Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ridiculous or Fabulous?

In my browsing today, I came across something that I thought was pretty interesting.

Apparently, every year, Electrolux hosts a competition called Design Lab that is open to undergraduate and graduate industrial design students around the world. The mission: To create home appliances that will shape how people prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes over the next nine decades.

Cool Huh??

Well, the winner for 2008 was this creation:

This is the Flatshare. Designed for people who live with roommates, the concept is pretty cool. It consists of a base station and up to four stackable modules. Each person sharing the home can have their own fridge space!!! Imagine not having to worry about sharing fridge space with your roomies' expired milk and moldy sandwiches!

The modules can also be customized with colored "skins" or you can upgraded with add-ons, like a bottle opener. They also feature handles on the side, for easy transportation, like if you're having friends over and want to bring your module to your room??

In addition to a cash prize, the designer one a one year internship. Awesome!

So, what do you think? Very cool or very silly??

What would YOU create??


Nina G said...

I'm de-lurking on this one. I think this is great. Even for a family who like different cuisines -- how nice for a dieting mom not to have to look at the chocolate milk all the time!

Very clever idea.

Anonymous said...

how adorable! I think it's pretty cool--very european or asian given the compact design but I like it!

20-Something Superhero said...

Nina, I never thought about it from that point of view! It would be great for a dieter for sure!!