Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Add some luxe to our living room

I've been thinking a lot about our potential new home, and the decor direction I wanted to go when we finally buy a home. Of course we'll be trying to keep costs low, and work with what we have. Thankfully, I was looking at the collection of lovely items in my file right now, and alot of it, just seemed to go together.....

We currently have this sofa and loveseat:
I have thought about getting some zebra pillows for our couch for a long time, but I wanted something that looked real, and classy all at the same time. I did manage to come across these from Zellers and had to resist very hard to bringing them home... should I re-think this??? (they aren't actually blue, but a silvery-looking greyish color... but even if they look blue, I'm thinking they'd still work!!)

As we currently don't have side tables, I think something like these Artie nesting tables from URBAN BARN would be really cool.

This Pier 1 lamp has the prefect colors, as well, seems like it would be a big enough scale for either side of the sofa ( with it's tall, rolled, padded arms)

I'd love to do some single chair seating, like these amazing slipper chairs, from Ashley while I love the matching stone color, I'm thinking that they would look equally as lovely, and even more cozy, even, if done in dark chocolate brown!!

I would love to pop this beautiful little table between the two slipper chairs.

I would love to be able to get rid of using those stupid fireplace niches for our tv... and instead want to mount our set to the wall and place a lovely cabinet underneath, like this one to store all our media equipment ( Pier 1)

I think these glass domed, white birds (Pier 1 ) are the perfect accessory to dress up the media stand, alongside a great laquer tray holding a fishbowl full of peonies!!

This crazy glass head makes me very happy. I'd have to find somewhere perfect for it!!

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