Friday, February 13, 2009

Friend-ly Furniture Finds

I don't know how I forgot about this, but I've never posted about a really great furniture store here in the city.
The wife of my friend Eddie, owns a great store downtown called Posh at Home. Featuring lots of ultra-sleek, ultra-modern wares, this high-end furniture store gets some pretty cool stuff in!
While contemplating what we should do for outdoor furniture in the new house, I remembered about some great pieces I had seen last year on their website.
Despite being incredibly expensive, and WAAAAAYY out of MY price range, I really wanted to showcase this fantastic set by Nuevo that they sell at their store.

This is the GOLF!! During the off-season, this little set packs up neat and tidy into a little golf-ball looking package, making it great for storing, and easy to clean off the deck for when snow comes. Come summer, it unravels to reveal 4 chairs and a little table. I really like it in the color selection below:Oh, and that little metal box mounted to the wall?? Yeah, that's an ethanol burning fireplace!! How cool and easy would THAT be to add to your outdoor entertaining??

If you're not quite ready to outfit your deck, here are some amazing pieces for inside:

These wall-climbing men are sold individually, and are actually very heavy and pretty tall (each man is 7" tall) What a great little visual interest for your walls!!

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