Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Renovation Tax Credit

I've been thinking a lot lately about our new house.... obviously. Which of course always ends up with my realizing that we are going to need to spend even MORE money to fully finish the house to the way we want. Yeah I know, you're thinking "Aren't you building a brand new house?". But what I mean by this, is all the additional things like landscaping, building a fence, and finishing our basement to become a beautiful family room, bathroom, laundry room and small storage space, that aren't included. Nevermind the initial cost of getting window coverings right when we move in....

Cory has indicated that he is in no hurry to get these things done, however, I AM!!

I've been hearing a bit lately about the HRTC (Home Renovation Tax Credit) that the Canadian government is offering, however, not knowing anything about it, I just assumed it was probably something for people fixing up older homes.

However, today while perusing the Ikea site, they featured a link about it.... here and I am happy to say, that we could qualify for this credit. Specifically, if we purchase and complete all the work by next January (laying sod, basement finishing, building our fence)

If you're Canadian, and thinking about doing some moderate renovations or improvements to your home, but have been putting it off.... it's probably not a bad time to do it. Or if you're like us, and just starting out, having a little help with those additions, is always a nice treat.

Plus, if you do, it will help stimulate the economy, and give those in some of those currently less-busy trades (like construction) a little bit of work, in this much-needed time!

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