Friday, February 6, 2009

I have recently developed a love-affair with wallpaper. Keep in mind, that growing up, one of my first major design projects, was working with my mom on choosing and wallpapering, every room of the house.
However, seeing these new, contemporary, oft-metallic selections, makes me weak in the knees. I am hoping and praying that Cory will like one of my papers enough to commit to it on the walls.....

Ideally, I'd go for something really fun and funky... but I know that would freak him right I am thinking that just adding some pretty pattern to add some visual texture, in fairly neutral tones, will be a start, and then maybe I can progress....
Here are some I am liking:

This light, beige and grey leaf bright is very subtle, but metallic to meet my needs. Plus, with a nature-inspired theme, might be a good starting point for him.

This pretty, muted floral is kinda what I'd like to see in the living room.

In it's brighter format, this pattern would make lovely artwork, framed in Ikea's RIBBA frames, with a big, chunky mat.

From Graham & Brown:

A more detailed version of the floral pattern above, love the little birds. I might try this in the powder room, since it's so tiny!!

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Anonymous said...

i heard it was hard to change the wallpapers is that true??