Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little One - dressed up

A couple months ago, as an Anniversary gift for Cory I purchased a lovely little print of Kal Barteski's piece entitled Little One. Penguins have a special place in our heart, so this was a perfect gift.
Unfortunately, I never posted a pic when I got him all done.

I didn't want to detract any attention away from the print, but I needed something simple, and elegant to showcase the little guy!! So, armed with a 50% off coupon, I headed over to Michael's where I found the perfect complement. This thick black frame and a perfect double matte.
Unfortunately, while both the frame and matte were the correct size for the photo, I didn't make sure the two worked together.... so the matte was far too small for the frame. A little quick thinking with some archive-safe photo corners and we were back rolling!!
He's not hung yet as I changed my mind on the original location we had selected for him.
(Cory wanted to hang him in the living room for everyone to admire; but he was too small in scale; I've decided he'd look best keeping an eye over us as we sleep in the bedroom).

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