Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thinking Outta the Box!

I don't know about you, but having a box of tissues in the bathroom is a necessity for me. However, for something that is so visible, it sure is hard to find a box that actually matches my decor. I'm also not about to go and spend $5 / box to get a "designer" box of tissues, so I've just made sure there is always a few blue colored boxes in the case I get, for our washroom.
My solution = if it's simple, it might just blend into the room.

However, today I came across a little invention that I think is pretty cool. The Toro Tissue ring from CB2!

A simple little metal ring, keeps the tissues dispensing properly, but doesn't distract from your visual surroundings! It's $20, so a little more than I would pay for a tissue box cover, but if you're uber picky about design, than it might be worth it.

While I think it's a great idea, I only have one concern: Is this really sanitary?
I mean, we use tissues on some really delicate areas - our face and eyes most often! Having them exposed, leaves them open to dust, and pet fur. Also, I know the humidity level of my bathroom can get pretty high. Would the condensation on the counters and mirror, not leave the tissues damp and sticky??
Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Share your opinion!

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