Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay, so I finally got to download my pics to the computer, after months of procrastination.

First off, here is the beautiful Harvest wreath I made a few weeks back. It was super simple, but things like this can be incredibly daunting, so I figured I'd do an easy, peasy tutorial incase someone wanted to learn how to do it:


~ branch wreath (Michael's)

~ length of berry garland (Michael's)

~ length of leaf garland (Michael's)

~ pinecones

~floral wire ( I have green, so I used that)

~ wreath hanger (one that matches your door color is best)


1. Hang door hanger on an inside door near good lighting, so you can work effectively, I used the front hall closet. Cut all tags off branch wreath and hang on hanger ( I didn't get a picture of this)

2. Hook one end of berry garland into wreath and then proceed to weave it around the branch base. (I didn't use anything to affix the ends, just tucked them in) Make sure to weave loosely enough, that you have enough length to go the entire circumference.

3. Take leave Garland and do the exact same thing. (Cory believes that leaf garland looks great on everything....)

4. Attach pinecones. To do this, I simply grabbed green floral wire, wrapped it tightly around a pinecone, hiding the wire pretty deep between the layers, then wrapping the other end of wire around the branches. I tried to hide the green wire as much as possible, which was pretty easy due to the leaves. ( no picture of this, as it was super easy.)

5. Fluff/Style your wreath. Realistically, this means pulling individual leaves through gaps and under and over branches to properly fill and arrange the empty spaces, etc.

6. Step back, admire your wreath. You could add anything else you wanted, which I optioned, but I love the way it turned out and figured it was best to stop there!

7. Put hanger and wreath on front door, and take picture of it gleaming in the Gorgeous fall sunset!!

** That's it - took no time at all and is the perfect Holiday addition to our front entrance. Unfortunately, we don't get to see it too much, but our friends and family do!! The only thing missing is the lovely pre-lit potted porch trees I am currently trying to buy!!**

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