfect.

As the main floor has a vaulted ceiling, open to the loft above, there is a ledge that runs along the entire top of the room:

( I know, it's hard to tell by the photo, especially since I don't have one of the actual ledges, but you get the idea. Oh and the photos are from construction, so that explains the mess :) )
I want to just run something simple like garland around the whole thing. I was thinking something like this Blue Spruce garland could just rest upon it. For the one space in the corner that is large enough for some actuall decorations, I am still up in the air as to what to place there.

The rest I am still working on.. but that's my plan thus far.

Here's what we have slated for the weekend: tonight I work. Boo. Cory wants to have some friends over as well, so I will have to be social while we have some friends over for drinks. Tomorrow and Sunday: I have them off, and have no plans. Cory works, so I will be left to my own devices and will probably use that time to get some studying done for my course.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and let me know if you have any great idea for decorating.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a difference....

My friend Kerri, who grew up next to me, recently bought an older townhouse. I was shocked to say the least, especially since I was the older one, and that's suppossed to me MY milestone to reach first.

However, when I first saw pictures of her "new" place, I was less than impressed. I was definetly proud of her, but the pictures of the place, left something to be desired. Thankfully, she planned on renovating everything!!!

I haven't talked to her much lately, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across photos of her progress so far, and felt I definetly needed to share them.

Keep in mind that none of these rooms are anywhere near finished, and she hasn't even been living in the home until this week, but the transformations already are amazing.

Congrats Kerri!! Great job so far!

Powder Room


As one of the first things you see when you enter, this room left much to be desired. Especially since they decided to paint all the main floor cupboards yellow and green AFTER she signed the contract.


This is still in the construction phase... but WOW!!! Looks 1000 times better. Love the switch to tile, the paint color and the gorgeous vanity with glass sink!!

Main Bath


The upstairs main bath wasn't much better, but at least it had double sinks!!


This is what she turned it into!!!! WOW!!

What's even better is that the whole vanity and granite countertops cost $375.00 at Costco!!



This really wasn't soooo bad, just a little dated and boring...


I can't wait to see what this bathroom looks like when it's all finished with towels, shower curtains and accessories!!!

Master Bedroom


The builder's beige walls and matching ugly carpet left little to be desired


Look at those gorgeous floors!!! I have to say, that wherever we end up buying, I am ripping the carpet outta my bedroom!!

Looks ever better with the baseboards and trim painted a fresh coat of white. ( Please note the furniture was just moved in - this is not how it will look)

2nd Bedroom


While this room is a nice size, the blah-ness of it, made it feel kinda yucky.


New paint, trim, baseboards and floor make this room so much more lovely and fresh!!

3rd Bedroom

This room is kinda blah before.


WOW!!! This would be a perfect little office/den.

Did I mention this is my favorite color ever? It looks so sharp with that floor and trim!!

I'm really loving her progress so far, and I will keep you posted on the progress!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I heart a real home

I love seeing people's homes in magazines. Mind you, I am talking about real homes, with real people. Not those million dollar deals, that had an endless budget, and decorator assistance.

But homes, with nice young couples, working on a realistic (or non-existent) budget, who probably did most, if not all the work, themselves.

Better Homes & Gardens featured this beautiful Craftsman :

What a cute little house, I would love to see this decorated with a bunch of pumpkins for the holidays!!

This room is great, but so easy to create. I love the color scheme!! It reminds me a lot of my own living room.

I love how they accented the fireplace by painting the detailing a contrasting color. Oh, and the artwork above? Yeah, they painted the stripes on black mattes!

What an elegant dining room!! They splurged on their chandelier, but scrimped when it came it furnishings - those chairs are vintage finds, recovered!!

I am loving the look of this (walnut?) sideboard!! Exactly what I am looking for, in my space. What made the most of this room, was the use of paint, which they accented with chair railing. As well, they used silver paint directly on the wall, to make the 3-D art pop.

The guest bedroom, is exactly how a guest bedroom should look, cozy, comfy and unfussy. Oh yeah, they also made the headboard themselves!!! Including the fabric-covered buttons!
I love how the stripe fabric adds a masculine edge, when paired with the salmon colored bedding and neutral but floral pillows~

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Canopy from Walmart Decor on a Dime Feature

I really liked the room that was put together the other day through the Canopy line from Walmart, so here is another one they have.

