Friday, December 17, 2010

In a rut

Wow! It's been a while, I know. Several times a week I would log on and start writing a post or downloading photos, only to get interrupted by life and I had grandoise plans of sharnever finish what I'd started.

Admittedly, there was/is little happening in the way of additions and improvements in our space due to both lack of time and funding, that I guess I just didn't have much to share...nor did I even feel up to posting for whatever reason.

Maybe I have the December blues? Between the cold, the ridiculous amounts of snow, the early days, working 1 and a half jobs, taking care of everyone while Cory works 14 plus hour days, and just general life crap, I've had no desire to do ANYTHING!

I am hoping that come January, I will be revived and renewed, and everything willl just fall back into place. I am craving creativity and crafty-ness again so I will need to start a project soon but nothing Christmasy was speaking to me this year.

I hope to get my act back together in the next week or so, to share some of our Christmas decor and the like, but in the event I don't, I just wanted to throw my well-wishes out there to each and every one of you who stop by. Even though I am not posting, I am occassionally stopping by and catching up on my favorite blogs! I'm so inspired by so many of you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oopsie times two

So, did you know that the "surface hot" light on your stove has nothing to do with the oven?

Oh and that metal spatulas on a hot ceramic cook top will pretty much act like branding iron if you touch them...?

I do now! Yes, both hands got burnt. I bawled for about 4 hours and didn't sleep well. Thankfully, they seem to be healing well and I don't think I will have scars.

That's what I get for cleaning and then saving the dog from putting the smokin hot spatula I dropped, in her mouth!

Good thing: I just so happen to have tomorrow and Monday off from work so at least these babies can heal!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


I don't know why my phone photos are showing up sideways... I rotated them..

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Fairyland Christmas

I can't believe it is Thursday already! This week just got away from me.

I had a big day yesterday. I did 2 trees and out mantel! But since there was an incident involving my head and a shelf that resulted in a broken plant and water and electronics... I am waiting to see if I fried my router at home! I will get pics up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you a photo of the tree I "fixed" yesterday at work. This was a festival of trees purchase a few years back that was looking a little "tired". Plus, it wasn't my style at all so I decided to take it to bare bones and start from scratch.

It's not a typical Christmas tree and actually looks a little more like something in an enchanted forest. There are pinky gold pointsettia branches, metallic mesh leaves, crystal maple leaves, green beaded icicles, green glitter feathers and various baubles in golds and different greens. In my re-do, I eliminated some cheap green plastic ribbon garland and weird, gold vine thingies that someone said looked like mr. Noodles!

Apparently, everyone says it's a big improvement, so I am pleased with my hardwork!
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Guess they call them dreams for a reason...

Doing some browsing on Craigslist and Kijiji tonight, I found a new href="">Antique Store, Backstreet Antiques that I will definitely need to visit very soon!

In fact, I found my dream dining chairs on their site tonight:
But sadly they were sold... :(
I had lofty dreams of spraying them a bright white and re-upholstering their seats in some sort of amazing (yet to be decided on fabric), but sadly, it wasn't meant to be and these beauties will be finding a home with someone else.
If anyone in the Edmonton area knows where I can snag a similar set, please, please, please let me know!

Coming to you Live from my Desk at work!

Happy Friday to you! I'm starting to get sick, so there has not been much going on with me, just working, hitting the gym (getting ready for our upcoming vacation) and not much else.

Our house is a DISASTER! But we will be starting our Christmas decorating tonight, so I will have a ton of good stuff to share with you in the coming days. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I love decking out the house. In addition to our regular decor, I will also be trying my hand at a few christmas crafts if I can find what I am looking for.

Speaking of Christmas decor, my first festive gift arrived at work yesterday! This pretty poinsettia makes me smile everytime I look at it!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inspiration Home - Style at Home Magazine

When I saw this picture in the latest Style at Home I couldn't help but dall in love!  This West Coast condo has the same colors and overall feel I want in our place... you know, if I had money to spend.  The living room is my favorite part, the rest of the home is gorgeous as well, take a peek:

Here's a look at the view... and of course a view into the dining room.

