Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ottoman Accomplished!

Yes, that's correct! I finally finished a project! One that I started almost two years ago and then had to put on hold until I got a sewing machine, and then cause I was unsure how to tackle, and then lazy...
Admittedly, it's not as gorgeous a piece as the fabric deserves! But I blame that on the fact that I just re-covered a poorly built frame, instead of building my own that was properly sized and constructed.
But, it was my first upholstered piece, and I have now learned from my mistakes, and am eager to tackle more in the future!

So, here's a quick peek at how I went from this:
(You can see here, the poor construction and 1000s of finishing nails holding the pleather on!)

It was actually quite a process pulling all of these out!

That left me with a basic (poorly constructed box, with hinged lid)

I added some new foam and this gorgeous fabic:
(which actually looks more amazing and a lot less dark in person)

Removed hinge for top. Bought foam, meausred and cut pieces to fit. Adhered with adhesive glue, wrapped fabric around lid top. Stapled tight. Added nailhead trim (they ran out of the style I use, so that will get fixed in the next coming weeks when I get more stock).

Then I created a snug little slipcover for the base and turned it into this:

** I am still waiting on more nailheads to come in stock in the silver and will add lots more when I get them. However, for all intents and purposes, this project is off my list!

Both cats love it. It doesn't appear to be getting scratched like the old one was....
Apparently the boys only scratch ultrasuede?

Looking back at the old pics, I am now contemplating adding some nailhead to the side panels, like tufting. Thoughts?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Well, my first giveaway has now closed, and it's time to announce the winner of the greeting card set above. I'd like to first thank everyone for entering. It was nice to read everyone's summer plans, and also see that I do infact, have some readers!
I plan to do more giveaways down the road, so stick with me!
Anyways, now for the real announcement.... Drum Roll Please....
The lucky winner is ....
Congratulations! I hope you have some friends and family in mind to send the cards to!
Thanks again to everyone!

Easy Spring Update: Beautiful Blooms

**Our internet was down the last two days as they were doing some sort of upgrade to our new area, excuse the lack of posts. I did have them ready to go....**
One of my go-to tricks for freshening up a space is adding a bright bouquet.

Since the weather here lately has been flying back and forth between, unseasonably hot days and gloomy, chilly April ones, it has been a nice treat to have some fresh blooms to make me dream of summer days.

Usually, a simple vase of tulips is all it takes.

But this week, they were on sale, so I also grabbed these:

They have a more ruffled petal and this was my first attempt with them.. Not sure they are my fave though... But for $1.98!

Then it was Administrative Professionals week, and I snagged this gorgeous arrangement from my bosses:

This super simple arrangement has these beauties inside:

Gorgeous white hydrangeas

Deep elegant calas!And of course, some more pretty tulips!

We also had the last bloom just fall from my Easter lily.

Plus, a visit to Costco added some outdoor pots that have been seeking refuge inside until the weather warms up!

So it is kinda like a floral shop around here!

What are some of your favorite flowers for your space


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giveaway Updates

Hi all! Please remember that if your profile isn't linkable please include your email address in the comments, so that I can reach you if you are the lucky winner!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Ever Giveaway!

As promised, I am back with my first ever giveaway. Just a small token of my appreciation for all you wonderful readers out there!

What's up for grabs? Just a little greeting card set from little ole' me! As I'm just starting out, I have no fancy sponsors or big companies emailing me up to do giveaways (yet...) so for now, here's what one reader will score:
This "Citrus Sensation" greeting card set!
Since the weather has started to pick up around here, it's the perfect time to send out some bright, fun greeting cards!
The set consists of 5 summery greeting cards (with envelopes) with the same citrus theme.
There are 3 with a "Happy Birthday" greeting; 1 "Just Because" and 1 "Thank you".
All cards are blank on the inside, perfect for writing your own sweet message!
PRIZE: One reader will win a gift set consisting of 5 greeting cards and envelopes, created by ME!
HOW TO ENTER: Simply leave me a comment telling me what summer plans you are most looking forward to.
*One entry per email address please *
DEADLINE: Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 8pm MST ; I will annonce the winner on Monday.
CONTEST OPEN TO: Anywhere in the world!
Good Luck!

Aggression Issues, Excessive Heat and Keeping Active

Okay, so I didn't even get a chance to log onto the computer since I posted Saturday. So the giveaway will be announced tonight when I get home from work. Please forgive me, i've been dealing with the following:

Aggression Issues - no, not my own. The cats. On Friday, I let them out in the backyard with me. Seems we must have a female stray in the area...spraying... Mischu caught wind of the scent and went crazy and started being Alpha-kitty. Poor grey is terrified and pretty much can't leave our bed without being attacked. I've been going home during the day to check on things and make sure they are both alive.

I don't know what to do? Any of experienced this before? Any tips?

