Wednesday, December 23, 2009

an update

Just a quick hello to let everyone know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I have however, been incredibly busy!

Friday, we finally moved into our new office building at work. It was long-awaited, but very stressful and exhausting. I worked many late nights in the days coming up to the move, as well as now. My goal is get everything and everyone, unpacked and organized as quickly as possible, in order to regain some sense of "normal". In the meantime, outside of work, I have to say I prefer to use my donwtime working as little as possible.

The weather here, is cold and there is a ton of snow. The roads are awful, and given the time of year, I have opted more than once, to stay inside and avoid the icy streets and busy stores!

Lastly, with Christmas parties to attend and host, I have been far too busy with cleaning and preparing to get any work or home-related projects completed. I do hope, that with some time off from work, and the holidays wrapping up this weekend, I can finally get around to completing some of the projects on my list.

I plan to post through out the holidays and share the festivities going on around here, so stay tuned! Hope your holiday plans are rounding out wonderfully!
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