Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There's nothing worse than walking into someone's home and thinking "gross, I am gonna need to throw all my clothes directly into the laundry and take a shower before I go to bed tonight", because their home has a lingering odour.

I mean, I love my friends, but sometimes, I don't necessarily want to smell like their dinner, for the rest of the week.
Where's this coming from? This past weekend, Cory and I went to a friend's house. Upon arriving, I was graced with an unpleasant smell. I wasn't sure exactly what it was.... it was sort of a combination of deep-fryer and a sweet, woodsy smell. In addition, a couple of them were smokers, so I had to smell that. eeeew.. After, we headed over to his brother-in-law's place, and yuck!! The sweet woody smell was there again, and then after, the guys friend wings so there was the deep fryer addition. Our clothes reeked so bad. I even had to wash all of Cory's stuff twice, with waaaayyyy too much soap, to get rid of the smell.
Thankfully, we do not own a deep fryer and other than not taking out the garbage in a timely manner, the only other "offending" smell that might be at our house, is the litter box, but that's two floors down. However, I like to think that I take some steps to ensure people think "this place smells great, I'd love to bring this smell home" when they leave our place.
Here's how we keep our house smelling scensational!

In most rooms, we keep Airwick Air Fresheners plugged in. I try to use something pretty, fresh and not necessarily identifiable. A couple faves include Magnolia & Cherry Blossom; Plumeria and Wildrose; Mandarin & Green Tea and Sparkling Citrus. ** we also use the night light ones in common areas which work wonderfully for guiding the way to the bathroom for guests**

In areas that don't get a lot of traffic ( guest room), or often have the door shut(closets) I think a solid air freshener is the way to go. I'm not particular about the brand, and will get whatever is on sale ( think, under $1), as long as it has a pleasing scent.

We also like to burn candles. My favorite ones have to be from Ikea oddly enough! They are super cheap, come in great glass holders, smell amazing and are best of all - SUPER CHEAP!! The TINDRA candle in Vanilla/Natural is my fave. Right now, I have two regular size glasses ($2.99 each) on either side of the serving bowl on my dining room table. One big glass ($4.99) sits on my coffee table. I NEED to get more.

Also, Febreze is wonder in a bottle. I love the Auto Spray, fabric spray and Air Effects to keep under the sinks in kitchen, bathroom and in the litter box area.

Lastly, I love adding an additional layer of fragrance into a home. For me, this is done through using diffusers with Home Fragrance Oils. My absolute favorites would have the be from The Body Shop . I have a variety of oil burners around, similar to this one.
Here are a couple of scents, I always have on hand:

Exotic, Very Vanilla. Satsuma, Cranberry, Mango, Kiwi Melon

I would love to get the new: Passion fruit, Lemon Basil, and Plum

As well, this pretty new reed diffuser comes in a couple different scents, and it's ultra-modern design means it will fit in, amoung any decor! Plus, you can buy refills for the oil!

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