I adore the glam pendant they used in the dining room and am still considering something similar for our house.

While you don't see much of the kitchen, I am really liking these simple leather stools.  Throughout the home, they really allow the furniture to take a step back and the focus really go to the gorgeous artwork!

I love the sleek, simple lines of this master bedroom.  I am thinking we should go with something a little sleeker in our room.

The ensuite is so spare, but makes a statement.

Who wouldn't want to stay the night in a guest room like this?  I'd never want to leave!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paperwork Prettifier!

One of the easiest ways to make a workday go by quicker is to surround yourself with pretty things.

This gorgeous set of vases sits on my filing cabinets at work and is the simplest, prettiest thing ever!

Not only does it add a little interest to the back workspace, but It makes the manila envelopes beside it, less of an eyesore.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowbunnies & updates

I apologize for the lack of real content. I've been both busy and lazy. The weather isn't helping my cause either. Our original snowfall from October had come and gone and we'd been existing with some fantastic fall weather until 2 days ago when it decided to dump HARD!

Good news; Finley loves the snow! We were worried since she didn't take so well to rain, bt she's a true little snow bunny and just wants to play!

Bad news: since we are still without a fence, we have to go out with her everytime she has to go! That includes not taking chances she's faking and just wants to play! We hope to solve this soon by re-building her temporary pen outside.

In other news, I hosted a Stella & Dot party last Friday and should be closing that shortly. I am excited for all my free jewlery and will share my loot when it comes in!

I am headed to a new product launch for <a href="">Princess House</a> tomorrow so I will be getting all my samples and seeing all the new stuff. It will have to be a secret until the new period begins but I will make sure to share photos when I can!

If you are in the Edmonton area and love free stuff, let me know! We have a HUGE Ladies Night Out coming up with THOUSANDS of dollars in giveaways! I'd love to have you come as one of my guests and check it out! Not only can you win a ton, but you can check out the new product even better if you've never heard of us! Leave me a comment or email and I will get back to you!

Other than that, it's been uber quiet on the home improvement and decor front. We have a big trip coming up so all the extra finances went to that, but I will be starting my holiday decorating soon enough so stay tuned for those details!

Stay warm!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Oldie but a Goodie... why didn't I think of that??

Since we decided that we will most likely be overhauling all the furniture on our main floor (sofa, loveseat, coffee tables, dining table and chairs) AND we will most likely be needing to purchase new furniture for the family room when we finish the basement next year, I have frantically been looking for stuff I love!!

I hadn't been having much luck finding something I loved though... until today when a gf mentioned that she was also looking and found a set at La-Z-boy that they loved!  **BING!**  A lightbulb went off and I couldn't figure out why I hadn't thought of looking there sooner.  I mean, when I was 5, my parents purchased a new set for their new house.  My dad is still using the set TODAY!!!! 

The quality speaks for itself.  Plus, La-Z-Boy has come a long way from the old-school recliners of the 80s though!!

A quick peek at the site tonight turned into a half hour of desiging my own furniture!!  :)  Here's a cute little pair of items I designed that I think would look fantastic in the yet to be created basement family room:

I've always known I wanted chocolate brown for the sofa down there.  This "Sinclair" sectional would be perfect, since it's not too big, but still features the chaise option, since I love to lay out!

A pair of the Karli armless chairs in this subtle floral are the perfect touch of pretty in what I am sure will be a most masculine, cozy space! 
We'll most likely have to get some ottomans for these as well!

What do you think?  Has anyone had any experience with designing La-Z-Boys?  Fill me in!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Feathered Inspiration!

For the last few years, I have been in love with those gorgeous white feather wreaths that I've been seeing pop up everywhere.  However, I never bought one as I kinda thought they were a little cheesy, plus I thought it was a bit expensive.  But since I did switch out my holiday decor colors last year to white, silver and blues, I think this fluffy wreath will add just the right romantic, wintery touch I am looking for!