Excessive Heat - we moved into our new office building in December, there were issues with it being too hot. The a/c was probably not checked. You know, cause it was cold out! It does not work. It was hotter than 30 in here yesterday. We were sweaty and uncomfortable. The man to fix it, just got here. I am excited! But the whole ordeal made me re-think getting a puppy right away...I think we need the a/c at the house first!

Working it- Cory and I got our first rollerblade of the season in last night. It felt good to get out there and be active. My butt and legs were burning but I kept wanting to push myself. I've missed that immensely. We're both serious about getting back in shape, so I am anxiously awaiting our next roll. Especially with it so hot in the gym right now!

I have a ton of weight I want to shed, and all my muscles to build back up, so I am really being conscious of what I am eating and how It affects me. It will be a slow journey but one I am eager to kick into gear!

Stop in later tonight. I will post my first ever giveaway, and share a little upgrade for our master bath!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies

I hit my first garage sales of the season today. There were a small few out there and initially, I was having NO luck!! I even hit up Goodwill, and while they finally had a few milk glass pieces available, they were asking too much for the poor condition most of them were in.
Thankfully, my luck turned and I ended up with a good assortment of pretty things, all for less than $7.00!!
The first thing I picked up was this cake stand. I thought it was a rosy color, but when I got it home I see that it is actually more peach than anything. Oh well, it was 25 cents and I guess I could always paint it or even sell it....?
Next thing was what I was looking for all day. Yup, my milkglass! This compote is actually really large and was in great shape! A little wash and she was all ready for her debut in the cabinet. Best part? $1.00! Plus, I had a lovely chat with the elderly gentleman who was hosting the sale.
He also had this little beauty that he gave away for 50 cents. The soft pink was too pretty to pass up. I'll have to grab some flowers to put in her tomorrow!
The pattern in the glass is the sweetest strawberry motif!
Next stop had this great frame. The kitty was really cute, but I was more interested in the Ikea frame and matte for $1.00. I figured some pretty scrapbook paper would do the trick!
Lastly, the most expensive buy of the day was this cakeplate. She was asking $5, but I got her down to $4.00. The detailing is gorgeous. Also, there are all these little hooks on the underside. The box showed little birthday charms hanging from them... and I was told that it was brand new in box... There ended up not being any charms (which was fine, cause they were ugly), so I am glad I got a dollar off. I am thinking thought about buying some crystals, for a super glam look.
Although, as you can see, it doesn't really need any more adornment, it's gorgeous!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lesson Learned + Pretty Pots

Two weeks ago, I picked up some new table linens at HomeSense. Unfortunately, one of the tablecloths just wasn't working for me, so I put it at the front door, and stuffed the receipt in my wallet with the goal of returning it...

Well, I finally made it there tonight, and I guess they have a 10 day return policy????!!! 10 days? If I was still working 3 jobs, it could have taken me months to find a spare second to do a return... anyways, all they could do was give me a giftcard, which was fine, I was in the mood to pick up something new anyhow.

So lesson learned. If anything ever needs to be returned there, do so IMMEDIATELY!
Back to tonight, I was really searching for a cloche, apothecary jar, perhaps a chair for the front porch. I also typically spend a lot of time digging through their lanterns and white accessories.

Interestingly enough, what I picked up, were these two flower pots, which I really didn't need:
They are however, the perfect shade of blue and oh so glazey!
The big one was $9.99 and the smaller one $6.99 which is not actually cheap, but I was using the gift card, and had already spent the money so I didn't mind!

Plus, I already have 3 similar ones ( 2 HUGE ones, and 1 the size of the larger pot) sitting outside on the deck, so at least I am keeping it cohesive.

I just can't wait for the weather to settle down so I can actually plant these babies!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Excuse the Mess

I'm doing some site modifications this week, so please excuse the mess while I play around with things, and figure this html deal out!

This wallpaper was purchased for the powder room a few weeks back.

It's actually a lot less "vibrant" and very metallic, in person.   I think it's stunning!

It also happens to be the exact color as the original wall-color.  This will come in handy if I decide to chicken out and only do one wall.  (Cory thinks 1 wall will do; I'd love to do the whole space)

Only problem:  I've never wallpapered before, and of course I've selected the most ridiculously intricate pattern as my first project.

Oh that and might need someone to help me move the toilet if I decide to do the full space.

Anyone have any tips for wallpapering?
What's the best way to maximize a roll?
How do you ensure there are no seams in your pattern?
How do I figure out how to match up the patterns?

Any tips or tricks you can provide would be fantastic!

I am hoping to at least START the project this weekend!

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 12, 2010

1 Funeral, a new Beginning and some Changes

Sorry for being light on posts lately. There's been a lot going on lately.

