Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Throw in the Towel!

Thinking about forgoing a towel bar or ring of any kind and having a basket of individual towels in my powder room...
Any one doing this? Suggestions on if it works or not?
We are doing it at work in the public washrooms and I love the look!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Plans!

I mentioned earlier this week that I was taking on a new business venture, but forgot to mention what it is!

I'm going to try my hand at being a Consultant for Princess House Canada  

I've collected the product since I was a teenager still living at my parents' house!  Plus they have a phenomenal hostess program, since I re-connected with a friend who was selling it, and found out that she quit her full-time job when she got her business rolling cause she was making MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY!!  Her upline makes so much doing it, she also does just this, and even her husband is able to work part-time!   Since I was planning on buying stuff anyhow, why WOULDN'T I want to get paid for it?

So I've been busy every night this week, doing training and heading out to observe other consultant's parties for ideas.  It's been fun but very busy.  I'm hoping to only do 1-2 shows per week (fingers crossed) but if the need is there, who knows?  So, any of you Edmonton and area ladies who love to have the girls over and looking for a fun and different type of event, drop me a line!  Or, if you're interested in getting discounted and FREE product, let me know!!  I am looking to grow my business and any support you could give, would be great!!! Plus, the sales promo this month is FANTASTIC - I was even throwing my OWN show this month BEFORE I signed up, just to get the hostess promo!

Anyhow, enough about that!  I can't wait for this day to be over, cause we're headed here:

Our friends have a beautiful cabin house on the lake!  It will be our first overnight trip with Finley, so I am anxious to see how she does!

Once I am back, I have a few things around the house we are going to be tackling.  PLUS:  I hear we are suppossed to be getting front landscaping done soon!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Business

Sorry for the unexplained absence!  I never meant to wander off without so much as a warning, but life got away from me here a little bit!  In addition to enjoying the few warm days around here and spending time with the family, I have recently decided to launch a new business venture

I'm hoping that while my days will be busier than ever, that once things get rolling, I will get the financial freedom to take on all those home improvement and decor projects I've been dreaming up, or that have been sitting in the wings waiting for some spare time and money to get finished!

Please be patient with me as I get things going!  I seem to be settling in quite nicely with life, the new puppy and this new journey.  As I do, I will be getting back to blogging on a regular basis and getting things done around the house!

Just this weekend for example, I got a super leg workout pulling all the weeds out of our (still unlandscaped) front yard as Cory worked on getting the rear lower patio cleaned up and somewhat presentable!  This year was a bit of a disaoppointment for us, in that the builder never got their end of the deal done (yet) in regards to the rought grade, let alone the front landscaping, so we are once again, living without a yard....

Next week, when I am back from the lake, I hope to try and tackle the powder room wallpaper project I have had sitting, patiently waiting for me to get over my fear of it being too hard !  Any tips would be much appreciated!

For today, I will leave you with this picture to show you how I have been biding my time since my last post!  Hope July is fining you well!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry, not much to share. We had our 1 year home inspection last week- yup, a year already! All our Defficiencies have slowly been getting fixed and we had the walls in the powder room patched last week.

Cory and I took the time to patch other dings, scrapes and scratches around the house and have been painting up a storm in order to get the house ready for a little get together I am throwing this week!

We also made the decision to get rid of the large, ugly towel bar in the powder room as it just wasn't working for me. I am currently searching for something to replace it. Possibly a ring, sleeker bar or stand...
Any tips?

Also, we are preparing to get started on the wallpaper project!

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finally Finished: Bamboo Stools!

Wow!  This was a project that I started far too long ago to just be finishing up.  No, it wasn't hard or that I hadn't started it..... in fact, I can't even tell you why it took so long, it just did.  But boy am I ever glad it's done!

Here's what the stools looked like the day I picked them up this winter (there are two, but for some reason, I only have a pic of one..)

There were two broken areas, and the paint had peeled and the wrapping was coming undone in one corner.

Nothing a little glue gun couldn't fix!

A few coats of primer, and a few coats of Krylon Gloss in Bright White and we have this:

They actually aren't as glossy as I originally wanted, which is weird but I think I prefer them a little matte afterall.

Here's  what the room looks like right now.  We haven't done anything to the room since we moved in and will be working on an update very soon.

What's in store for this space? 
An upholstered headboard, all new linens, new lamps, possibly a wall treatment(?), window treatments and a new chandelier! 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My New BFF

WOW!  I never meant to take the whole week off.... Infact, it was even a short one for me, and I had lots of stuff to post about.  But stuff happens...

Anyhow, I thought I would share with you, a little info on my new bff.  You know, the one I have been spending so much time with lately.  Here she is:

Yes, this little beauty and I have been spending a fair bit of time getting to know one another, since our other newest addition has been finding it difficult to make it outside to do her business every time...

But, on the up  side, I finally got a carpet cleaner!  I have wanted one for years, especially since we were always in rentals before, with LOTS of carpet.  Now that we only have carpet upstairs ( despite my desire for a completely carpet-free home..) we opted for this portable option since we don't need to do the full house all the time.

This thing is wonderful.  I could only find the newer version with Proheat, which ended up being perfect since hot water is probably the way to go when you are dealing with puppy pee!

If you have pets or kids, I definitely recommend this!  Although, I would prefer not to have to use it anymore, if you know what I am saying!