After reviewing some saved inspiration shots to get in the Christmas crafting spirit, I came across this gorgeous shot from Holly  over at In the Fun Lane and instantly became enamored again.

I have officially decided that I need one  three of these beauties.  I know I saw them somewhere already in the stores, but I've decided that I can probably make them myself for MUCH CHEAPER!!

So this week, I am heading out to gather supplies.  I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

Now only if I could get my hands on such a gorgeous old frame....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Starlight, Starbright....

I've been thinking alot lately about the impending furniture/decor overhaul of the mainfloor I will be doing come 2011.

One thing that I keep comig back to, is the fact that I really want to get a big mirror for above the loveseat in the living room.  In particular, I am leaving towards something either starburst or with lots of bevelled edges.

I came across two different ones that I quite liked, and while both are a bit more than I want to spend, it really helped me get a better idea of the vibe I want to create: pretty, feminine and a little more glam!

This starburst mirror from Sears is probably my favorite so far, but I may be DIYing it, if I can't find something cheaper!

This beveled edge mirror from Urban Barn is a little less feminine but would still give me that sparkle and lightness that I think I am currently missing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cozy Inspiration Shot

I came across this photo on the Urban barn site and fell in love!

It's much different than my usual style, but there was something so warm, cozy and inviting about it!  I'd really love to do something similar in our basement when we finally get around to getting it done!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in business

Today was a good day, technology wise!  I picked up a new cellphone and finally got rid the piece of crap Blackberry Pearl I'd be struggling with since the day I bought it! 

Plus, my new laptop came in tonight!  It was a birthday gift from Cory - aren't I a lucky girl?
I WANTED pink, they didn't have it in stock, so he did the guy thing and got red which he deemed closest to pink.  But I'm not gonna complain too much :)

I will be using tonight to get acquainted with everything and make sure all my programs are loaded, etc. etc.  But, I am back at it, so expect some posts real soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snowfall.... 2010

and so it begins!  I don't have a picture, cause it's only a few centimetres, but nonetheless, we woke up this morning to snow-covered cars this morning!

We were a little unsure of how the puppy would take to snow, since she's been such a diva with rain and hated getting her paws wet.  But when I took her out for her first walk in it this morning, I was SHOCKED!

This little baby is a true snowbunny!!

Oh, and just a quick note:  If you aren't already doing it - microfibre cloths are the way to go when wiping wet puppy feet!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another thing to Save My Pennies For!

A few years ago, I found a beautiful floral embroidered silk fabric at my local fabric store.  It was exactly perfect to stretch over a canvas for the wall above the sofa in my condo.  I also made the extra into a cushion for said couch.

When we moved into this house, the canvas went (temporarily.. I thought) on the shelf under the glass on our coffee table... almost a year and a half later, I still love the pretty look it gives our re-furbished coffee table!

I also knew I wanted to get some more fabric and make lined drapes for the whole main floor with it!  Which is really just the three windows above the sofa and for the patio doors.  So I headed back to get some more.  Unfortunately, they no longer carried it!!!

I hadn't taken note of the fabric's name at the time, so of course I had no idea where to start when looking for more! :(

Lo and behold... one night doing a random search, I plugged in the right combination of search words (some variation of blue silk floral embroidered silk...) and BAM!!!

There she was:
It's hard to tell from the picture since the colors are a bit off, but I am pretty sure this is the same stuff!!
Now all I need to do is save up my pennies and decide whether or not I think I am competent enough with the sewing machine to do lined drapes in it or send the project out!

I have even decided on the white bird rod and finial set from Sears.

Perfect no?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flirty and Feminine!

I got the new Pier 1 flyer at work today and was surprisingly taken by this beauty:

When I showed out designer at work, she laughed and said it was hideous!  But I don't care!

There's something about the pretty colors and feminine floral pattern, paired with the flirty little ruffled skirt that makes me want to sit here and paint my toenails!

If I had a walk-in closet of my own, this for sure would be keeping me company!

