Monday, February 2, 2009

One Room, Three Looks

Starting with a blank slate in your living room? Know you want something dramatic but not sure what? These three rooms, all feature the same sort of layout, but with three dramatically different looks.... Which one do you love??

Personally, this is my fave of the three. It's also something I could totally see in out new house. Especially since it's pretty similar to a lot of the stuff we already have. It's got a very girly, Asian-zen vibe about it, and I heart it so much!!

Only two things I would change? A bigger rug, and another table next to that one.

Prefer something a little more, mid-centurey modern? This punch room is for you!! Everything in this room works. I also like how they've used a console table in the alcove, which would also function really well as a bar-cart!

Prefer drama and something more feminine and traditional?? More ornate pieces, in shades of purple might do the trick. This is a bit much for me....

(all photos coutrsy of Ideal Home)


Anonymous said...

i just love the last purple living room look. I definitely am all for the's just trying to get the husband on board that's the tough one!

twentysomething said...

the purple is gorgeous. i'm hesitant to use such a deep color because it may make a room seem smaller, but i might have to try this idea

Benjamin and Jennie said...

I love the first room. It just draws you in and has a homey comfy feeling about it!!!