Friday, February 13, 2009

Auction House fun!

So I have big plans this weekend. I'm heading over to Kastner Auctions on Sunday. Yup, they are having a big auction that includes Show Home furniture from some of the big home builders in the area. I've only managed to see a couple pics and there have even been some things I like...

Sorry about the quality of the pics... it's the best I could do!

My favorite items thus far have been these chairs:

I think the colors would look nice with the stuff we have already, plus the detailing on these chairs is great. Beautiful tufting, and nailhead trim!!

This beautiful black, lacquered buffet/entertainment center would be really nice, and has a lot of purposes!

I also really like these woven chairs. Ideally, I would spray them black and add a more modern cushion, if I could get them for a steal, and they would be prefect for the entertaining area off the walk-out basement that I want to create!
This very modern-style glass table, reminds me a bit of the Eiffel table and would take up very little visual space, no matter where you used it!

These chairs have a funky upholstery that doesn't necessarily match with our stuff, but with a great shape like this, a couple yards of fabric and a staple gun, I could fix these in an afternoon!

There are all sorts of chairs and benches, which might be useful in putting together a new dining table, or even something for our future basement bar area...

There are all sorts of accessories as well, candles, spice jars, towels and duvets!

This dining table looks like the perfect replacement for the one I have now. It's solid, darker and looks like it has a leaf!

I love the Starburst mirror leaning against the table...a great piece for the front entrance maybe?

I really want a big, round mirror for above the dresser in my bedroom, I'll just spray this one black!

Anyhow, hopefully there is some reasonably priced wares and I can find something I love.... I'll post on Monday if I have any finds!

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Anonymous said...

oh my, those dusty grey chairs and the black buffet table are just stunning! Can't wait to see what fun finds you get :-)