Admit it, is there something a little "ridiculous" that you love and don't care what other people think?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chair-ity Case

I mentioned a while back that we are looking for some new dining room chairs.  Well, actually new furniture for the entire mainfloor actually... but most certainly new chairs.

I know that I absolutely want to go with an upholstered style, but haven't yet completely commited to something.  Here are a few that I am contemplating, that I can get through our designer at work.

My favorite of the bunch is this:
In tufted white leather, its the easiest to clean of the bunch!  Plus, I love the bright white which looks so clean!

Next up, this style is very similar and the linen fabric is super elgant.  I really love the nailhead detail on these to add just a little sparkle!

I really like the silver velvet on these and the fact that the shape is a little different.  However, I am not sure if I would love the little lip the "arms" would make....

This cream Parsons style is the simplest of the bunch, but I think might be a little TOO SIMPLE...

Last up, this style has a nice shape and the lovely nailhead detailing that I like.  The tufting detail adds a little pattern and texture, however the color might just be too dark.

Chairs from Sunpan Imports   and Van Gogh

Any favorites?  Know of something else similar you might recommend instead?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another dream room...

I've got another busy week.  Lots of errands and cleaning tonight.  I've also got a show tomorrow night, so no chance to get anything done around here!  In the meantime, as I catch up on PVR'd shows, laundry, some work stuff and house cleaning, I came across another lovely photo that just makes me swoon.

It's once again, another photo that I unfortunately can not give credit to, please let me know if you can help with that!

I can only dream of a closet this large and this gorgeous.

Although, I WILL let you in on a little secret: 
 Cory and I have been talking about our NEXT home already!  I actually doubt that we'll be acting on anything anytime soon, but just talking about it makes me excited about the possibility!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wanted: Calm space to work in

Bah!  Life is a blur right now!  I've been so busy with my new business.  I haven't had time to clean, let alone make any changed around here!  So that explains the lack of posts!

But I've cracked down on my schedule effective immediately, so you can expect more of me soon!

Cory is out with the laptop and this computer is broken so I can't download any photos to show you what's been going on, so I will share with you one inspiration shot.  It's inspiring me to make a change in my life.  In my work, in my home and obviously in our decor.

I wish I could give credit but apparently I didn't make note of it.  If anyone knows where this is from, please let me know so I can update it.
Calm, serene, ornate, BEAUTIFUL!!

I am officially on the hunt for antique gilt frames for our stairwell!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Natural beauty

These beauties were magically delivered to me at work last week by Cory for our anniversary. They have since made it home and are brightening up our kitchen wonderfully.

They are all bright and open and filling our home with their fragrance. Nothing better!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hitting the ground running!

I've been battling the awful cold going around here for the last two weeks! I am back in action today with my fancy silver slippers and taking today with full force.

You would think that with all this time off at home, I would have tackled some stuff around the house, but you would be WRONG! I spent most of my time sleeping, trying to fight this sickness off, and when I was feeling well enough, i've been busy with my Princess House business, at meetings and training sessions. It's going well and I think I might just need to share some of my new fall stuff!

Other than that, we've been busy getting acquainted with our 5 month old fur baby, learing her quirks and quips and trying desperately not to have accidents in the house. It seems to be working, as we've only had one incident since we got our carpets cleaned 2 weeks ago, and that's cause I was sleeping! She's full of energy and really a funny girl, but she's starting to calm down a bit too, which is nice! We've also decided that the dog park is amazing and one of our favorite places EVER!

Today: I have a house to clean, invitations to send, an office to organize so that I can in there, be inspired and WORK! But, it's our anniversary today, so I am blowing those plans outta the water and instead, after work 1, I am going to enjoy a nice dinner at a brand new restaurant and hopefully go see "the town".

Enjoy yours!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have a Seat..... NO WAIT - DON'T!!!

We love entertaining.  Unfortunately, it's come to the point that our furniture (the stuff I bought when I first moved out on my own...) isn't really up to snuff for having people over.

Don't get me wrong, it's all served us well but let's face it - It was cheap (all I could afford) and while it looked great back then, is looking a little worse for wear now. 
Not to mention, isn't necessarily working with the new house, or my current style.

