Saturday, July 21, 2012

I think I missed my calling...

Earlier this week, I headed out in search of some earrings to wear with a new dress I got for an upcoming wedding.  Since the dress is quite the departure from what I usually go (I little more traditional and "safe") I still wanted to add a little splash and some whimsy with accessories.

Since the dress has some turquoisey/teal in it, I thought it might be fun to do some bright turquoise feather earrings and then found these babies at Aldo  which I thought would be absolutely perfect.

They were a gorgeous soft blue feathers but still looked classy enough to work for a wedding without being too funky. Plus, they were on sale, couldn't beat that.

Of course, when I went to see them in person, they were much different than they appeared, they were actually REALLY LONG!!!  As in past my sholders long.  The feathers were a lot larger than they appeared and there were actually 4 of them, NOT 3.  I also wasn't sure if the color was right as they were less blue in person and almost greeny.

But I figured for $12 if they didn't work, I could always wear them to something else or modify them somehow.  Of course, I did end up finding a perfect pair at the next store, but since these weren't returnable, I figured I'd see how they worked when I got home and keep the Claire's pair in mind.

Of course, when I got home and tried them on, they were definitely NOT going to work as is, and I was never going to wear them with anything else in their current state.  But I knew they would look great with 1 or two feathers instead.  So I set to work faster than I've ever worked on anything. (which explains why I have no BEFORE or progress photos).

I whipped out my jewelry making tools and got to work.  Opening 1 jump ring, I was able to remove the 3 dangling chain feathers easy peasy.  Next step was to fix the shortest feather.  They had left a really long tail on it, so I opened the feather holder, removed the crimping bead, trimmed the end, moved the crimper down and re closed the holder.  It took about 5 mintues and I was left with this:

Much better! 
I kind of miss the pretty gold chains, but for this particular dress, this short length is the best.

Of course, I kept the pieces I removed so that in the future, I can add them back on or create different looks, etc.  In the meantime, I think they look pretty awesome in their new spot:

I simply put all the strands on a large jump ring and hooked it over a thumb tack and instant glamour to my bulletin board!

A little closer shot.  They look great with the silver faux croc!

This is the third time in a week I've modified accessories, maybe I missed my calling. 
I'm feeling inspired I think next week I might be taking me a trip to Michael's to see what I can come up with!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Save your Souls!

Or rather, the rest of my feet is my biggest concern.  You see, I picked up some shoes on the weekend for an upcoming event this weekend.  Unfortunately, the tight timeline didn't leave me with a lot of time to shop and seeing as I needed something specific, comfort was not the biggest factor.

These are the babies I will be sporting this Saturday:

I'm actually one who wears heels most days of the week, so that's not the issue.  The issue is that these were pretty much pinchy from the time I tried them on in the store... I know, I should have passed, whatever.  Too late now!

While I was waiting for a prescription to be filled the other day, I wandered the aisles closest to the phramacy and came across this nifty little gadget:

Dr. Scholl's For Her Rub Relief Strips
in a handy little dispenser!

I figured they couldn't hurt and since there was at least 1.5 meters worth, some of the other ladies might benefit as well :)

When I got home, I decided to try them out.  The concept is neat.  You turn the dial to dispense as much as you need and then push the button to cut.  What you get is a piece of adhesive backed foam that you just rip along the perforated lines to get 2 identical pieces.

You simply peel off the backing and stick inside your shoes wherever they rub.

They weren't actually bugging me as much last night as they were on Saturday in the store when I tried them on (probably more swollen since it was a hot day). 

But I am definitely going to cut some strips and bring them along in my purse incase I need extra or any other ladies need some!

Have you tried these?  What did YOU think?  I'll do a review after the weekend!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Wriggly!

We added a new member to our family last week and boy, are we in LOVE!   His name is Wriggly and he's one of our best behaved! :)
(excuse the slightly grainy ipod nighttime shots)
Wriggly the Piggly!

He was an accidental shipment at work, that we were originally told we weren't gettiing as they had been discontinued. We got two of them, and they arrived after we no longer needed them.  Of course, both of them had a broken wing.  (when pigs fly....?)

