Friday, November 7, 2008

This could be ours!!

So we headed on over to the Showhome again last night. I wanted to take some pics and ask some questions about what upgrades are available, and what the additional costs would be:

Here's the Showhome we love, that is much prettier than the other house they have online:

It was pretty dark and difficult to get a good photo since there aren't much street lights around in this not yet developed area.
This is what the entrance looks like. I love that there are all these little art niches around. The front foyer is actually huge even though it's hard to see from these pictures.
See?? Looks bigger huh?? I love that the Powder room is right off the entrance, plus it's away from the main living area which is nice for dinner parties!

This is the front room right off the entrance. They have it slated as a den, and it's where the showhome office is, but I am thinking FORMAL DINING ROOM!!

This is looking from the foyer to the back of the home. ( Sorry about the lighting)

This is the beautiful Kitchen! I've always wanted gorgeous dark cabinets, but we like these white ones!! Oh, and while we're torn on whether to upgrade to granite or not... we ARE gonna get the upper full height cabinets with glass doors!! So pretty and adds so much more storage and display area!
They wrapped the back cabinet around the corner and I love that area as a sorta bar area, which would be perfect for al the parties we throw!

This is the area where I'd set up a little bar.

This heads to the backdoor and also the laundry area.

The main living area is very open concept, which we're used to and is great for get togethers!!

There are a lot of art niches, and plenty of windows throughout! I really want to NOT have a tv in this room, Cory however, wants one. I'm willing to compromise if I can NOT put it in the niche above the fireplace and instead mount it on the wall!

The dining area is pretty large, so we could technically put a fair sized table there, but I'd like a separate room if I could...

An option we're not sure about currently is what to do with the stairway railings, the showhome features this pretty silver banisters inserted on all three parts. Standard is just plain wall, no cut outs, or we can substitute a wooden slat... it's all pretty expensive... is it worth the extra detail??

At the top of the stairs, the front of the house is designated as a "Bonus room" which is perfect as a family room for us.

The upstairs hallway is so bright and open.

The first room is where we would have a guest room ( until our family situation changes). Both rooms are the same size, and feature great little niche shelving details that are so pretty!

The upstairs main bath is nice and roomy, and love those curved shower rods!

The next room is what would become my office and craft room, again until our family situation changes. Down the road, this could always move to the basement or the front room.
The back of the house has the Master suite which is pretty great. A fair sized room, featuring a large walk-in closet and a nice ensuite with soaker tub, separate shower and we will probably go with dual vanities.

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