Let's start with the dining set:
Yeah, it's not too bad from here.  But the finish on everything is a reddish color which doesn't work with the dark wood floors or cabinets.  Plus, it's super glossy, which reflects every smudge, crumb, kitty foot print. 
The table however, is salvageable.  It's sturdy and a nice size for our space.  It just needs to be refinished, so that will eventually get a makeover.

The chairs however will NOT be making the cut. 
The style is just not working for me.  Plus most of them are actually cracked from some of our heavier guests.  Not to mention the seats....

Yes, I realize it would take me all of 10 minutes to re-cover these babies, but why go through the trouble for something I don't want to begin with?

So, moving on - there's our sofa and loveseat.  I actually really love the style. 
Plus, they are pretty comfy.
However, several years later, they are in rough, rough shape. 

I will spare you the photos that make you think we are disgusting, but here are some sneaks:

Obviously comfy, they might not be the right style for the space.. I'm not sure.  Plus, the high arms make using end tables difficult!

A once bad kitty, did this to them...

While it may be difficult to see in this sunny photo, but they are also permanently stained in spots.  Like that dark corner there.  No, that's not a shadow, it's dirt from 2 cats and a dog.  Also, most likely Cory.  (they were never this dirty when I lived alone... for almost 2 years....just saying!)

Lastly, the beigey tones aren't working so well with all the bright white I love! 
I am however, unsure if that means I need something colored or something white....?

Plus, I think convincing Cory that something white (however washable) would be a good idea...

So, with my dirty little secrets shared I am now on the look out for new soft furniture for our main floor.  Unfortunately, we don't really have the budget to buy all new stuff, so I will be scouring for deals and steals and hopefully finding things I can alter myself.
Feel free to drop a line if you have some ideas or some great finds that you think might work!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wallpapering: Part 1

The wallpapering was suppossed to be started and finished today.  Unfortunately, that never happened.

We fully intended for it, I mean, we started.....  But then the following happened:

1. I had bought 2 rolls.  They weren't from the same lot however.  We noticed the 2nd roll looked different when we bought it... but attributed that to the light.  Wrong move.  The look we wanted was silver damask on grey/blue.  We have gold damask on aqua.  DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT! 

I was about to run out and buy more when Cory worked his mathematical "magic" and decided that we could do the one wall with only 1 roll...PERFECT!  So we set to work rolling out, matching pattern and cutting.
2. ... except he forgot to take into consideration that we needed to match patterns.  Matching patterns means lots of wastage.  Especially if you don't have 2 rolls......

So we admitted defeat for the night (it was too late  to go out and buy more anyhow).

But since I think all good posts need a picture or two, I will leave you with some pretty wallpapered spaces from other places!

Hopefully, we will get the papering finished by the end of the week!  Wish me better luck this time!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming Clean!

Two things happened today:

1. I cleaned the office.  Just yesterday, you could barely get in the door, let alone see the floor or find anything.  What prompted me to do this?

Well, let's just say that this little lady isn't so great at alerting anyone that she needs to go outside.... and unfortunately had been making quite the mess of our carpets.
Fortunately/unfortunately for us, she doesn't really bark or whine....

Needless to say, it was starting to smell a little like pee on our upper level - and that just wasn't working for me.  So today, a carpet cleaning company came and saved us from having to eventually rip up the carpets. 

Now, our upstairs floors look like this:
This is Finley's room/Guest room that will soon be getting a little makeover.

This is the main hallway, which was the worst looking area!  (there was also an incident at pur housewarming party the involved ketchup chips and too much to drink....)

Our bedroom wasn't bad, but it's nice to know I can play with the animals on the floor up here now without worry!

The landing also had it's fair share of stains.

TA DA!  Fresh and clean.

Thank you carpet cleaning man for getting everything out.  I love that our house smells fresh and clean like Lemongrass and can't wait for it to dry!
Unfortunately, I feel bad I had to short you $50 for scratching my kitchen floor and trying to charge me for something you didn't tell me was extra!