Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stepping out of my comfort zone, to create comfort zones

You may or may not have noticed that I've never featured anything about rugs, anywhere. It's not that I do not like rugs, it's that I have carpet. yeah, yeah I know, rugs can be placed on top of carpet. But unfortunately, living my limited budget means that rugs strictly for decorative purposes have always fallen to the bottom of my list.
However, in the place we are potentially buying, we plan to shell out a crap load of money to elminate carpet, and all other cheap (that's you - linoleum) flooring options and will be getting hardwood ( nope, not laminate) and tile. Unfortunately, someplaces just need a cozy rug underneath. So I am off to get some sleuthing done to find rugs for three areas of the house. Living, Dining and possible den. In theory I will probably skip the dining area rug, but it's nice to have options.

Of course I love this shag from Ikea. It's so soft and cushy underfoot!!!

I also found this Ikea find interesting. It has a pealescent look to it, and it looks like tile a little bit. Very cool.

Cory and I are both loving the cowhides at either Ikea or Potterybarn, but I'm thinking the cats would not care for it so much.

This "Posey" rug from Pottery Barn is so pretty.

Ties in my color scheme and is visually interesting to look at. I love it!!

"Malika" is another intersting take on my fave colors - I'd buck tradition and instead of having this in a dining room - I'd put it in the living area!

This "Jordan" style reminds me a lot of the print over the sofa right now, and since the pattern is pretty vivid, I'd love it in a small space like a den.

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