Monday, November 24, 2008

back at it....

Sorry for the absenteeism lately.. I've been busy at work lately (where I usually write from ) and I've been really busy finishing my course and working at find us a house.
We've decided to go with a duplex-style townhouse, and I am super excited. We thought we had selected our home, and found one even well under our price range, that we could upgrade to the max. But then today, I found out the same builder has similar ones, in the complex across the street, that are a bit bigger, with walk-out lots and better floorplans!!!

What's even better - these have pretty large lots, so there is tons of room in the backyard, even after the deck!!!

So we're gonna scoot over there tomorrow evening after work, and take a peek at what they've got and pricing, and then make a decision as to which one to go with.
I'll keep you posted on the ongoing saga of:



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