Item Price Quantity Sub-Total
~Mahogany Finish Ext. Dining Table $329 1 $329.00
~Mahogany Console Table $349 1 $349.00
~Blue Filigree Rug $189.96 1 $189.96
~Mahogany Dining Chairs (set of 2) $169 3 $507.00
~Brushed Steel Table Lamp $39.88 1 $39.88
~White Porcelain Dinnerware (16pce) $34.96 1 $34.96
~Ivory Linen Stripe Table Runner $12.88 1 $12.88
Grand Total $1462.68
This price even includes the cost of some basic white everyday dishes!!! How great is that???
All you need now is some artwork!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorating on a Dime

Up here in Canada, we do have Walmarts. Unfortunately, our Walmarts are not the same as they are in the States. Such is evidenced when I browse the sites online. American Walmarts have the lovely Canopy line of home decor and furniture. I've yet to see this turn up here, and that makes me sad.

I came across this lovely room, and I think it looks great!!! It would be especially perfect for someone just starting out, and surprisingly looks pretty well made. Here I've priced out exactly how much it would take to re-create:

Item Sub-total Quantity Total
~ Ivy Green Upholstered 3-seater Sofa $599.00 1 $599.00

~ Ivy Green Upholstered Chair $399.00 2 $798.00

~Mahogany Finish Armoire $499.00 1 $499.00

~Mahogany Finish Coffee Table $229.00 1 $229.00

~Mahogany Finish End Table** $149.00 1 $149.00

~Neutral Filigree Rug $189.96 1 $189.96

~Oil-Rubbed Bronze Floor Lamp $64.88 1 $64.88

~Oil-Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp*** $49.88 1 $49.88

~Handwoven Willow Bookshelf Basket $14.00 2 $28.00

~Floral Throw Cushion $14.88 2 $29.76

Grand Total: $2636.48

This price was based on what was in the picture... here's what I would add:

Additional End Table & Additional Table Lamp, which would bring the total of the entire room (less picture, magazine holder, throw and plant) to : $2835.36!!!

I think that's a hell of a deal!!!!! I actually think the room looks pretty great!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yup, today is my Birthday. I am now 26. I'm not sure what the plan is, but I don't anticipate getting my gifts until the weekend, when my family is in town.

Anyhow, everything I have asked for, has something to do with the house, so I am sure I will have quite a bit to post coming up.

The biggest thing I made a fuss about asking for, is a sewing machine. I have a ton of projects around the house that I want to work on, and so I am excited. I know someone bought it for me, I just don't know who....

I was reflecting on my Birthdya a bit today, and realized that I am in such a better place this year, and I mean that literally, as well. Last year, we were in a shitty, old apartment that was my first ever home away from mom and dad. It was also my first time living on my own. My resources were extremely limited, and I made it as comfortable, and chic as I could. Here are some pics of the old place, you'll notice I still have a lot of the same pieces, but they look more grown up, in the current space.

Not only is it super messy, the drapery rod was crooked ( we tried so hard to fix it!), but everything on the walls is out of proportion, but I used what I had...
Same set, looks much more grown up in the new space.
Oh that kitchen was ugly, but I wasn't a cook, so it worked fine for me...

I was the most happy with this room, even though it wasn't completely finished, I loved it!!
But looking at it now, it screams teenage girl!
Back to now:
We had a great weekend: We even did stuff for the home!!!

Yup, we found a frame for "Little One" ( the print I purchased from Kal Barteski We also bought the supplies, and created a beautiful Holiday Harvest Wreath that is sitting, being a show stopped on our front door!!!

I have yet to download the photos, but I plan to do this tonight, so make sure you check back tomorrow for them.

In the meantime, we think we have found some fantastic stools. They still have the ones we love (above), in leather, super comfy, right height, great style at Home Outfitters however, Cory thinks they are a little pricey, and wants to see if we can do better.

We did check out the ToGo section of Finesse and found some we liked. The ones the same as the above ones, were not in stock right now, but there was a different style (dumb me, forgot to take a photo) that we liked. Unfortunately, there was only 1 in brown. They did have 3 in the white leather, which we decided would look good.

They were $59.00 each!!!! Which is amazing, considering that we would be able to get all 3 for the price of one of the other ones!!!

Unfortunately, since they are in the ToGo area, that means they are display models, and are sold "As Is" and one of them had a big old crack on the bar where you put your feet, so I passed.

However, I can not stop thinking about them now, so I think that means I will wait until the weekend is over, to see if perhaps, someone got me them for my Birthday. If not, then I will head on over there are scoop them up next week. (fungers crossed that they are still there, or some even better ones at the same price are still there!!!)

I think I can live with a semi-crack on one of the foot-bars, at a price that good!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Win!

While browsing the magazines on the stand at the grocery store this weekend, I happened upon one of my faves : Style at Home and flipped to a page that was just lovely.