So I ended up getting him for FREE!  His break is pretty clean, so I'm gonna pick up some Crazy Glue or other ceramic appropriate adhesive and fix him up good as new!  And yes, of course, he's a piggy bank, which is what we're using him for!

He's taken up residence on my dresser and I think he's the perfect whimsical addition for our fairly traditional (so far...) bedroom.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Structube is Coming!

While out doing some shopping this weekend, I noticed that Structube is Opening Soon at South Common!

While I've never been in a store, I've seen their mention in Canadian Design Magazines lately, and was anxious to take a look.  It's a little more contemporary than my usual style but there were certainly some items that caught my eye:

The Belize 3 Seater Sofa looks comfy and I like the dark grey color.

The Jolie lambswool throw would be really pretty and oh so delicious to curl up with!

I've loving this white tripod lamp!  In an all-white space even...

I'd really love to snag myself this gorgeous Spence Office chair in silver since I've decided to go in a Glam theme in there!

I have looked this gorgeous apple scuplture since I saw it in a magazine last year!!  If only I had a huge house with an entryway in need of a statement piece like this!!

They also sell upgraded versions of classics we love from Ikea (MALM) like this Madison dresser, upgraded with a lacquer finish.

I'll definitely be checking it out for myself when it opens! How about you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party Bridal Shower: DIY Headpiece

This weekend I attended the Bridal Shower for a girl friend's sister.  The theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party and we were all to come in a fancy hat.  I didn't really feel like wearing a regular hat, and much rather wanted to do somethng like  a fascinator.  I had seen some at Winners a couple weeks back so I headed out on Saturday to pick one up.  Unfortunately, when I got there, there wasn't much left and of what there was, there was only one that wasn't all broken or ruined.

It was a simple headband in black satin with a huge mess of black feathers on top.  I snatched it up, figuring that if nothing better showed up, I could always gussy it up with a little DIY.

After searching a few more stores, that's exactly what I did!

A quick stop at the Dollarama  yielded a pretty little foam birdie and a package of brightly colored butterflies.  A quick 5 minutes later ( I was running a little late and didn't think to snap some PROGRESS OR BEFORE SHOTS) I had something a LOT more fun:

This little bird was such a big hit!  Everyone loved pointing him out!

I intially added the bird and Cory  thought that was perfect, but it felt like it was missing something and those 2 little butterflies were the perfect addition of height and color!

I was originally worried that it might look too much like just a headband but the addition of the "creatures" really made it look more like a nest atop my head.

So happy with how it turned out! 

Headband:  $12.99 (Winners)
Bird: $1.00 (Dollarama)
Butterflies: 4/$1.00 (Dollarama)
Total:  $14.99

Such a cute alternative to the rehular sunhats etc that everyone else sports!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Light me Up!

A couple weeks ago, I joined  girlfriend at a Partylite party her sister was hosting.  Usually, it's not my thing, but every couple years, I get invited and tag along to support a friend and buy the one thing in the catalogue that interests me.

This time, the only candle holder piece I was interested in, a lantern, was out of my budget.  Especially considering that the week before, I had already snagged these lanterns the week prior.  But what I did really want was some flameless candles and was surprised to see that they carried some!

They had three different sizes and even had a bundle with one of each size (5", 6", 7") which was perfect as I had a few places I needed them and wasn't exactly sure what sizes. They were significantly cheaper than I had seen at other stores with the same quality as well. They are made of real wax and even have that unscented wax candle smell, they are neatly textured, have a darkened "pre-lit" wick.

They have a regular on/off switch on the bottom.  But the BEST PART??  They have a timer option.  This allows you to turn them on for a party for example and then they automatically shut themselves off after 5 hours!!  EVEN BETTER???  They turn back on at the same time EVERY SINGLE DAY unless you re-set them or the batteries die I suppose!!  AWESOME!!

The only part I was unsure about is that they only came in one color, Ivory and I was really leaning towards a bright white.  But bringing them home, I really don't mind, based on where they are located.  In fact, they are even whiter than the ivory ones I already had on the mantel.

They look pretty great when lit.

I knew immediately that the tallest one would go in the lantern on the porch and it looks AMAZING! 
We have it set on the timer and it comes on around 9:30-10:00 pm these days.  Cory noticed it come on tonight for the first time and commented on how great it looked and how neat it was!

