Monday, June 30, 2008

What a deal with MTV can fetch ya....

If any of you are fans of "The Hills.", you will know that last season ended with the girls getting some new digs, in the form of the Lauren Conrad's brand new casa!!

This place is super sweet!! At over 3000 sq ft., she paid $2.36 million for the Mediterranean 3 bedroom, two bathroom. The home also features a separate guest house and pool. Loaded with upgrades, including Carerra marble, antique lighting fixtures, claw-foot tubs, and a courtyard entry, these girls definetly got a upgrade from their cute apartment!!

Not bad for an early twenty-something's first home huh??
In other news, ever since I first watched "You, Me and Dupree", I loved both Kate Hudson's wardrobe, as well as the set design for the film. Everything about the Craftman style home featured in the file, says "warm and cozy". I was soooo sad during the part where Dupree sets their living room on fire!!! OH MY GOD!! ALL THEIR STUFF!!
I can not find any info online about the set design. If you happen to know where I can find anything, please drop me a line.
As well, what are your favorite interiors from movie or tv???

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mission: failed but not abandonned

So last night, my mission was to start staining the Barrister's Cabinet we got from my mom, as we intend to use it as a sideboard in our dining area.

I got all changed, and excited and went down there, we moved the cars, set up sawhorses, wiped them down, and then Cory broke the news to me, that there was no way we were going to be able to stain these, as there was still far too much lacquer on them....

WHAT??? NO!!! MOM SAID SHE SANDED THEM - which she had, just not fully. After a quick call to her, she explained she thought we were painting, not staining.

As we don't have anything yet for sanding, the mission was put on hold until we get a sander... and we went for a walk instead.

Here's a pic of a display I saw at Finesse, that I love. Now our cabinet will look NOTHING like the one in the picture... but it's the idea I'm going for: We already have two paintings.... now just to find some lamps....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big dreams.... small pocketbook

I have a lot of projects I would like to start this summer:
~ Finishing the Barrister's Cabinet so that it can serve it's purpose as our sideboard
~ Creating a customer upholstered headboard for our Super King bed.... I'm interested in a Diamond Button Tuft in a sumptuous fabric....this will have to be something I either create myself, or have made especially for us.
~ find leather barstool for the island so that I and the kitties can actually use them and watch pappa cook us dinner
~ make? and hang drapes in the living room, dining, and possibly bedrooms
~ get custom shutters made and installed in the window in the loft so working there in the early evening is tolerable.
~ create or find a bench of some sort for under the living room window
~create or find a piece of artwork for above the sofa
~ figure out what to do with the blank wall in the living room; cabinet?? or artwork only??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New momma Excitement

I don't have a new baby... I'm not pregnant nor am I trying to have a baby. But I love the new stuff Baby Gap Home has. You can bet big money on the fact that when I have children.... theyw ill be spoiled. By me, by their father, by my family, and our friends. And here is just a peek at some of the stuff my potential child would have:

This beautiful Chocolate Raspberry Floral bedding set:

With matching white or pink sheets.... micro chamois blankets in cream, white, chocolate or pink. This kid willl be stylin'!!! Storage options include brown and white polka dot baskets!!!
Is it wrong that I am tempted to buy this bedding set now, as I doubt I will be able to find something I love as much when I am pregnant? Nevermind the fact, that there is always the possibility I never have children... or only have boys lol.

The ultimate Bachelorette pad

Anyone familiar with Room Service, might recognize this pad as that of intern Lindsay! And I love it. This is total proof that you can acheive Sarah Richardson style on an intern (read: no pay) budget!!!!

I love how the headboard was DIY: Simply covered board mounted to the wall!! Artwork was some of Lindsay's photographs enlarged and mounted in like frames. They even took die and custom colored a slipcover for one of her armchairs. This color combo makes me happy - very hotel chic and both cool/ moody and warma nd comfy all at the same time.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ms. Pacman is down....

Okay so I guess I should explain.... Ms.PM is the endearing term for our garbage can at home:

I realize that she doesn't go with anything in the place... and really kinda sticks out like a sore thumb... but she's kinda like me in that sense, and I paid a bit more than I would care to admit to, considering she is afterall, a garbage can. So that, combined with the fact that I love her... is why I can not part with her.

You will however notice that she is a pedal can..... and the other day when I went to use her, she didn't open!!!! Cory casually mentioned " oh yeah, it stopped working!!!!" So I pulled her apart and found that her cable had snapped!

Has anyone everhad this happen? Is this easy to fix? Could I (meaning Cory) do it myself? Does she need to go to a garbage can repair man??

Please help!!

Lovely little idea I had

So I was at Ikea this weekend... not sure if you're aware.. but it's their Summer Sale right now!!

I bought this little beauty, the EXPEDIT bookcase in black/brown and turned it on it's side, so as to use the top as a worksurface!

