Friday, September 28, 2012

Global Inspired Dining Nook

I'm back!  I took on a little part-time contract work as well as picked up a few extra shifts helping with setting up some showhome (since we have 10 opening in 2 months) right when we got back from vacation. 

I've obviously been ridiculously busy and am just now able to grab a few minutes here and there.  But unfortunately, my computer is broken again so need to send it in.  

I did however want to share an "in-progress" shot as we were staging the Global Inspired house.  The art isn't hung and the window treatments hadn't arrived and there are baskets sitting on the sideboard waiting for a home, but for the most part it's there.  Excuse the poor quality of the phone shot, I didn't plan to share, I was just shot so I could reference later.

My favorite thing about this space?  The silvery velvet dining chairs and of course, the centerpiece, created by me!  A simple bronze honeycomb vase with a few faux cherry blossom branches and some curly wood sticks!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Back!

We finally got our "Summer Vacation" taken care of and spent some time in Waterton.  I will share more about that later in the week.  I'm also struggling with not being able to access the internet from my laptop again, so I have to sneak Cory's when I can!

I am currently ridiculously busy working a ton of extra hours as we prepare to open 10 new showhomes in the next 2 months!  I have been helping our designer (and good friend) and am loving the work!  She got most of the stuff purchased already and I am just working towards filling the holes and helping her actually put everything in place and actually "stage" everything.

Tonight we started setting up a new one.  It's got a kind of Global/Zen/Morroccan vibe going on and is quite the departure from my usual personal style and I am really loving the challenge! 

I have a huge list of stuff we need to get to finish the house up and will be shopping the entire weekend.  Since we have to be finished by Monday and time is limited, I did a little online re-con tonight to help me source out the best items!

Of course, since we're working with a "Global" theme, my first stop was the Pier 1 site.  I have a fair bit of art, accessories and a handful of larger pieces to buy.  Figured I would share a few of the pieces I have my eye on:

We need a chair for the master bedroom and I have my eye on this beauty - but have to double check the wall color tomorrow to see if the brown will be too much or not.  The majority of the room is pretty neutral, rustic wood platform bed and dresser.  Branch-like iron based lamps and apparently very simple bedding in cream or white.  There are also some statement zebra cushions.  The big accent color for the entire house is red and I like that this picks up on that, adds a little fun and pattern, but isn't too in your face!

Another option I like, but don't necessarily think will work is this handsome guy:
Very Morroccan in style, the colors are definitely too much for the space, but I still love it!
We need a ton of artwork still, especially in the master bedroom and ensuite and we really want to bring some bright color into the space.
"Shimmering Leaves"
"Stunning Simplicity"
While not colorful, I love the texture that this Banana Leaf wall panel adds!  Wish the photo quality was better...
Rust Aged Medallion Wall Decor 
There are 3 different ones of this style and I think a grouping of three, vertically on a wall on the main floor, outside the powder room will be a nice touch. We'll be having a kilim rug in the great room and I think this would play off that nicely.
This capiz panel is very similar to some of the metallic pieces she already has in there.
We used the tiniest amounts of teal throughout the house and I think this is a nice look for over the gorgeous ensuite tub!
Of course, you can't forget the accessories.  We already have the requisite lanterns, buddha statues and tons of candle pieces, in extreme moderation of course. 
 But you can't do a global theme without the tiniest touch of mosaic. I am loving this bronze frame for a besdie table and it's color keeps it understated.
There's a tween boys space in the house and it desperately needs a few accessories. With bunk beds and a pair of exagerrated letterpress stamp art pieces in greys and oranges on the wall, we are desperately in need of some masculine accessories. 
I was immediately drawn to this great ottoman/pouffe.

I like the idea of these nice wooden boxes (this one is actually for watches I believe) cause little boys would have secret places to keep things.
That's just a little insight into what I'm liking for the space.  I'll share some info and photos of the space when it's finished!
Have a great weekend!