Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dream Patio Set

Yes, I've found it!! The outdoor dining set, that I may not be able to live without!!

Tonight, we decided to visit the brand new Walmart near our house since I desperately needed a new toothbrush. Fortunately, the aisles were laid out a bit different than the one we usually visit, so we did a little tour to acquaint ourselves, and right as we were heading out... I did a double-take and spotted my new baby.

Yes, it will run me $700.00, but I believe it to be perfect!! Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera, or a cellphone with me.... and couldn't even take a pic. Plus, after scanning both the Canadian and American sites... it's not listed!! BOOO!!!

Anyhow, Cory thinks the whole thing is too small for our future deck... but I think it would be perfect. In a brownish metal, with chairs for 6, an umbrella and chair cushions in a beautiful silvery blue, and throw cushions in a coordinating chocolate and blue pattern... It has won my heart.... I am going to do whatever it takes to get this set!!!!

I'll keep you posted!!!

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