Here it is with my little Cyclamen that was wilting in the heat.  It was originally red when mom gifted it to me, but has turned a lovely raspberry color.

This lantern opens from the top which is wuite different than others I have.  I was worried about water, but so far, no problems!

Where have the other 2 found their homes?

One of course, is on the mantel:

The other one is in the lantern in main hall:

So happy with how these turned out!  I may be picking up a few more to use in other places for parties or just hanging out, etc.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Long Weekend Wrap-Up

I mentioned yesterdau that we had gone away for the weekend....

You see, months and months ago, Cory had purchased tickets to Boonstock as his absolute FAVORITE band, Korn, would be playing.  He had originally invited me to come along, but the tickets were ridiculously more than I would ever spend for a concert.  Especially considering that the bands playing weren't really ones I would regularly go see.

Fast forward to last week, I get a frantic call from Cory  who says that he had just won 8 VIP passes with Meet & Greets off the radio and did I want to go.  I said sure, but only under the condition that I got another ticket to bring a girlfriend.

A very excited, anxious rest of the week later, my mom agreed to come into town for the wekeend to watch the animals and we were off!

It was an absolute amazing time.  The bands were phenomenal, the atmosphere outta this world and the whole experience, totally fun.

Not to mention that we got to go backstage and meet with the guys from Korn!  Not exactly MY cup of tea, but seeing the look on Cory`s face, was beyond worth it!!

Here are some of my fave shots from the weekend:

a view of the main concert stage├ęgrounds from our spot up in the Mile High VIP area, watching Buckcherry

autographs on our badges

a late late night shot of my girl Jill and I

not sure what`s with my weird face here...

a rough looking Cory and I at Billy Talent

front row at Afrojack show which possibly was my absolute favorite!

Apparently, I was in the company of zombies....

Jill rocking out at Billy Talent!

Cory and Fieldy from Korn

getting interviewed by Boonstock Productions after our meet and greets.

We plan on going again next year, we had so much fun!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Best News!

Thank you for all your kinds words over the loss of our dear Mischu!

I am happy to report that he is safe and sound back at home!! 

Last Tuesday, I called the Humane Society to confirm that I eas able to rent a trap in order to catch whomever it was that was eating the food on our step.  After waiting on hold for about 15 minutes, I was told that yes, it was possible and that I would be able to get the cage for  2 weeks.

So after work, I drove all the way to the Northside to pick it up and after one more tour around the cages to see if he had turned up, I was told tht no, I was unable to rent a trap to catch my OWN animal  (still makes absolutely NO sense to me)  After some pleading a little stop-by of a friend I know who worked there, I was able to get it.... for 3 days.  I was BEYOND unimpressed.  We would be heading out of town the following day.  I was told that I could get an extention if my mom (who would be watching the hosue and animals while we were away) called in and requested one.

After the girl showed me how to use the thing, I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED!!  If I did it wrong, I could accidently cause him to lose his tail!!!!   OMG!!  Needless to say, I was not looking forward to setting this up when I got home.

So instead, I decided to hop out of the truck and pull some weeds when we pulled into the driveway.  I had hooked Finley up to the railing on the stairs and she lay in the grass playing with a ball for the 5 minutes it took me.  When I was done, I went and threw the weeds in the garage.  When I came out, she was standing, staring at the back gate and I suddenly had a feeling....

So I peeked around the corner, and sure enough, there he was!   Poking his head out from under the bottom of the gate.  I sort of froze for a moment and then realized that I needed to act fast otherwise he'd be gone!

So, I very slowly walked over to the gate and called his name.  His head disappeared and so I calmly repeated his name.  He backed up, let me open the gate and then let me scoop him up no problem.

He was pretty clean, just a little sandy and looked perfectly fine.  We segregated him for a little while in the basement as there was some intial fighting between him and his siblings, but things are now back to normal and we're back to being a family of 5.

( looking a little LESS than pleased in this photo hahaha)
I can't tell you how happy I was to have him back!  Thanks again to those of you who had such nice things to say and helped me keep the faith that he'd return!