I then filled it with these boys, in different sizes: and a couple of bright fabric baskets in a gorgeous turquoisey/teal color. I think I am gonna replace all the boxes with the large size white KASSETT boxes...just cause I like the idea of them though.
The turquoise bins would be great though for the kitty toys, since they destroyed the black leather lidded box I got them, and they could pull ther toys out on their own!
As well, bought the Komplement 6 pce set ( 2 of em - in blk) and organized my underwear, bras, socks and tank tops!!! Full drawer are so empty looking now... but ORGANIZED!! Everyone should run out and do this if they already haven't!
Lastly, they had set of 4 different sized black painted rattan baskets, for $25.00. My initial idea was to turn the big one on it's side, and use the 2 smaller similar sized ones as drawers in our living room for magazines.... But instead decided that the two larger baskets would be perfect decoys for the ugly pots that came with the two newest plants mom brought us for the house!! And was I ever right.... I couldn't stop raving about them to anyone who was nearby.... I'll post a pic tonight!!

Speaking of things I like....

When we moved into the new condo, Cory and I also purchased a brand new mattress. With my back pain, we had to. However, coming from a double bed, I wanted to go all out and get a king, especially since he likes to sleep hot, and I prefer to be cool. So we got the biggest freaken mattress in the world lol!~!

Really, the thing is huge, and I need to hop up. The kitties had some issues getting up at first. Anyhow, so we dug out the brand new (in plastic still) duvet and duvet cover that I had bought years ago (king sized) and low and behold... they were WAYYYYYY too small.!!! WTF???!!
In fact, when we moved the king sized stuff and put it on the double bed (just to see.....) it was a perfect fit. The exact perfect amount of hang and everything..... so anyhow I was pissed. So we took to sleeping with our own blankets ( which is nice anyhow) until we could find something that fit properly!

Then when I bought sheets.. same issue... Cory's side always pops off! We needed 22" sheets at the very minimum. We have been searching forever!!! Finally we found some nice sheets a couple weekends ago at Sears - their Sealy perfect fit or something like that... and they are great. They have this great little elastic panel (kinda like maternity wear) that stretches over the mattress and keeps it in place. So we got them in that bluey grey color.

We finally found one place - Quilts Etc. that carries a Super King Duvet... however Cory thinks we can shop around and find something cheaper! But then when we popped in yesterday we found a duvet cover that we both managed to agree on, extra points cause it was 70% off, and we got a huge discount on it and the matching shams... all for less than what I think we paid for sheets!!! SCORE!!
This is the picture off the website... as we haven't bought the duvet yet to set it up with.... but I think it's pretty and we could even go blue white or chocolate sheets... which is the color theme we were looking at!!! YAY!! Anyhow, I'll post pics of my space when we are all good to go! As the set-up they have here is a little too formal for my tastes!

But on a side note, strangely enough, this is the Sienna design... and name has some meaning for us!! Weird!!!

A study in contrast....

And then I really like this living room as well....

I guess it's true that I can not pinpoint my style.. I like what I like.

Boring.... I think not

I would love to be able to have an all-white place... but practicality ensues and my personality pops out.... However, my love for spaces like this, will always be:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Moody Dining Room

I love love love this dining room. The alligator chairs are fantastic, although I'll have to wait until we're in a house... our current condo is far tooc ontemporary with it's open concept design.
What do you think those sculptures on the table are??? They look like big multi-fingered hands to me!!

Cute as pie kitchen nook- but too girly to have w/ Cory

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Decor Elements - Launched Yesterday

I am a demonstrator for the rubber stamping company Stampin' Up! and yesterday they announced a new product launch for" Decor Elements . These adhseive vinyl elements are REMOVABLE and super cute. This is just Phase 1 and it will launch publicly on July 1, 2008!!! There will be over 100 images, letters, and phrases available in a variety of sizes, in a color choice of White or Chocolate.

As a demonstrator, I was able to pre-order samples yesterday, to assist with sales and I ordered 2 in addition to some brochures. So watch her for my post when I have them up!!!

One of the main reasons I love these is that I am a renter!!!! And we can't really paint... so we are fairly limited with what we can do... this allows me a little creative licence, at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if it sucks, I can just peel it off!!

SATC the Movie snipets

Now I have yet to see the movie, but I did manage to get a hold of some awesome shots of Carrie's reno'd apartment from the movie... I am a little torn though... some of it I love, and some of it is not at all Carrie......
But as a whole.. it's very pretty. Let me know your thoughts!! But do not spill any details from the movie, as I've yet to see it!! :)

This somewhat reminds me of my couch and is what I would like to try and re-create for our space. Currently our accent pillows are a darker teal and silver. But this artwork sure is sharp... and neutral so Cory shouldn't object!! :)

Pretty Little Things I've come across

There's something about an all white bathroom that just makes me want to spend time in there. It looks so clean and crisp. Some would find this too sterile. I think it's glamorous.


So Cory and I moved into the condo in mid-April, and since then I have been nesting like crazy. I really want to get everything perfect, so I have been taking my time. Which I will admit, is killing me, as I like to have everything done and looking good... and right now there is a lot of stuff we are missing, and a lot of empty space. In my quest to find the perfect stuff... I am going to go thru every desgn source I can think of, and will post some of my faves!!

Hope you like. Feel free to share your opinions and feedback with me!