First up, I came back to work after Easter long weekend to discover that a co-worker's wife had lost a battle with various diseases. I had never met her, nor was I close with him, but I joined the rest of the group this past weekend at her service. It was very touching and really made me take stock of life and realize just how precious it is. I've also decided to stop wasting my days away and get off my butt and stop watching so much TV. Live life!

We then spent saturday evening with some friends who are expecting their first little one this fall. We couldn't be happier for them, and it only makes my yearning for babies even stronger. One day...

Lastly, their are gonna be a ton of changes round our place the next few months. Cory and I have decided to stop screwing around and really take this weight-loss plan a lot more seriously. We're being conscious about what we're eating and doing healthier, smaller portions. We're also working out a ton more. I mean, I,m fortunate enough to have a gym 10 steps away from my desk, so there's no excuse for me not to use it.

We are also in the process of finding the perfect puppy for our home. We spent sometime yesterday at the SPCA and while we didn't find what we were looking for, we're really looking forward to having another 4 legged one to share our love with. And keep us active for that matter!

Lastly, we are eagerly awaiting the completion of the construction next door. We are anxious to get a fence up, especially for puppy. Then start our landscaping and really enjoy homeowbership to it's fullest!

I've got some projects in the works that unfortunatly are taking far too long to finish, but i'm all over it this week.

I'll also be found my first ever (very small) handmade giveaway later this week, so please stick with me!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sadness: A Tale of Lost Beauty

This weekend while perusing the online classifieds over at Kijiji, I came across this beauty:
Needless to say, I promptly fell in love.  It was perfect as is, but could you imagine how beautiful it would have been with a hardware update!!!!

I wanted it so bad.  I should also mention that it was ridiculously cheap, and I even convinced Cory it would work for us.  So I emailed the seller right away to ask the dimensions.
  Then realized I didn`t care how big it was... I would make it work.  I was so in love with this thing that a few minutes later, I couldn`t remember whether or not I had hit send on the email, so I emailed them again with another question.

When I hadn`t heard from them a little later, I checked to see if the ad was still up, and it was!  I also  noticed the seller`s phone number was listed (but not on the ad) so I called... no answer.  I figured they were busy spending time with family.  It WAS Easter I decided to wait patiently.

By patiently, I mean, I stalked the ad to see if it was there.  I sat in the dining room imagining it acting as our beautiful new buffet.  Or behind the sofa.  Or even as a media cabinet in our (eventually) finished basement.  I made sure the SUV was cleared out, so I could dash off and pick it up on a moment's notice.

Unfortunately, they never responded.  No email, no returned call.  And now??? Now, the ad is gone.
Without even a goodbye.... sigh

Ever had something slip out from under you that you just can't get over? Leave me a comment, so we can grieve together.

Oh, and if you live in the Edmonton area, and are the lucky person who bought this dresser.  Please contact me.  I will by if off you.  For more than you paid!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hanging It Up

For the last couple months, I've been struggling with this scene in my bathroom:

The towel bar in our master bath isn't very big, and when Cory and I both hang our bath sheets on it after a shower, there really isn't enough room, and they overlap.  This unfortunately means that most of the time, they don't dry completely, and there is nothing worse than using a still damp towel.  Yuck!

Luckily, I had an idea and the perfect replacements sitting in my home decor closet.

So, I took out my screw driver and got out the smallest bit to take out the `set` screws on the towel bar.

That left me with these brackets.
Secret:  I haven`t yet remove, patch and fill these.  I`ve got a bunch of stuff to patch and fill around the house, so I`ll do everything at once.

I then got out my tools.  A drill and an incredibly curious and helpful kitten.

Place the hooks where I want them, mark the holes with a pencil.
*Look at how beautiful these hooks are!!*

So far, they are working out fabulously.  They also look quite amazing if I do say so myself.  Plus, the black looks great with the shower curtain!

Cost for this project:

But if you want to get technical:
Hooks - $1.00 each (purchased from Dollarama  probably six years ago!!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Inexpensive Updates

Yesterday I improved upon a few things around the house that I already had. First up, this gorgeous white Easter lily plant, a thank you gift from my mom 2 weeks ago. This week, the first blooms opened up, but as you can see, it was still leaving something to be desired in it's current state.
The cheap plastic flower-shaped sleeve just wasn't doing it for me....

But then I had a great idea, and crossed my fingers that the interior pot would fit inside this white crock.

Thankfully, it was a perfect fit, and now the plant looks so much better.

Next, I needed something light and feminine for my dresser top. But of course, I wanted to keep the cost minimal.

This white frame was the answer. It was from Dollarama and included the matte.Next step was finding something to put inside. A quick rummage thru the stash of stuff that needed to be put awau in my office yielded this thank you card from a friend's wedding. I simply cut the front of the card off and popped it in the frame.
It's paired with a little black frame with a hot pink feather on the white background of the frame backing.  The feather took on a neat shape when smooshed under the glass, it was perfect!

Great little inexpensive fixes!