Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Divine Dining

Here's another room update I'd love to be able to do, if we get the new house. Our current dining set is serving it's purpose but getting scratched more and more everyday. Unfortunately, the glossy-look, dark finish doesn't make this look appealing. Unfortunately, we are real people, with animals who sit on tables (when we're not eating), and people who drop things and make messes, so we would love to have something where we could make a mess.

Here's something I am loving:

This gorgeous table, is from Finesse Home Living's Environmental area. I love the large round size. Plus, the weathered-look to the top, means we don't have to be too precious with it.

One one side, we'd feature the bench, and then chairs the rest of the way around!!! Love this!!!!

I am totally getting the right vibe from this twig chandelier.

The Campton Console from Pottery Barn would be a perfect little sideboard.

These base pieces are all gorgeous and yes, a little basic, but when you add tealy-blue silk drapes, artwork, mirrors, sconces and some great accessories, I think it will be a perfect front room!!

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