Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winterizing Your Home

It is officially November, and I don't know about you, but out here in Edmonton, AB, that means snow is due any moment. ( Theoretically, we had it 2 Saturdays ago, but it didn't stick around long). If you live somewhere that gets anywhere as much snow as we do, you know that there are a couple things you need to do to get your home ready for blistery nights (and days).

Here's some tips on how to prepare your home for the cold:


  1. Tend to your dwindling plants - For annuals, empty the pots of the dead plants as well as the potting soil. Store empty pots in a dry place (we use a HUGE Rubbermaid tote on our balcony as a desk box for gardening and bbq tools.) Emptying pots will keep them from cracking in the cold. If you've got some perrennials, cut back the plants to just above the soil and if your garden is pot-based, it isn't a bad idea to store the pots in either a shed or unheated garage if available. Clearing all dead leaves is a good idea as well.

  2. Drain and umplug your garden hose. Roll and store indoors to prolong it's lifespan. If able, turn off the water supply to that spout to prevent pipes from freezing

  3. Clear off patio/deck - Stack patio chairs and move, along with table ( if possible into shed). Ensure all cushions are indoors, away from moisture.Clean up all doggy doo in the yard before snow falls. The stuff that gets left there DURING winter is bad enough to clean up in the spring.

  4. Clean exterior windows while you're still able to get the windows

  5. Check to make sure all exterior plug-ins are working so that when it is cold enough that you need to plug in, you can.

  6. It's also not a bad time to hang your Christmas lights BEFORE snow falls, to prevent accidents from climbing on slippery roofs and ladders

  7. Get your door hanger outfitted with a Holiday wreath

  8. Plug in your Holiday porch trees


  1. Get your fireplace in working order. For gas fireplaces - make sure the gas line is working and pilot light turned on. For woodburning, get it cleaned!!!

  2. Does your airconditioner need to be removed or serviced? Now's a good time to tend to that

  3. Check the seals on all your windows and doors for drafts!

  4. if you have an older home, isn't not a bad idea to insulate your windows

  5. Get your blankets and duvets cleaned so they are ready to work overtime.

  6. Get out the waterproof door mats to save your entry floors

  7. Program your thermostat to save energy and maximize it's efficiency

Hopefully this has been useful, if nothing more than a reminder to get started on your place!!

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