Monday, February 2, 2009

Scent-sational Suds!

So, a couple weeks ago, the soap pump in our main bath broke, and I was pretty upset about it... the stupid thing was the most expensive pump I've ever bought. So I grabbed the pretty glass one from our masterbath, and switched it out. However, this left us a pump short, so in the meantime, I'm using a cheapie.

In our new house, we'll have three bathrooms that we'll need pumps for so I don't wanna buy something until I decide on the color scheme for each room. In the meantime, do you think it'd tacky to use the store bottles?

What about if they are pretty ones from Bath & Body Works ???


Kylie said...

We use these b&b works ones in our guest bath and kitchen - I like them b/c they're not ugly at all, you can use a color from your existing scheme, they smell SO good, AND you're not making a mess trying to get them into the fancy pumps. :) happy home-making!

20-Something Superhero said...

Good to hear others are displaying them as is.... I love all the scents, and was contemplating buying the refills just to refill a regular pump. But that means I can't switch them up (scent-wise) as often!