It happened to be an article about the home that Sarah Richardson has done as the grand prize in the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Millionaire Lottery. This is the 4th home that she has designed for chairty, and she loves doing them. I think it's great! Sarah gets to flex her design muscle and be uber creative and have fun with it, but at the same time, it's all for a good cause!

Here are some pics of the home:

Love the purple. It's elegant and feminine without screaming girly!!!

Not usually the type of kitchen I'd associate with Sarah, but very warm and inviting!!

A cozy little dining area next to the fire. Notice there is a lot of pattern here, which Sarah said is uncommon for her, but she went wild with it here!!

Here is a typical Sarah Richardson Master Suite - glam to the max!!

and a beautiful, matching En Suite to go with!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Victorian Home

Traditional Home featured this pretty little 1893 Victorian a while back.

Oh, how I wish I could find a beautiful, affordable, character home.....

YAY For Victorian Homes!!

Looks a lot brighter, and more open than the exterior alludes...

What a neat-o dining area in what looks to be a turrett!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All about the balance

I recently read about Homestrology on Apartment Therapy and This Young House and had to check it out. I am also an Astrology disbeliever, but think the idea of it, is pretty neat. Feel free to check out Your Reading
Here's mine:


Libras love harmony and peace, which they achieve through elegant arrangements. Whether it's the elegant arrangement of interesting people around a table for a fine dinner party or the arrangement of color, shape and light on a canvas to paint a beautiful picture -- the mark of Libra is in everything that makes the world a more civilized place.


Venus, goddess of beauty, art and love, rules your sign, and your natural design skills rule your home, particularly in the bedroom. Traditionally feminine, but ever so graceful, is the way to go here. A canopy bed with lace, or even better, something frilly and sweet. For window treatments, choose sheers that blow in the summery breeze. Try a vase with a single rose on one end table, and on the other a framed photo of some romantic spot for two. Televisions, stereos and other electronic equipment should be well-concealed behind closed doors, room dividers or wall hangings


Your element Libra is one of the air signs, so everything in the home should be light and airy. Choose clear glass or crystal vases, perfumes holders or candles sticks. Porcelain and china have that natural lightness to them, as well. Paintings for the wall should be pastoral images—nothing too obtrusive. Mirrors work wonders to double the space, but some neatly arranged books and magazines suit your intellectual interests as well. Candy dishes should be deliberately placed around the house, since yours is the sign of all things sugary and sweet.


There is some discrepancy about this in astrological circles. Pink is traditionally given to your sign, and it's not a bad fit. Certainly, its peacefulness and calm is true to your mild-mannered qualities. You can take pink to the limit: Add throw pillows with frilly edges to the sitting room; pink cushions on the patio chairs complement the green of the lawn. Of course, pink in the bedroom is a go. Men can simplify the frills and complement the pink in their Oxford shirts with navy blue suits, charcoal grey or pin-stripes. Or turn to green, the actual color of the planet Venus. A bright and shimmering green, Kelly or grass green, is most suitable. We're sure you'll balance the hues just fine. A heightened sense of color is your greatest design strength.


You are sweet, light and feminine. However, you are most of all sophisticated. No sign designs a room better than you; yours is the sign of the decorator, in fact.


Relationships are important to you, which we see in your careful balancing of pairs: two candlesticks on the mantle, two bookends for the shelf, two matching lamps around the sofa.

I agree with the fact that I certainly lean towards feminine, elegant interiors. However, my home does not have a canopy bed nor lace. I do think that electronics should be hidden, however have been unsuccessful in trying to institute this in my home.

About the light and airy - I'm on the fence: I love mirrors and mirrored surfaces, but don't do a lot of clear glass.

I do love pink, but there is very little in my home and no green.

I am very much about balance, and that's essentially what my sign in. However, I would say I am trying more and more, to avoid a matchy-matchy, contrived look.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Kelly Wearstler's name might ring a bell to those who have a thing for the Hollywood Regency style, she is famous for.

This time around, she's doing the guest house in her Beverly Hills guest house, featured in Domino and making it POP with color.

This is probably a little much for me, but there are some cute pieces, like the little side table !

Okay, so perhaps I wouldn't love this as much if it wasn't all blue - but it is, so I do! Especially that screen. That might just be the perfect thing for the ledge open to the upstairs loft.

It's a guest house so this kitchen probably isn't used to much, but it would be nice to set out a little continental breakfast for your guests on days you are working.

I like a vignette that is piled almost to the point of excess but still looks amazing!

Holy cow!! What a difference some fabric can make!!

I love love love this!! Probably would never do something this saturated though. But these colors are fantastic!!!