Saturday, December 26, 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, I was incredibly blessed this year. In addition to a "real" camera, I got a ton of beautiful things to take pictures of! 95% of the items on my list this year were housewares-related goods, and my family obliged my desire to fill our new home, and treated me to a good portion of the list!! Thanks everyone!!
I also headed out Boxing Day shopping today, with the hopes of snagging some great-priced Christmas decor. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with the selection at most stores. It took me all day to find a store with any gift-wrap left! However, of the few items I picked up - I am very happy with my purchases, and think I got great deals.
My absolute favorite purchase of the day, was one that I spotted just a few days before Christmas - this fantastic grapevine reindeer from Walmart . His price tag was $50, a little out of my price range for something for the porch.... I had however mentioned to Cory that if his price tag came down, he'd be coming home with us. So say hello to Rudy:

(excuse the mess on the siding, it's new but I'm not sure from what....)

I was so happy to finally fill this big space on our front porch! I had been thinking of a big wicker chair or something like that, but this is so much better, and much more festive. Yet at the same time, I am really happy it doesn't scream "Christmas!!!!" , like all those tacky blow-up Santa lawn ornaments do! Just a really perfect, simple addition.

The only other adornment we had, other than the wreath were these pretty little trees. Unfortunately, it got too cold too quick for me to rig them up properly and so they sit staggered on the steps, with some gorgeous cords visible... sigh

Thankfully, in the grand scheme of things, everything looks pretty pulled together as a whole! Now if only the builder could get their stuff together, and cover those stair treads, so my porch could actually look finished!

I'll be sharing more of my new stuff over the next week, be sure to check back!

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Kati- said...

Rudy is the perfect addition to your porch, and I love the trees! Your whole set-up appears as Wintery rather than "Christmas-y"... so it could stay up a lot longer without looking dated through the season!
Thank you for sharing!
Your home is truly beautiful!