Saturday, February 14, 2009

Martha's Kitchen

As much as I like her domesticity, Martha and I simply don't share the same design esthetic in our homes. A lot of what she has, is incrdibly industrial/commericial looking/feeling. I guess perhaps, it's because she probably does have hired help, and the pretty rooms are pretty for guests, but everything else, is pretty plain.

Anyhow, when I came across photos of her Cantitoe Corner's Kitchen I had to post, cause let's be honest, who doesn't like to see how she lives. Here's another peek into her home:

Holy crow!! And I thought I had a lot of dishes..... However for that matter, I certainly don't have that many of one matching set!!

There are two kitchen islands, for storage as well as sitting. Or from the looks of it, one for eating at, and one for prepping at. Pots and pans are kept well within reach on the overhead pot rack!

Here's another view of the islands from the servery. This is apparently also the spot where she sometimes eats breakfast. I'm gonn have to say that personally, I find this kitchen pretty depressing. I don't know if it's all the Martha-grey paint, but it's just not my style. It's too commerical and screams "personal chef".

One area of the kitchen that apparently gets a lot of use is the Cappuccino Corner. It features a grand machine; two grinders for decaf and regular beans; cups and saucers are kept atop the machine to keep them warm. Everyday dishes are in the cupboards above.

A lot of people have been incorporating workstations into their kitchens in the last couple years, and Martha agrees. A big screen tv, stereo system with Sirius radio and computer makes this the ideal spot for catching up on emails or even just checking recipes.

I dunno about you, but I'm quite happy if my home has a double stainless sink. This however, is the "vegetable sink"???? As in, the place for washing produce.... It doesn't show, but are there more sinks??? This beautiful marble apron sink is lovely though... even if it only washes vegggies...

Last but not least, is the Servery. This room houses fridges and warming drawers, great for party prep. Two dishwashers assist with clean-up and glass storage is here, where I imagine help would make drinks. Must be nice....


Anonymous said...

this kitchen is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near organized to keep it all in perfect condition like this! Sooo envious.... :-)

Kittybeansjewelry said...

Thats the Bedford New York House, I love it.

abby jenkins said...

we are in the design process of renovating our kitchen in our 1800s hunting lodge...funny how I keep coming back to Martha's kitchen when I pull inspiration photos. I love the glass door cabinets, being a tabletop prop stylist I have a ton of dishes too and love to show them off.

Was happy to find your site, can't wait to browse around.